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Конспект урока :»Royal family. Diana and her life»»

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Royal family.Diana and her life.

Цілі: практична: удосконалювати навики усного мовлення, збагачувати студентів новими мовленнєвими засобами; освітня: продовжити знайомити студентів особливостями життя принцеси Діани та королівської родини; розширити кругозір студентів; розвивальна: розвити память і логіку, розумові та мовленнєві здібності студентів; виховна: виховувати повагу до культури країни, мова якої вивчається; інтерес до вивчення іноземної мови.

Обладнання: DVD програвач, DVD диск «Diana and her life in jewellery» , іллюстрації, ручки й папір для нотаток, мультимедійний проектор.


T: Good afternoon dear students and our guests. I am glad to see you here at our meeting. As you have already guessed we shall speak about Princess Diana. What do we know about her. A lot of everything including some biographical facts : relationship with the royal family, engagement and marriage, children, charity work, divorce and death. But preparing this program we decided to show the life of Princess Diana from different sides.

We have jury which will check your answers and give you points.

They are…

I hope we are ready to begin.

Round 1.

T: So we start our first round.

I’ll ark you questions and you will answer them one by one. There are 4 variants of answers on the screen and your task is to choose the correct one.

1. When was Diana born?

a) 1951 c)1961

b) 1956 d) 1970

2. Where was Diana born ?

a) Sandringham c) Cardiff

b) Belfast d) London

3. What was the name of Diana’s father ?

a) Charles c) Bob

b) Harley d) John

4.What was the name of Diana’s mother ?

a) Sophy c) Frances

b) Ann d) Stephany

5. What was the name of Diana’s brother ?

a) John c) Brian

b) Charles d) Martin

6. What was Diana’s sername ?

a) Spencer c) Swenson

b) Simpson d) Spenson

7. How many years were Diana when her parents separated ?

a) six c) seven

b) five d) eight

8. What was Diana interested in ?

a) painting c) musik

b) dancing d) singing

9. When did Princess Charles first take a serious interest in Diana ?

a) during the autumn of 1980

b) during the summer of 1970

c) during the summer of 1980

d) during the winter of 1950

10. How many years did Diana become when she married The Prince of Wales ?

a) 18 c) 21

b) 19 d) 20

11. How many children had Diana ?

a) two daughters c) two sons

b) one son d) one daughter

12. When did Diana and Prince Charles full apart ?

a) 26 September 1990

b) 16 October 1971

c) 20 September 1991

d) 28 August 1996

13. When Diana was died ?

a) on 31 August 1997

b) on 1 September 1996

c) on 2 October 1980

d) on 16 December 1979

Keys: 1 c; 2 a; 3 d; 4 c; 5 a; 6 c; 7 c; 8 c; 9 d; 10 c; 11d; 12 a.

T: Let’s look at the results. Our jury, will you tell us the results of the first round.

Round 2. Blitz quiz about Diana, Princess of Wales.

T: So, there are some questions for you. They can help us to check your knowledge about Diana’s life. The students who will give the correct answer to the question will get 1 point.

1. What was the sername of Diana ? (Spencer)

2. What were the names of Diana’s children ? (Harry and William)

3. What was she interested in ? (music, diving, ballet)

4. What was the name of Diana’s granny ? ( Lady Fermo )

5. What sport did Charles like ? (polo)

6. Who was Diana’s mother – in – law ? (Elizabeth)

7. What was the reason of Diana’s death ? (a car crash)

Round 3. Royal family.

T: Now dear students you will see a film about Diana and her life. Your task is to match the photos of the members of the royal family with their names.

You will get 1 point for each correct matching. The student who will do the task first, will get 3 more points; who will be the second, will get 2 more points, the student who will do the task third, will get 1 more point.

For this task you have 2 minutes.

1. John Spencer

2. Prince Harry

3. Prince William

4. Princess Diana

5. Prince Charles

6. Elizabeth II

7. Lady Frances

Round 4. Important events.

T: Look at the pictures on the screen. What events are they connected with ? Write down the number of the picture and the went you think is mostly associated with it. You will get 1 point for each correct answer. The student who will do the task first, will get 3 more points; who will be the second will get 2 more points; the student who will do the task third, will get 1 more point.

For this task you have 3 minutes.









1. The Prince and Princess of Wales after the wedding, of the Duke and Duchess of York.

2. Charles and Diana’s wedding commemorated on a 1981 British Crown.

3. Entrance to Alma tunnel, where Diana, Princess of Wales had total car – crash.

4. Royal Monogram.

5. Dual Cypher of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales.

6. The Princess of Wales at the Cannes film festival in 1987.

7. The Prince and Princess of Wales in the USA with Lady Nancy Reagan and the USA president Ronald Reagan in November 1985.

8. The Princess Diana on her wedding day.

Round 5. Try to guess.

T: You will listen to some pieces of information about the member of the British royal family. The student who recognizes this person, up your hand, please.

If you guess the name you will get 3 points. If you give incorrect answer you will not be able to give another one.


1. ( Lady Di )

She was born into an aristocratic English family with royal ancestry, and remained the focus of worldwide media scrutiny during and after her marriage, which ended in divorce on 28 August 1996, including following her death in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997. From 1989, she was the president of Ormond Street Hospital for Children, in addition to dozens of other charities.

2. (Charles Spencer)

He worked as an on – air correspondent with NBC News from 1986 to 1995, primarily for the network’s signature morning program, Today, and NBC Nightly News. He wrote and presented the 12-part documentary series, Treat Houses of the World for NBC Super Chanel. On 31August 1997, Diana died after a can crash in Paris and he delivered the eulogy at her funeral service held at Westminster Abbey six days later.


3. ( Prince Harry of Wales )

He was born 15 September 1984. He is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He was educated at public schools. After graduation, Harry took a gap year, during which he spent time in Australia working on a cattle station and participating in the Young England is Young Australia Polo Test March.


3. ( Elizabeth II )

She was born in London, and educated privately at home. She began to undertake public duties during the Second World War, in which she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. When her father died in 1952, she became Head of the Commonwealth and queen regnant of seven independent Commonwealth countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon.

T: Thank all of you ! Let’s count the points our competitions have got and name the winner !

Краткое описание документа:

В данном уроке описывается жизнь королевской семьи.Используются различные интерактивные технологии такие как использование видео на уроке.Учащиеся при этом знакомятся с культурой и традициями страны язык которой изучают,совершенствуют навыки устной речи,расширяют свой кругозор,развивают память и логику.В этом уроке использованы различные тесты ,которые позволяют лучше усвоить новый материал.Учащимися были подготовлены разные доклады о жизни королевской семьи,которые прививают любовь и уважение к предмету.

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