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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыУрок английского языка для 9 класса на тему «Музыка в моей жизни»

Урок английского языка для 9 класса на тему «Музыка в моей жизни»

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Методическое объединение учителей английского языка.

Английский язык

Разработка урока английского языка

на тему «Музыка в моей жизни»


Плотникова Е. Н.

учитель английского языка

высшей квалификационной категории

г. Владивосток

2013 г.

Задачи: развитие навыков монологической речи, аудирования; привитие эстетического вкуса, интереса к музыке; развитие художественного вкуса.

T. Hello, children. I am glad to see you. Hello, dear quests. We are glad to see you, too. Today we are having an unusual lesson because the students have prepared some projects and we are going to listen to them. But the first I want you to answer some questions.

1. But what role does music play in your live?

2. What does music reflect?

3. Where can we hear music?

4. What do you think about when you listen music?

As far as you know music may be different. I see you like music and now it is high time to listen your projects.

(учащиеся представляют свои музыкальные проекты)

1. Let me introduce myself. I am Vlad. I am fond of jazz. Jazz was created in the United States by black Americans. It is a mixture of many different kinds of music. It is combination of the music from West America, the work songs the slave sang, and religious music. Jazz bands were formed in the late 1800-s. Improvisation is an important part of jazz. People who like jazz always remember American jazzman Louis Armstrong. And now let’s listen to jazz.

(звучит фрагмент)

2. I want to tell you about classical music. I go to music school and all my free time I devote to classical music. As for me I have found classical music the closest to my soul. Most of the people of my age would think I’m a bit mad to love Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven in place of Eminem or Tamy. But I find classical music relaxing. This music has been living for centuries. It is heard in every corner in our land. Some people simply don’t understand classical music, but it has a deep intellectual appeal and it creates a special spiritual world for the music as to “Seasons” by Tchaikovsky, I enjoy this wonderful music. It helps me feel much better. Of course, it’s difficult to find the way into serious classical music. I think, we must be taught not only to listen but to understand, which is more important. I like to play classical music. This music takes me feel like dreaming. And now I want you to listen to a peace of classical music.

(звучит фрагмент)

3. I am going to tell you about rock. It is my music! I am crazy about it. As for me I prefer rock all the year round, because it can express all kinds of my mood. I can find a firm support in rock. Within this music I feel strength and stability. Rock music, or, rather rock-n-roll, appeared it the 1950-s. The first rock music is connected with the names of Elvis Presly, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Doors and some other. The 70-s were the time of revolution in rock music. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath told the world about the beginning of new era of hard rock. I’d say that, of course, tastes differ and everybody is fond of particular genre of music. But I am mad about rock. And now let’s listen to rock music.

(звучит фрагмент)

4. I am going to tell you about folk music. This music lives on for centuries. Every nation has its own national music and dance ensembles and choirs. The British are very fond of their folk music. The held special Folk Festivals, where the young can learn about their national culture and folk music. It is a pity we don’t know much about Russian folk music. But I know that there are some groups now. The members of these groups sing Russian folk songs. They restore old folk songs. I like to listen these songs because it is interesting to learn about the past. We know Nadezhda Babkina and Nadezhda Kadysheva. In Russian culture there is also a special form called “chastushka”. Russian people like them. Now I want to listen to a peace of folk music.

(звучит фрагмент народной мелодии)

5. I love pop music. The dictionary defines pop music as “modern popular music of a simple kind with a strong beat and not usually of lasting interest, liked especially by younger people”. I think it is not difficult for understanding. It’s unusual and exciting and it’s the way of sharing all our hopes and fears. I like to know more and more about popular talented groups and singers I like. I want to add that unfortunately there are so many ungifted singers on the stages that it makes me sad. I think that only talented people can claim to be singers. As for me I like new rhythms, I prefer pop music. It is probably the result of changing times and influence of mass media. Pop music unites the teenagers all over the world and makes us feel part of global family. We can hear this music every day and everywhere. I think music is really, first of all, the background of our life, it helps us to live, and it makes our mood. Now let’s listen to my favorite singer Dima Bilan.

(звучит фрагмент песни “Never let you go”)

T. Thank you very much for your interesting information. As you know music may be different. Listen to some brief information and try to guess what type of music it is.

1. Some people say it is difficult to understand the music. But try to listen to it. It is played by big orchestras. If you listen to this music often enough and attentively, you enjoy Mozart and Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich.

2. One can hear this music at theatres, on TV and over the radio. This music was composed by such great composers as Mozart, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Schostakovich. Performers usually sing or dance to this music.

3. This music popular mostly with young people. It is performed by modern electronic instruments. There are hard and heavy-metal styles.

4. This music lives for centuries. Every nations has its own national music and dance ensembles.

5. It is a musical style where singer speaks or shouts the words.

6. It is an American style of music. It was created by black Americans. The constant elements are improvisation.

7. You can hear this music every day and everywhere. There are a lot musical groups who perform this kind of music.

T. You know that English is an international language of business and communication. A lot of people speak English. I want to say that songs can be effective tool in language teaching and learning. Now let us sing the song «Yesterday» that we learned at the previous lessons.

(все поют песню)


The Beatles

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed

so far away

Now it look as though they’re here

to stay

Oh, I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I’m not half of the man I

used to be

There’s shadow hanging over mi

Oh, yesterday came suddenly


Why she had to go I don’t know, she

wouldn’t say

I said something wrong, now I long

for yesterday

Yesterday, love such an easy game

To play

Now I need a place to hide away

Oh, I believe in yesterday



1. Listen to the song once without looking at the words.

2. Listen to the song again and tick the words that you hear.

Trouble – tremble; seem – seen; thought – know; believe – belief; suddenly – suds only; shadow – shoulder; hang – hand; hide – height.

3. Listen to the song and complete the gaps.

Yesterday, all my troubles…………..

so far away

Now it look as…………..they’re here


Oh, I ………….. in yesterday

………….., I’m not half the man I


There’s …………..…………….. over me

Oh, yesterday came …………..………

Why she had to go ………….., she


I said ………….., now I ………yesterday

Yesterday, love was such……………...

to play

Now I need …………..……………..

Oh, I ………. Yesterday

4. Listen to the song again and put the sentences in the correct order:

a) Suddenly

b) All my troubles seemed so far away

c) Oh? Yesterday came suddenly

d) I’m not half the man, I used to be

e) Now it looks as though they’re here to stay

f) There’s a shadow hanging over me

g) Oh, I believe in yesterday

h) Yesterday

1__, 2__, 3__, 4__, 5__, 6__, 7__, 8__.


1. man, half, shadow, hanging, had.

2. trouble, love, long, something

3. here, seem, believe, be, me.

4. over, though, know, don’t, wouldn’t


1. Troubles [trᴧblz], [traublz]

2. Thought [ðu:], [‘ðəu]

3. Half [hælf], [ha:f]

4. Shadow ædeu], [ʃʌdəu]

5. Hang [hᴧŋ], [hæŋ]

6. Believe [bɪlɪ:v], [belɪ:f]

7. Easy [ɪ:sɪ], [ɪ:zɪ]

8. Here [hɛə], [hɪə]

7. Answer the questions:

1. What is the song about?

2. Is it serious or light, lyrical or humorous?

3. What story does it tell us?

4. Could the tune the tone of the song be described as serious ad philosophical or

sentimental and emotional?

5. Does the song seem to be appealing to you or does it leave you indifferent?

6. Are you impressed by its lyrics or by its music or both?

8. Sing the song.

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Урок носит познавательный характер, учащиеся знакомятся с различными стилями музыки.

В заключение части урока учитель предлагает учащимся спеть песню «Yesterday» группы Битлз, работа над которой проводилась на предыдущем уроке. Данная работа состоит из "8 частей. Учитель обеспечивает учеников распечатанными упражнениями. Урок заканчивается исполнением песни хором.

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