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Сценарий праздника «Halloween»


Сценарий праздника «Halloween»

Учитель: Терехина Наталья Анатольевна МКОУ Брединская СОШ №97

Заранее вывешиваются красочные объявления о празднике:

  1. Halloween is coming.

What will you wear?

I mint wear blanket

And be a brown bear.

  1. Halloween is coming

Who will you meet?

I might meet a princess

Skipping down the street.

  1. Halloween is coming

What will you do?

I might go trick-or- treating.

How about you?

  1. Halloween is coming

What will you see?

I might see a jack-or-lantern

Winking at me.

  1. Halloween is coming

What will you be?

I might be a pirate

On the deep blue sea.

  1. Halloween is coming

What well you be?

It is a secret,

So, wait and see!

1 Яркие объявления напоминают, что пропуском на вечер, как для учащихся, так и для учителей и родителей будет маскарадный костюм.

Учителя домоводства помогают девочкам испечь булочки-сюрпризы с изюмом (от количества изюма зависит, какие оценки будет получать этот учащийся в учебном году). А на уроках технического труда мальчики вырезают отверстия (глаза, нос и рот) на жестяных банках, которые служат на вечере своеобразными фонариками. По залу протягиваются яркие световые гирлянды, на которых каждая лампочка прикрывается такой декоративной банкой. В течение дня проводится выставка тыкв, мастерски вырезанных, в каждую из которых помещается горящая свеча. Праздник проводится на основе учащихся 10-го,11-го классов. Роль главного ведущего выполняет учитель (в костюме ведьмы). В свиту ведьмы входят черти, дьяволята.

Итак, сцена оформлена так: огромная паутина с чёрным пауком в центре, летучие мыши, в центре столы на которых помещены тыквы с отверстиями для глаз, носа, рта внутри позже зажигают гирлянды.

ВЕДУЩИЙ 1: Hi, witches, devils, vampires, ghosts and other evil spirits! Keep quiet for a minute, will you. Keep your ears open so that everybody can hear a bat fly, a leaf fall down from a tree, or a mouse rustle in the dry grass.

ВЕДУЩИЙ 2: Good evening, dear goblins and water sprites, mermaids and ghosts, good evening, all evil spirits! We have not seen one another for a whole year. Are you glad the meet today?

ВЕДУЩИЙ 1: Yes. The time has come for us to tell one another what we have been doing this year. It is high time we spoke about our friends and helpers, about our friends and helpers, about our achievements and failures, and we will do it exactly today, at might. My young and promising helpers! Come here! They will help me today as I am very old and can’t manage everything myself (выбегают учащиеся в костюмах чертей).

ВЕДУЩИЙ 2: And who remembers why we have gathered here today?

ВЕДУЩИЙ 1: Who knows any legends connected with this holiday?

ВЕДУЩИЙ 2: Do you know any superstitions connected with Halloween?

УЧЕНИК № 1: Halloween was first celebrated many centuries ago in Ireland and Scotland by Celtic priests Druids. They observed the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. The Druids thought that Halloween was the night when the witches came out. As they were afraid of witches they put on gibbering clothes and painted their faces u deceive the evil spirits. They also placed food and small gifts rear the doors of their houses for the witches. This was, as they say now, the beginning of the expression “tuck or treat” (meaning “give me something or I’ll play a trick on you”).

УЧЕНИК № 2: It is considered that Halloween was brought to America by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland. In the 19th century they celebrated Halloween according to their old traditions (the integral part of the bestial was a lantern made of a pumpkin with holes in the form of eyes, a nose and a mouth and people believed that during the celebration all pumpkins were leaving the vegetable gardens to dance in the streets). As time went by, grown-up people lost interest in Halloween, and it was celebrated almost entirely by children. Dressed very strangely, children help festivals. During their carnival and after it groups of children “Trick or treat! Trick or treat!” was heard everywhere.

УЧЕНИК№ 3: In recent years, grown-up people have begun taking part in Halloween. In New York, for example, yang and old take part in parades together. Or the 31st of October, long before the time when the carnival procession begins to more, a great number of people get together in one of the streets. They are dressed as witches, demons, and other devil spirits. There are hundreds of large orange “pumpkins” in their hands. After the parade the festival lasts almost till early morning.

ВЕДУЩИЙ 1: and know I’m going to call the roll to see who has come to our party. (Ведущий выкрикивает имена персонажей.) Drafts, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, werewolves, pirates, king-kongs, kelpies, bats, goblins, spiders come out into a circle. Let’s sing a song: (исполняют песню; парад костюмов.)

  1. The pumpkin in the patch (2 times).

Hi-ho on Halloween, the pumpkin in the patch…

  1. The pumpkin calls a witch…

  2. Then witch calls a bat…

  3. The bat calls ghost…

  4. The ghost scares us all… (пугает)

  5. We all scare the ghost…

ВЕДУЩИЙ 2: I see there’s quite a crowd here. But still not everyone has found the way, as don’t get together too often – it’s only once a year that we all come to school № 97 . Let–us light the magic lights and lanterns for them to find their way quicker. This magic light is visible only to evil spirits and they fly towards it under cover of night. (в зале гаснет свет, зажигаются свечи внутри тыкв и гирлянды - фонарики.)

На столике стоит большой глобус, задрапированный чёрным кружевом, ведущий подходит к нему.

ВЕДУЩИЙ 2: Can you guess what this is? That’s right, a globe but it has changed it’s colour a bet, because of our tucks and black deeds. Let

Me turn it is see what is tang place in different, even very remote places. Well, I can’t see what is written here, will someone help me, please?

Кто-либо из свиты ведьмы подбегает к глобусу и читает вслух: school №97, form 7a, Shutkina Lena is invited into the stage (начинается концерт)

In a dark, dark wood, there is a dark, dark house.

And in that dark, dark house, there is a dark, dark room.

And in that dark, dark room, there is a dark, dark chest.

And in that dark, dark chest, there is a dark, dark shelf.

And on that dark, dark shelf, there is a dark, dark box.

And in that dark, dark box, there is ... – a Ghost.

2. Form 6a with fairy tale “Pumpkin” (по сценарию репки).

3. Попурри на сказке « Красная шапочка» и «Три поросёнка» участники учащиеся 5, 6 классов.

Pupils 5th form (поют): What is your name? (2 times)

Now tell me please, what is your name?

Little Red Riding Hood: My name is L.R.R.A. (3 times)

That my name.

Pupils 5th form: Hello, H.R.R.H.

H.R.R.H.: Hello, children (и начинают убирать в доме под песню): Are you sleeping? (2p) brother James (2p) morning bells are ringing (2p) ding- ding-dong (2p).

Mother: L.R.R.H., L.R.R.H., where are you?

L.R.R.H.: I’m here mother.

Mother: L.R.R.H. today is your grandmother’s birthday. Take a cake and a jug of honey to her. Don’t speak to anybody on the way, don’t stop in the wood and don’t put any flowers or mushrooms there.

L.R.R.H.: All right mother. Good-bye.

Pupils 5th form: (выходит 1ый поросёнок) поют: What is your name?

Niff-Niff: My name is Niff (3 times) (поёт и танцует) that’s my name.

Pupils 5th form: What’s your name? (Выбежал 3ий поросёнок.)

Naff-Naff: My name is Naff-Naff (3 times) that’s my name.

Niff-Niff-Naff-Naff and Nuff-Nuff (поют и танцуют задорно):

We aren’t afraid of big-bad wolf (3p)

We aren’t afraid of big bad wolf

Tra- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la.

Naff-Naff (обрывает): I shall make my house of sticks.

Niff-Niff (перебивая Nuff-Nuff): I shall go and make my house of grass.

Author: Naff-Naff is making the house of bricks, Niff-Niff is making the house of grass and Niff-Niff is making the house of sticks.

Niff-Niff (хвастается, поет): I have made my house of grass (3 times)

I have made my house of grass

Tra- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la.

Nuff-Nuff (хвастается): I have made my house of sticks (3 times)

I have made my house of sticks

Tra- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la.

Naff-Naff (уставший с молотком в руках): I haven’t made а house of bricks yet. I must go and make my house. Good-bye.

Pupils 5th form: Good-bye Naff-Naff.

Niff-Niff and Nuff-Nuff (вместе танцуют и поют.):

We aren’t afraid of big bad wolf (3 times)

We aren’t afraid of big bad wolf

Tra- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la. Good-bye.

4. The rhyme Monstrous imagination form 8b kovaloyva, Evseeva are welcomed.

«Mummy, can’t you see the monster,

Hiding by the curtain? »

«Why, Joseph dear, there’s nothing there,

Of that I am quite certain.

The monster that you think you see

Within the shadows lurking,

Is your imagination, dear,

Which overtime is working.

Thus reassured, Joe went to sleep;

His mother’s explanation

Seemed only "; "> Are mere imagination

And sound his chamber was until

In dreams the monster met him.

Now Joe we’ll miss for last night his

Imagination” ate him.

5. The song “old Mc Donald” form7a.

1) Old Mc Donald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.

And on this farm he had some ducks E-I-E-I-O

With a quack, quack here and quack, quack there

Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack,

Old Mc Donald had a farm E-I-E-I-O.

2) -||-|| some turkeys (gobble- gobble)

3) -||-|| some pigs (oink-oink)

4) a cat (meow-meow)

6. An old welsh folk-tale “An Enchanted Pudding” form 9. (См. приложение)

Песня к сказке: Baa, baa black sleep, have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes, sir three pages full

One for the master and one for the dance,

And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

  1. An old Scottish folk-tale “I myself” 6 form (текст прилагается)

Песня к сказке: Bamba, la bamba:

Let’s dance with the music (2 times)

When we dance we sing a song

We sing a song of thanks

And clap our hands and we go faster

And faster, higher and higher, louder and louder.

Bamba (6 times)

Softer and softer-

Bamba la bamba (4times)

  1. The rhymes “Skin and Bones” form 8b Kazantsev.

There was an old woman all skin and bones Ooooooooh,

She lived down by the old grave yard…

One night she thought she’d take a walk…

She walked down by the old grave yard.

She saw the bones a laying around…

She went to the closet to get a broom…

She opened the door and Boo!

Ни один «Хэллоуин» не обходится без гаданий и шутливых розыгрышей.

ВЕДУЩИЙ №2: Not a single meeting of the type can do without fortune telling. Do you want to know what the future has in story for you? (Начинаются гадания)

  1. Your Zodiac sign is Aquarius. To put it more plainly, you are a water carries, so at every lesson you will beat the air.

  2. You are Pisces, fishes, in other words, that’s why your answers will always be indistinct. The Russians usually say: neither fish, nor crayfish.

  3. And your sign is Cancer but we will call you crayfish, so your lot is always to more backwards to your seat when the teacher asks you to go to the blackboard.

Кроме того, учащиеся гадают и директору:

I see that you have also been working very hard for the benefit of our school. But you are tired. Take it easy. This is what your palm tells me about your past. Now the line of the future it’s very bright and promising. Not a single pupil their parent, your colleague or higher authority will tell you (even in their thoughts) to go to hell, to devil’s mother or to all at once.

На вечере проводились и игры:

  1. Традиционная игра «Хэллоуин». Нужно попытаться ртом, без помощи рук достать яблоко из таза с Вовой.

  2. С закрытыми глазами нужно срезать призы, висящие на верёвке. Но секрет этой игры заключается в том, что черти тихонько уносят верёвку с призами в сторону.

  3. Бег с яйцом на ложке.

В зале появляются помощники ведущего с подносами, на которых лежат булочки с секретом.

ВЕДУЩИЙ №1: Oh, my young helpers have brought some buns and cakes with your fortune hidden inside. Hurry to learn at least something about your future. Only please be careful eating these been not ruin both your teeth and your future: if you find a coin, it means you’ll become rich, figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 indicate what marks you are going to get at school, a hidden jam will make your life nice and sweet, black pepper will make it bitter.

В зале загорается свет и появляется ведущий.

ВЕДУЩИЙ№2: Oh time fees so quickly. Morning has come and it’s time for us to disappear. Save your lives, evil spirits! (Ведущие вечера снимают маски). I see a lot of happy faces and clear eyes in front of me. Let’s leave here all the evil the entire bad thing that is in us and in our life. Then our planet will again become green blue and white. Ребята по одному выходят на сцену прочитывают плохие слова с переводом (to kill- убивать, to deceive- обманывать, to lie- обманывать, to rob- воровать, to homelike- унижать) и кладут карточки на большой поднос, а затем поджигают «плохие» слова. С глобуса снимается чёрная драпировка.

Вечер завершается песней, которую исполняют все участники и присутствующие в зале «We are the world».

Курс профессиональной переподготовки
Учитель немецкого языка
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Краткое описание документа:
Заранее вывешиваются красочные объявления о празднике:
1. Хэллоуин идет.
Что вы будете носить?
Я мяты износ одеяло
И быть бурый медведь.
2. Хэллоуин идет
Кто вы познакомились?
Я мог бы встретить принцессу
Пропуск по улице.
3. Хэллоуин идет
Что вы будете делать?
Я мог бы пойти трюк или лечения.
Как насчет вас?
4. Хэллоуин идет
Что вы видите?
Я мог бы увидеть Джек-или-фонарь
Подмигивая мне.
5. Хэллоуин идет
Что вы будете?
Я мог бы быть пиратом
На глубокое синее море.
6. Хэллоуин идет
Что хорошо вы быть?
Это секрет,
Так, подождем и посмотрим!
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