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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыКонспект урока по английскому языку для 8 класса “Travelling … what for?”

Конспект урока по английскому языку для 8 класса “Travelling … what for?”


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Travellingwhat for?”

/по учебнику Кузовлева В.П./

Задача: - создать условие для подготовки к монологическому высказыванию по тексту.

Цели: - учить обучающихся отвечать на вопросы;

- развивать навыки поискового чтения, навыки чтения текста для полного понимания текста;

- прививать внимание к изучению родного края;

- воспитывать чувство взаимопонимания, взаимоподдержки.

Оборудование: доска, раздаточный материал, экран, проектор.

Ход урока.

  1. ОНУ

Hello! I am glad to see you. Sit down, please.

Let’s start our lesson.

  1. Лексическая зарядка.

Listen to me. Translate my words from Russian into English. Do this crosswords. Then we know the problem of our lesson.

Trip (поездка) (НА ДОСКЕ – учащиеся по одному выходят к доске и

Resort (курорт) записывают слова в кроссворд)

Agent (агент)

Various (разный)

Excursion (экскурсия)

Last (прошлый)

Language (язык)

Include (включать)

Next (следующий)

Guide (проводник)

Well done. And now say me please What is the problem of our lesson? That’s right. Travelling. Today we’ll speak about travelling.

  1. Аудирование

Do you like travelling? Yes, I do. And what about you? Yes, I do. And like travelling too. I’ll tell you about my dream travelling. You must listen to the text and do the task. You will listen to the text twice.

I like travelling very much. I would like to go to Great Britain. It is my dream. It will be my first time in this amazing country. Such a travelling may be the greatest even in my life. I prefer travelling by train. There are some reasons for it: I can enjoy splendid scenery and picturesque places, communicate with the companions, so you won’t feel alone during the trip. I would like to visit London, the capital of England. The capital stands on the banks of the Thames. There are many sightseeings there. Such as: Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and other.

And now let’s do the task. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE?

(на экране)

  1. I don’t like travelling.

  2. My favourite dream country is Great Britain.

  3. I choose travelling by car.

  4. The capital of England is London.

  5. There are many sightseeings in England.

Look at the table and check your answer.

  1. F

  2. T

  3. F

  4. T

  5. T








  1. Речевая зарядка

You’ve said that you like travelling. Say me please Why do people like travelling?

You may use these scheme.

To discover new places to know customs, traditions

To see the sights to visit new places

to make friends

WHY? To learn languages

To meet people

To know the history culture

I agree with you. People travel in different reasons.

  1. Активизация лексических навыков.

But most of people are fond of travelling abroad. Read the text and fill in the blanks the suitable words from the box.

cycling, arrived, are short of money, boating, travel agency, return, canoeing, are young at heart, arranged, travel card,  luggage, accommodation, to get the most of, broadens

I like traveling because it (1) _______ my outlook and helps me to understand other cultures. I think that I’m already an experienced traveler. First of all everything should be well planned. I’m not an adult yet so I travel with my parents. This year we decided to go to Britain. At first we went to a (2) _______ that helped us to arrange our journey. They (3) ________ for us an (4) _______ in a British hotel and booked us a (5) ________ ticket. Then we packed our (6) ________ and (7) ______ at the airport. We stayed in a small hotel near London. It offered us a wide range of different activities: (8) _______ and (9) ________ for those who (10)________. (11)_______ is offered for those who want to get to remote places and are fond of scenic routes. Those who want (12) _______ their holiday but (13) ________ can buy a (14)________ which is a cheap way to see almost everything.

I’ll give you ten minutes.

The time is over.

Check up your task.

/2 человека у доски проверка/


  1. Broadens

  2. Travel agency

  3. Arranged

  4. Accommodation

  5. Return

  6. Luggage

  7. Arrived

  8. Cycling

  9. Canoeing

  10. Are young at heart

  11. Boating

  12. To get the most of

  13. Are short of money

  14. Travel card

Well done.

  1. Проверка домашнего задания.

And now let’s check up your home task. Your home task was the text. You must read and understand it.

Let’s read.


North of the Rostov Region the Don flows only for a distance of 120 kilometers through the two northern districts: Verkhnedonskoy and Sholokhovsky. The center of the latter is stanitsa Veshenskaya. Its name is known to the whole due to the life and activities of the great Russian and Don writer and legendary personality Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov. He was born on this land and lived here for almost 60 years and wrote many of his novels that made him an internationally-know writer. Veshenskaya is now a state preserve –museum of M.A. Sholokhov. A literary exhibition has opened in the former building of Veshenskaya gymnasia.

On the right bank of the Don near Veshenskaya one can see a small but very expressive monument “eagle”. Just 3 kilometers from Veshenskaya grows a giant oak, a unique natural landmark.

Veshenskaya is a place far from the big cities. Here is a wonderful display of the Don nature where you can enjoy magnificent landscapes or spend your spare time forgetting about the hectic life in the cities. This is our land.

  1. Find the description in the text. (фотографии на экране)

  • Карта

  • Шолохов

  • Музей

  • Орел

  • Дисплей

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. Where is Veshenskaya situated?

  2. Who was born in Veshenskaya?

  3. Is there a state preserve –museum in Veshenskaya?

  4. There is a monument Eagle on the right bank of the Don, isn’t there?

  5. Is Veshenskaya a place far from the big cities?

  1. Подведение итогов урока.

Thank you for your lesson. Your home task is retell the text about Veshenskaya.

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"Описание материала:

"Travelling … "what "for?” /"по "учебнику "Кузовлева ..

"Задача:"создать "условие "для "подготовки  "монологическому "высказыванию "по "тексту


  •  "учить "обучающихся "отвечать "на "вопросы;
  •  "развивать "навыки "поискового "чтения"навыки "чтения "текста "для "полного "понимания "текста; - "прививать "внимание  "изучению "родного "края;
  •  "воспитывать "чувство "взаимопонимания"взаимоподдержки

"Оборудование"доска"раздаточный "материал"экран"проектор"Translate "my "words "from "Russian "into "English

"Do "this "crosswords"Then "we "know "the "problem "of "our "lesson.

"Trip ("поездка) ("НА "ДОСКЕ "учащиеся "по "одному "выходят  "доске  "Resort ("курорт"записывают "слова  "кроссворд"Agent ("агент"Various ("разный"Excursion ("экскурсия

"Last ("прошлый"Language ("язык"Include ("включать"Next ("следующий"Guide ("проводник"Well "done.

"And "now "say "me "please "What "is "the "problem "of "our "lesson"That"s "right"Travelling"Today "we"ll "speak "about "travelling.

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