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Тесты для 5 класса к учебнику М.З. Биболетовой

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5th form TEST

  1. Ask tag-question:

  1. Ann likes oranges, …?

  2. Boys can run well, …?

  3. Dina is a good pupil, …?

  4. Jim didn’t take part in the project, …?

  5. They won’t have Drama lessons next year, …?

  6. Animals don’t fly, …?

  7. The friends were responsible for the project, …?

  8. Tom doesn’t like to dance, …?

  9. Yesterday Ann wrote an invitation letter, …?

  10. I like to play football, …?

  1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple или в Present Continuous.

  1. I (to read) now.

  2. I (to read) every day.

  3. She (not to drink) coffee now.

  4. She (not to drink) coffee every morning.

  5. You (to work) now?

  6. You (to work) every day?

  7. What you (to do) now?

  8. What you (to do) every morning?

  1. Choose the right answer:

  1. Winter is … than autumn.

  1. cold b) the coldest c) colder

  1. She is the … girl in our class.

  1. beautifulest b) most beautiful c) more beautiful

  1. Jane is the … pupil in her class.

  1. good b) better c) best

  1. Autumn is the … season for me.

  1. bad b) worse c) worst

  1. Katya has got … letters from her classmates.

  1. many b) a little c) much

  1. Dima spends … time at his dacha.

  1. a few b) many c) a lot of

  1. There are … museums in London he didn’t visit.

  1. a little b) much c) a few

  1. His English is not very good. He knows only … English words.

  1. many b) a few c) a little.

  1. Translate into Russian.

  1. She is going to write an invitation letter.

  2. They are going to arrange a school party.

  3. What are you going to do?

  4. Ann is going to read a magazine, isn’t she?

  1. Fill in the gaps. Use the words: Christmas Eve, celebrate, roast turkey, decorations.

  1. Central London’s streets have got beautiful … at Christmas.

  2. On the 25th of December the British people … Christmas.

  3. British Christmas dinner consists of a … with carrots and potatoes.

  4. People usually decorate their trees on … .

5th form FINAL TEST

  1. Ask tag-questions:

  1. John has written his name, …

  2. They didn’t make a mistake, …

  3. We are watching TV, …

  4. He doesn’t translate the text, …

  5. The children were in the park yesterday, …

  6. Ann doesn’t like milk, …

  1. Choose the right answer:

  1. Mary … already done homework.

  1. have b) has c) is

  1. The cat has already … fish.

  1. ate b) eating c) eaten

  1. Do you get … well with your brother? – Not always.

  1. up b) on c) in

  1. I think the boy has a good sense … humour.

  1. from b) of c) in

  1. The students took … in the festival.

  1. care b) part c) off

  1. The old city is … for its sights.

  1. full b) rich c) famous

  1. Trafalgar … is famous for Nelson’s Column.

  1. palace b) square c) tower

  1. You can see the Crown Jewels, famous black ravens, and beefeaters in this ancient fortress.

  1. the Houses of Parliament b) the British Museum c) the Tower of London

  1. Elizabeth II, the Queen of Britain lives there.

  1. Buckingham Palace b) Westminster Abbey c) the Houses of Parliament

  1. I would like a cup of tea and a … of cake.

  1. a part b) loaf c) slice

  1. I’m happy to have such an amazing … to live with this fantastic family.

  1. exchange b) homesick c) opportunity

  1. Translate from English into Russian:

  1. He likes to read adventure novels.

  2. We get on well with my brother. He is obedient and polite.

  3. This boy is talkative and naughty.

  4. There are many old churches and cathedrals, ancient monuments and buildings, beautiful squares and palaces in this town.

  5. She is going to write an invitation letter.

  6. They are going to arrange a school party.

  7. Central London’s streets have got beautiful decorations at Christmas.

Краткое описание документа:

Данный материал можно использовать в качестве итоговых контрольных работ за первое полугодие и год для учащихся 5 класса, обучающихся по программе М. З. Биболетовой. Контрольные работы представляют собой лексико - грамматические тесты, включающие следующие темы: разделительный вопрос, настоящее простое, настоящее длительное и настоящее завершенное времена, степени сравнения прилагательных, предлоги. Также проверяется лексика по темам: "Достопримечательности Лондона", "Рождество в Великобритании" и др.
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