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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса по теме «Happy Weekend»
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса по теме «Happy Weekend»


hello_html_64ce5b1c.gifhello_html_2315a61b.gifhello_html_m51cc8fdf.gifhello_html_m7ccd3544.gifhello_html_390b6ff8.gifhello_html_m5a12a0ff.gifhello_html_m457287aa.gifhello_html_m67e2204.gifhello_html_2dbf35b8.gifhello_html_m2d5920b0.gifhello_html_m2d5920b0.gifhello_html_m2d5920b0.gifLevel: The 5-th form

The theme of the lesson: Happy Weekend!


Language competence:

To teach the students

a) to teach students to express their opinions;

b) to use the active words in their speech;

c) to work on the text using the methods of critical thinking;

Communicative competence:

To develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening skills;

Cultural competence:

  1. to carry the students far in the language acquisition process;

  2. to teach students to work in groups & in pairs;

Language materials: Text book by Mary Bowen, Printha Ellis

Way Ahead V;

Technical aids: IWB.


The procedure of the lesson:

I. Evocation.(Стадия вызова)

Org. moment: greetings (дети стоят вокруг учителя)

T: Good morning boys, good morning girls!

Good morning now!

Pupils: Good morning teacher!

Wake body, wake mind,

Work, play, seek, find,

Eat breakfast, dinner, too,

Wash, brush, sing, dance & do!

Good morning teachers!( обращаются к учителям)

Warm up: Ok, well done pupils!

I think all of you have a wonderful mood today!

What would you like to wish your friend?

Eg: I would like to wish Akbota to take an excellent mark.

Akbota: I wish Adilet to have a nice day!

Adilet: I wish Ruslan to buy sth!

Ruslan: I wish Alexey to be in a good spirit!

Alexey: I wish Meirbek to have a good autumn weekend!

Meirbek: I wish Alimzhan to go to Mega with me!

Alimzhan: I wish Aruzhan to have a good life!

Aruzhan: I wish Ilan to be good at school!

Ilan: I wish Anelya to be successful!

Anelya: I wish Diar to be happy!

Diar: I wish Daniyal to have a good friend!

Daniyal: I wish Arina to be healthy!

Arina: I wish Kirill to be a lucky person!

Kirill: I wish Gulnara Serikovna to have good pupils!

T: Nice of you! I think all the wishes will be fulfilled!

( Деление на группы)

I think it is always necessary to each of us to have a good weekend. Now I’ll give you cut cards and you should make up the whole picture and it will be your team.

(Дети собирают картинки и тем самым собирается 3 команды)

Ok, Are you ready? The first team is the summer holiday.

The second team is the winter holiday.

The third team is the autumn holiday.

Take your seats.


T: Look at the pictures. They are on the active board & guess the theme of our lesson. How do you think, what is the theme of our lesson?



цветы, Пикник, мишка

P1: ( Akbota) The theme of our lesson is the Happy weekend.

T: We’ve spoken a lot how to spend your weekend.

Who likes English, who likes to speak English, who likes weekend? Do you like weekend?

P: (Kirill) we do of course, I think Weekend is considered to be one of the best ways of spending holidays and it plays an important part in peoples’ entertainment.

T: I agree with you, look at pictures of the active board again,& tell me what association do you have with the word Weekend?

P1: (Arina) It is may be a picnic

P2: ( Ilan) Nature

P3: ( Daniyal) Cafe

P4: (Alexey) lunch

P5: (Ruslan) Sports & games

Well, thank you for your associations.




T: It’s better to spend a

Weekend at

the seaside or

in a big city?

P1: ( Akbota) I think, many people spend their holiday at the seaside, because they like the sunshine and fresh air. They can relax on the beach and enjoy water sports.

P2: ( Anelya) In my opinion, many people like to take holidays in big cities. They don’t mind the noise and the dirty air. They enjoy visiting museums and art galleries; they go to cinemas, theatres and restaurants.

T: Now pupils, let’s do 3 claps!!!

II. Realization of meaning: (Стадия осмысления)

Working on the text:

T: During the previous lesson, we’ve read the text about Molly’s weekend. Do you remember Molly?

P: Of course, we do.

(From active board) Molly: Hi, pupils & teachers!

Pupils: Hi, Molly!

How do you do?

Molly: thank you, I fell well. How do you spend your summer weekend?

Pupils: Great!!!

Molly: During this lesson I’ll watch you.

T: Now I’ll give you a minute. Look through the text.

1 мин

T: look at the active board, what do you see?

P1: we see the colorful hats.


T: Right you are, we have 6 hats. Each hat has a particular meaning.

The first the white hat:--means only facts without discussion

your attention to the information you’ve already known.



The yellow hat:- means positive points here in the text.

You should tell about advantages of this situation.

The black hat:-means negative points of this story

& find problems, which you dislike.

Thjg The red hat:- here you can express your filling which you had



during reading this story.

The green hat: - gives you abilities

to create new ideas and

opportunity to remake the story.

The blue hat: - gives you

an opportunity to discuss the story & to make a particular conclusion

which sums up the whole story.


( Деление на пары)

T:Now pupils stand under the hat which color you like & take your place.


yellow the white hats the blue hats the

hats green


The black hats the red hats

Ok, I divided you into pairs and now each pair gets a definite color hat. I’ll give you 5 minutes to get ready.

It’s high time! At first the white hat:

P1\P2:We are the white hats:

P1: ( Kirill): This story is about Molly and the roller coaster. The main idea of this story is how Molly frightened the roller coaster, but she liked the fun fair. There are 3 characters: Molly, Sam and their uncle. The children liked their uncle. He was good fun. First of all they went to the rifle range. They were good at shooting.

P2:( Aruzhan): So they went inside the house of mirrors. Some of the mirrors seemed very fat and thin, tall& short. They laughed and laughed. So they went on the Dragon River. After Dragon River they went on the roller coaster. The roller coaster was very high and the train went round very, very fast.

P1\P2: We are the yellow hats:

Akbota,Ilan: Positive points of this text that Molly is frightened, but she didn’t show it and she walked up the steps towards the train she battled herself.

P1/P2: We are black hats:

( Ruslan,Alimzhan,Alexey): I think the negative sides of this story that Uncle Bob & Sam knew that Molly frightened the roller coaster, but they made her to go up the train.

P1/P2: (Daniyal,Arina)We are green hats: If I were Uncle Bob and Sam I didn’t want that she was in a bad condition

P1\P2: ( Anelya,Diar)We are blue hats: At the end of this story I can add that after their weekend they could go to place where they have fun!

III. Reflexion ( Рефлексия): Now I would like to relax. Pupils let’s imagine that we went to the funfair with Molly & Sam. There we could see different roller coasters.

C:\Users\Arman\Desktop\лето\Новая папка\Luna_Park_Melbourne_scenic_railway.jpg

C:\Users\Arman\Desktop\лето\Новая папка\Rollercoaster.jpg

C:\Users\Arman\Desktop\лето\Новая папка\roller_coaster.jpeg

PS: Weekend is over,

No more fun,

Weekend is over

School has begun!

T: And now pupils, how do you think, where she can go else on the weekend after the roller coaster?

What do you think the 1-st group?

P1: ( Kirill) She can go to the seashore.

T: What do you think the 2-nd group?

P2 :( Meirbek) she can go to the restaurant to have a family lunch.

T: What about you the 3-rd team?

P3: ( Anelya) we think she can visit her grandparents.

T: What can be happened there?

ll give you a poster to each group. You should describe it.

I’ll give 5 minutes.

P1: (Akbota) She could go to the seashore,

because she wanted to have a picnic,

to swum in the seashore

& to had a rest.

P2: (Meirbek) She could go

to the restaurant,

because she was so tired,

that is why she wanted to go with

her family to had a lunch.

P3:( Anelya) She could visit her grandparents,


she wanted to play with her grandfather

& grandmother with a ball.

T: I listened your stories and now & I can’t saw the problem which story is the best. I suggest you to judge by yourself. One student of each group should take one sticker and tick on the desk. Now you’ve stickers on your desk.

The 1-st team

The 2-nd team

The 3-rd team

T: In a draw!

But I know who can help us. How do you think, who is she?

P1: ( Anelya) You don’t say so, she is Molly, isn’t she?

T: of, course Molly by herself. Let’s call her. Ok I’ll ring her up.

( звонок Молли)

Molly, can you visit us?

(Заходит Молли) oh, my dear, oh my

lovely pupils, how can I help you?

T: we’ve in a draw! Help us.

Which of the ending of the story do you like most of all?

Molly: all the ending I liked, that’s why I’d like you to invite to my place on this weekend.

Conclusion: Students today we’ve spoken about different weekend. Now I hope the next weekend with Molly will be wonderful and for this lesson each of you gets an excellent mark. You can do different kinds of work. Sure that good knowledge of English will help you in your future life. At home you should write the composition about autumn holiday.

At the end of the lesson we shall sing a song about weekend.

A song

I’m talkin’ about the weekend

Refrain: I’m talking about the weekend


I’ m talking about Saturday & Sunday – ( 2 times)

I. I’ m talking about 2 of the days of the week

They’re the ones at the ends

If you look closely

They both start with SS

And they both end in YY

Saturday and Sunday every time

Refrain: ( 2 times)

II. I’m talking about days where we don’t go to school

Instead we stay at home, that’s so cool

We play and hang out with friends & family

And we make the shift to a brand new week

Refrain: ( 2 times)

III. I’m talking about Saturday

You might go on a trip

And your family might have brunch

Or Sunday you might go to church

And then afterwards have a nice lunch.

Краткое описание документа:

"Описание материала:

Целью данного урока является раскрытие понятия «weekend» в различных сферах жизни, и развитие навыков разговорной речи, аудирования, чтения, письма, также повысить интерес учащихся к чтению, привитие навыков бережного отношения к книгам.

С целью создания коллаборативной среды урок начинается с психологического тренинга «Что я хочу пожелать?».
Первым по плану задание - ассоциация с ключевым словом « Уикенд».
Далее на стадии «осмысления» идет работа по методу критического мышления « 6 шляп». Дети работают по тексту. У каждой шляпы свое значение, например, черная шляпа означает негатив -ищут негативные стороны в тексте.
Следующее задание - дебаты по заданной проблеме. Предлагаются две точки зрения « Где лучше провести уикенд на побережье или в Большом городе».
На стадии рефлексии учащиеся должны придумать концовку текста.
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