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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыСценарий спектакля по сказке Х.К. Андерсена «Снежная Королева» – «The Snow Queen» на английском языке

Сценарий спектакля по сказке Х.К. Андерсена «Снежная Королева» – «The Snow Queen» на английском языке






с. Красный Курган 2007г.

Спектакль по сказке Х.-К. Андерсена

«Снежная Королева» – «The Snow Queen».


  1. Заинтересовать учащихся в изучении английского языка.

  2. Применить знания, умения и навыки учащихся в новой ситуации.

  3. Дать им возможность оценить свой уровень владения языком.

  4. Активизировать познавательную деятельность и творческие способности учащихся.

  5. Создать дружную атмосферу в группе.


1. Декорации.

2. Костюмы.

3. Афиша.

4. Цветы.

  1. Музыкальное сопровождение.

  2. Бенгальские огни, фейерверки.

The Snow Queen.


  • Kay.

  • Gerda.

  • The Snow Queen.

  • Granny.

  • The King's Counselor.

  • The Rose.

  • Gentleman-Crow.

  • Lady-Crow.

  • Prince Kay.

  • Princess.

  • The Old Robber Woman.

  • The Little Robber Girl.

  • Reindeer.

  • 3 Robbers.

  • The servants of the King.

Teacher’s words.

Good afternoon, Ladies & Gentlemen! Good afternoon, boys & girls! Nice to see you. Today is a special day. We are going to perform you a new play. One day I’ve heard somebody say “ I’ve been waiting impatiently for a new performance!” How do you think who it was? To tell the truth it was our headmaster! But I hope these words regard you too!

So, as for the performance, it will be the Snow Queen, a wonderful fairy-tale written by H.-Ch. Anderson. As you know he is a famous story-teller from Denmark. His fairy-tales are very interesting. By reading them we learn it be kind, hornest & friendly, to love & respect each other. I think you’ll understand what I mean by watching our “Snow Queen”.

So, let’s imagine ourselves in a faraway land of fairy-tales…

Scene I

A poor but tidy room with a fireplace and a large, frost-covered window. There are two armchairs: one by the window and the other by the fireplace, there is a rose bush in front of the stage. Kay and Gerda are in the room.

Gerda. Hallo, boys and girls! This is my brother. We live here, in

this little house with our Granny. My name is Gerda.

Kay. And my name is Kay.

The children go to the fireplace, sit down on the carpet near the fireplace and begin to look at the pictures in a book. The sound of creaking stairs.

Kay. What is it? ;

Gerda. Somebody is coming...

Kay. Oh, yes. Somebody is really coming.

Gerda. Here is our Granny. (There is a knock at the door.) Why is

She knocking? Keep quiet! Let's frighten her and hide


Kay. All right!

Gerda hides behind the armchair near the fireplace and Kay behind the armchair near the window. The door opens and a tall thin man enters the room. He is dressed in black.

Kay. Bow-wow-wow! (Rushes from behind the armchair on fours.)

Gerda. Miaow, miaow!

Man. What is going on in this house? Why are you shouting, you

silly children?

Gerda. We are very sorry. We thought you were our Granny.

Man. What nonsense! As you can see, I am not your Granny!

(He looks around.) Where are the roses?

Gerda (in confusion). Here they are.

Man. I see. They are rather beautiful! They are in blossom.

The door opens and a clean white-haired old woman enters the room.

Kay. Granny!

Gerda. Our Granny!

Granny. My dear children... (Suddenly she sees the man and stops


Man. Good evening, ma'am,

Granny. Good evening, sir. What can I do for you?

And who are you?

Man. I'm the King's Counselor. I've heard about your roses,

and I want to buy them.

Granny. Do you like flowers so much?

King’s Counselor. Not at all. I hate them.

Granny. Then why do you want to buy our roses?

King's Counselor. I buy rarities. In winter flowers are rare.

That's why I want to buy your roses.

I can see that you are very poor.

Here are ten pounds for your roses.

Granny. I am not going to sell the roses. We like them so much.

Gerda. Yes, we enjoy them greatly.

King's Counselor. Twenty pounds.

Granny. No.

King's Counselor. Thirty... fifty... one hundred.

Granny. No.

King's Counselor. Oh, I see you are very sly.

Two hundred pounds for your roses!

Granny. No.

King's Counselor. I don't think you understand who I am, ma'am. I'll say it again! I am the King's Counselor. I am very, very rich. I sell ice. I know the Snow Queen herself. She helps me. I can buy everything. I'll ask you the second time: how much are these roses?

Granny. These roses are not for sale.

King's Counselor. Then... then you are a crazy old woman.

Kay. Don't shout at our Granny! Everybody respects her.

She is so kind.

Gerda. Yes, yes, don't shout at her. We love her so much.

King's Counselor. Well, I am leaving. But I'll take revenge on you. And it will be very soon. I'll tell the Snow Queen about you. (Goes out of the room.)

Kay. What an angry old man!

Gerda. He wanted to take our roses. And he said that he would tell the Snow Queen about us. Granny, who is she?

Granny. The Snow Queen lives in the North in her ice palace.

She is very beautiful, but very cruel.

Kay. Granny, have you ever seen her?

Granny. No, I haven't. But I've heard a lot about her.

Be calm, children!

Suddenly a beautiful woman appears in the room. She is dressed in white.

Kay. Oh, who are you?

Snow Queen. I am the Snow Queen. Good evening, all of you.

hello_html_m5f2b1ac1.gifhello_html_43a1bc98.gifGranny. Good evening, Your Majesty. Sit down, please.

Would you like some tea?

Snow Queen. No, no! It's too hot for me.

I want to have a talk with you, ma'am.

I was told about you. You are a very nice woman, but you are very poor. And you have two children. I suppose it must be difficult for you to bring them both up. And I am quite alone, but very rich. So, I will take this boy from you.

Kay. What?

Snow Queen. He will live with me, and he will be a son to me. Kay. Granny, I don 4 want to go with her!

Gerda. Granny, don't give Kay to this woman.

Granny. Don't worry, children. I will never let him go.

Kay (to the Snow Queen). Did you hear my Granny?

Snow Queen. You must think, Kay. You will be my only son.

You will live in the palace with me and I'll give you everything you want!

Kay. No. I don't want to leave Gerda and Granny!

Snow Queen. All right, Kay. Stay here. (Comes up to Kay and touches his chest with her magic wand.) Good-bye to you all. (To Kay.) See you soon, my boy.

Kay. (Touches his chest) Ha-ha-ha! Oh, how funny and fat you

are, Granny! And you, Gerda, you are so ugly!

Gerda. Granny, Granny, what's the matter with him?

Granny. Kay, I don't recognize you.

Kay. Oh, I am sick and tired of you both. I hate everything here.

I don't want to live in this poor house. I am leaving.

Good-bye! (Runs out.).

Gerda. Kay! Kay! (Embraces her Granny and weeps.)

Scene II.

Gerda is crying near the roses.

Gerda. Oh, my God! Kay is dead! He’ll never come back!

Oh, my poor Kay!

The Rose. Don’t believe it! Don’t believe!

Gerda. Rose? Do you believe that he is alive?

The Rose. He is alive, my pretty girl! Believe me! My roots have never seen him under the ground, so Kay has never been to the Kingdom of the Death. You should find him!

Gerda. How it is strange! What’s up with me? Certainly I should find him!

The Rose. Gerda, my dear girl, listen to the sun, listen to the wind, listen to the rivers, listen to the trees, listen to all in the world, but mainly listen to your heart! Your heart is so kind, so lovely and so brave! It’s really a gold one! Go anywhere your heart wants you to go and you’ll find Kay, I know it!

Gerda. But the Snow Queen…

The Rose. Don’t be afraid of her! Go, go, my dear! Your kind heart will be able to save you both!

Gerda. Thank you, my dear Rose! I have no time to stand! I am going all around the Earth to save him! Good buy.

The Rose. Good buy Gerda, and good luck, good luck!

Scene III.

Gerda is singing “Why no replay?”

There is a stone in front of the curtain. Being extremely tired, Gerda comes slowly up to this stone and sits down on it.

Gerda. Oh, how tired I am! I've been looking for Kay for so long, but nobody seems to know anything about him. Now I know what it is to be lonely. I am very sad and tired, but I must go on and find my brother.

Lady-Crow and Gentleman-Crow come from behind the curtain. Gentleman-Crow speaks tonelessly and not very distinctly.

Gentleman-Crow. Caw, Caw! Good morning, young lady.

Gerda. Good morning to you.

Lady-Crow. Where are you going, young lady?

Gerda. I am looking for my brother Kay.

Gentleman-Crow and Lady-Crow (together). Caw! Caw! Caw! Lady-Crow. Oh, we happen to know this name.

It's the name of our prince.

We live in the palace and if you want to see him,

we'll take you there.

Gentleman-Crow. And you'll see your brother.

Gerda. Oh, thank you very much!

Gentleman-Crow. Let's go.

(They leave.)

Scene IV.

A hall in the King's palace. The Prince and the Princess are playing chess.

Prince. Stop playing this game, Elza. I am tired of chess.

Let's play another game.

Princess. Then let's play hide-and-seek, Kay.

Prince. All right! You hide now and I'll count up to twenty! I'll begin now: one, two, three...

He turns back and counts. The Princess is running round the hall, searching for shelter. Suddenly she sees Gerda and the two Crows. The Princess shrieks with fear and jumps to one side.

Princess. Oh, who's there?

Prince. Is it a rat?

Princess. No, it is not a rat. It's a little girl and two Crows.

Prince. What are you doing here, young lady? How did you get here? And why are you crying?

Gerda. My name is Gerda. I am crying because you are not my brother Kay. He was carried away by the Snow Queen. The Crows have told me that my brother has become a prince and that he lives in the palace. That's why I am here! (She sighs.) But I see now that the Crows were mistaken!

Prince. Don't cry, Gerda. We'll help you. Where will you go from here?

Gerda. I'll go farther, to the North. I must find the Snow Queen.

Princess. But that's a long way. Gerda, Never mind, Г am not afraid.

Prince. I think I know what to do. We'll give her a carriage.

Princess (clapping her hands). What a brilliant idea! A gold carriage!

Prince. And you, Elza, give her a coat, a hat, fur boots and a muff! Princess. With great pleasure. I have lots of them. (To the servants.) Bring my clothes for Gerda!

The servants bring the Princess's clothes and give them to Gerda.

Gerda. Thank you very much!

Scene V.

Gerda is singing “Why no reply?”

Suddenly a piercing whistle is heard.

Gerda. Kay! Kay!

A camp of robbers in the forest. The Old Woman Robber is sitting near the fire. There is a lot of noise and shouting, a group of robbers appears. They have brought Gerda.

1st Robber. Look what we've got!

2nd Robber. Here is a gold carriage!

1st Robber. And this is the girl from the carriage!

Old Woman Robber. Hey! Hey! Stop talking! Show me it!

1st Robber. This girl is a princess I know!

Old Woman Robber. Princess?

2nd Robber. Yes! Yes! Look here!

Old Woman Robber. Oh, how nice and fat she is! I think she will be very tasty. (Takes out a knife.)

Gerda. Don't kill me, please! Wait a little. Take my muff, my hat, my coat, and my fur boots. Only let me go.

2nd Robber. What a silly girl!

1st Robber. (To Gerda). You'll be killed!

Gerda. Dear robbers, listen to me, please. Don't laugh at me. Let me go. Kay will die without me and he is a very, very good boy. (Through tears.) Please, I beg you. Let me go.

1st Robber and 2nd Robber. No, no come here!

Old Woman Robber. No, I'm going to eat you up!

3rd Robber. Come to me, my dear, come, come…

She raises her hand. At that moment a pretty, healthy, black-haired girl rushes in.

Little Girl Robber. Don't touch her! Oh, what a nice girl! She will play with me. She will be mine.

2nd Robber. No, she will be mine.

3rd Robber. No, mine. I want to play with her too.

She will be my doll!

Old Woman Robber. (To the robbers.) All of you go away or I'll kill you, I give her to my daughter.

Little Girl Robber. (To Gerda.) Oh, how pretty you are! You'll be my friend. Give me your muff, your coat and your hat. What is your name, girl?

Gerda. Gerda. You can take my clothes, but I am afraid I'll be very cold when I get to the Snow Queen's Kingdom.

Little Girl Robber (stamping her foot). No! You won't go there... You will live with me. Look what I've got. (She whistles.) Come, come here quickly! (The Reindeer appears.) Gerda, look, how funny he is. (She gets a big knife out and touches the Reindeer's neck.)

Gerda. Oh, please, don't do it.

Little Girl Robber. But why? I like the way he trembles all over.

Gerda (to the Little Girl Robber). May I ask him a question?

Little Girl Robber. Yes, you may.

Gerda. Tell me, Reindeer, did you live in the North?

Reindeer. Oh, yes. (Sighs.)

Gerda. And have you ever seen the Snow Queen?

Reindeer. Yes, I have.

Gerda. He has seen he:

Reindeer. Yes, I have seen her. Once she passed me. She had a little boy by her side. He was white with cold, but he was smiling. The Snow Queen called him Kay.

Gerda. Kay, it was Kay! He is my brother. Oh, dear girl, let me go, please. I must save Kay. He was white with cold. He will die there, in the North. If you don’t leave me, it will be crime!

Reindeer. Do let her go. I'll take Gerda to the Snow Queen's Kingdom.

Little Girl Robber. But Love is no crime! Come here!

She is singing “Love is no crime”. Everybody is dancing.

Little Girl Robber. All right! There is nothing to be done. Take
your coat and your hat. But I won't give you your muff 'I like it myself. And you should dance, then you can go.

Gerda is dancing.

Little Girl Robber. Kiss me. Good luck, Gerda!

Gerda. Thank you, girl. (Kisses her.)Good-bye! Good-bye!

Scene VI.

The head of the Reindeer appears in the middle of the curtain. He looks around and doesn't go any farther. Gerda follows him.

Gerda. Tell me, Reindeer; is this the Kingdom of the Snow Queen? Reindeer. Yes, it is. But I can't go any farther. Aren't you afraid to go there?

Gerda. Certainly, I am. But I have to go and set my brother free. Reindeer. There is one thing you must remember. The Snow Queen is very cruel and it is very difficult to get into the palace.

Gerda. Nevertheless I will go there.

Reindeer. Hurry up, then! The Snow Queen is out today. (Disappears.)

Gerda (shouts). Thank you, my dear friend!

Scene VII.

The Snow Queen is sitting on her throne.

Kay is sitting on the small chair.

Snow Queen. Kay, my boy! How are you? Oh, you quite frozen I see. It’s good, very good! This night I have been flying over the land, and how do think, what I’ve seen? A little silly girl Gerda by name.

Kay. Gerda?

Snow Queen. Gerda, Gerda! Ha-ha-ha! Poor girl! She is so crazy that wants to be a rival of mine! I know she has gone a long way to my Kingdom and very soon she will be here, very soon… Kay, my dear, do you hear? Gerda! She wants to take you away of me, to deprive you of this wonderful life at my Kingdom. If you go away with Gerda, you’ll never see this palace, this world and me! Do you want to leave me, Kay?

Kay. No, you are my Queen! But, Gerda… Who is she?

Snow Queen. Excellent! You really have forgotten her! Stand up, Kay, come to me, please. This is anew quiz for you. You must make the word “Eternity” out of this icicles and I’ll give you the whole world as a present and a pair of skates.

Kay. O.K.

Snow Queen. Now I am leaving you. I should whitewash everything a little. Winter is my season, my time, you see…Oh! Snow is very useful for grapes and lemons. See you soon, Kay!

The Snow Queen is singing “Winter Time”.

Scene VIII.

The hall in the Snow Queen's palace. Kay is sitting on a big throne. He is pale. He is playing with icicles.

Gerda. Kay! Are you quite frozen? (Shakes him by his shoulders.)
Answer me! If you don't answer me, I'll die with sorrow!
Kay. Hush, Gerda! You are bothering me.

Gerda. Kay, dear Kay; it's me!

Kay. Yes, I see.

Gerda. Kay, have you forgotten me?

Kay. No. I never forget anything.

Gerda. How can you speak to me in such a way? You didn't even

say to me "Glad to see you".

Kay. Glad to see you.

Gerda. You sound so cold and far away. I've been looking for you

all over the world and now I am even afraid to come up to you. Are

you really my brother Kay?

Kay. I am really Kay, but I am very busy now. 1 must make the word ETERNITY out of the icicles. And the Snow Queen will give me the whole world as a present and a pair of skates.

Gerda. Kay, my silly boy, let's go home. I can't leave you here, all alone. I don't like it here. You just remember. It's spring now. The sky is blue. The sun is shining.

Kay. You... you are disturbing me.

King’s Counselor. What’s up here?

Gerda. I want Kay to go with me. You’ve stolen his life!

King’s Counselor. It’s his life, his problems, girl!

Kay. It’s my life!

They are singing “It’s my Life”.

Gerda. Kay, let's go away!

Gerda is singing “Come back & Stay”.

Gerda. Our Granny is waiting for us. She's been waiting for you all this time. (Weeps and embraces Kay.)

Kay. Our Granny! (He shivers.) I am cold, Gerda. Is it you? What's the matter with you? Why are you crying? How did you get here? (Looks around.) It's so cold here. (He tries to stand up and walk, but his legs won't obey him.) I can't walk.

Gerda. You can. Let's go. Never mind your legs. You'll learn to walk. We will get home. (Takes off her fur coat and puts it on Kay's shoulders.)

Scene IX.

The same room as in Scene 1. Granny is sitting in the armchair knitting. The Little Girl Robber, the Prince, the Princess and the Crows are in the room.

Granny. I've been, waiting and waiting for them for such a long time. But I feel that tonight my children will come back at last.

Old Woman Robber. Can you hear? The stairs are creaking.

Gentleman-Crow. They are coming!

Princess. The stairs are creaking so merrily.

The door opens and Kay and Gerda rush into the room holding each other by their hands.

Little Girl Robber. Granny, look, this is Gerda!

Princess. Granny, look, this is Kay!

1st Robber. Welcome home!

Granny. My dear children! You have come back at last! (Embraces the children.)

The door opens and the Snow Queen and the King's Counselor dash into room.

Snow Queen. You must give this boy back to me at once or I'll turn you into ice!

King's Counselor. And after that I'll crack you all into pieces and sell you.

Snow Queen. Kay, you must go with me?

Gerda, Prince, Princess, Gentleman-Crow, Lady-Crow and the Little Girl Robber take each other by hands and fence Kay in. Granny embraces him.

Gerda. Nobody is afraid of you here. You can't turn people with warm hearts into ice.

Snow Queen. Oh, we'll see! (Raises her hands. The whistle and the howling of the wind is heard.)

3rd Robber. You can wave arms, your legs and your tail, but we won't give you Kay.

Prince. And I am not cold at all.

The Rose. Usually I catch a cold easily, and now I haven't even got a running nose.

Snow Queen. Kay! Words don’t come easy to me…

She is singing “Words”.

Old Woman Robber. You are lying! Shame on you!

Gerda. You can’t love!

The Rose. Your heart is ice!

Snow Queen. What do you mean by this?

Granny. You even don’t know what the love is!

Snow Queen. How dare you? What a nuisance! It’s a bit thick!

King's Counselor. I’ll do you!

Gerda. Go away, you, two! We are not afraid of you.

Snow Queen. For Heaven’s sake! But, Kay, my boy! You’ll be sorry I know it! Alas, my friend! It will be too late! There are millions of children on our planet, the Earth! They will be glad to live with me at my wonderful Kingdom, you see?! I can find somebody else! Let’s go!

The King's Counselor and the Snow Queen step back and go away. Gerda takes Kay by his hand.

Gerda. What a wander! I can’t believe my eyes! Thank you, dear friends. I would have never been
able to save Kay without your help. Now we all know that goodness
defeats evil and friendship works miracles.

Teacher’s words.

Dear friends, as you know a friend in need is a friend indeed. I think there are people in our modern life who are ready to sacrifice their life for the sake of love & friendship. I mean the real friends. We wish you to have such a good friend as Gerda & to be better friend than she!

As they say all is well that ends well! That’s all. You see now the power of real love & friendship. We hope you’ve liked this wonderful fairy-tale & you keep our play in your mind for a long time! We say good-bay to you! Thank you for your attention. See you again!


Do what you like

Day and night

Just believe in your feelings

Give him your hand

And you soon understand

Love come straight

From his heart.

Love is no crime

Life is to love

All the time

As long as the world

is still alive, baby!

Love is no crime

Love is for you

Hold on tight

Tight to your dreams

and you will see

Love is no crime!

Come back and stay.

Walk in the rain

Trying to wash away the pain

You went away

You made me cry so many days.

Come back and stay, don’t keep me waiting

Come back and stay, don’t say goodbye

Don’t let my love die.

Come back and stay and try again.

Don’t walk away for I am still your friend.

Where are you now, where did you go.

Come back and stay, I miss you so!

Walk in the rain

Thinking about the game I play

I am to blame

I lost my Lovin’ yesterday.


It’s my life

Take it or leave it

It’s my life

Set me free

So you bed

So you lie

What you see

Is what you get

I got my life

You got your life

Live your life

And set me free.

Mind your business

And leave my business.

Stop bugging me,

Stop bothering me,

Stop bugging me,

Stop forcing me,

Stop fighting me,

Stop yelling me

It's my life!

It’s my life! It’s my life, my worries!

It’s my life! It’s my life, my problems!


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Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Теория и методика преподавания иностранных языков: английский, немецкий, французский»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Теория и методика преподавания иностранных языков в профессиональном образовании: английский, немецкий, французский»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Теория и методика преподавания иностранных языков в начальной школе»
Курс повышения квалификации «Организация кросс-культурной адаптации иностранных студентов в образовательных организациях в сфере профессионального образования»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания русского языка как иностранного»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Организация деятельности помощника-референта руководителя со знанием иностранных языков»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Организация деятельности секретаря руководителя со знанием английского языка»
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