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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Проверочная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса по УМК Биболетовой М.З.
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  • Иностранные языки

Проверочная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса по УМК Биболетовой М.З.

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1.24 МБ 062 - Unit 7, Exercise 54.mp3
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Выбранный для просмотра документ задания.docx



I. Choose the right preposition to make the sentence correct

1. My elder brother gave in/away/up smoking last month.

2. I must get up/on/to at 6 o’clock in the morning.

3. How does your nephew get up/along/of with his parents?

4. We would like to talk with/along/to our Science teacher after lessons.

5. Who takes away/off/out the rubbish in your family?

6. Why didn’t you wash away/up/from after the dinner?

7. My elder sister always helps me to/with/at problems in Mathematics.

8. Who clears in/up/on after dinner in your family?

II. Complete sentences with phrases: a slice of, a loaf of, a piece of, a bar of, a glass of, a tin of, a bottle of.

1. I always have … bread and … sausage for breakfast.

2. Yesterday mum bought … sweet corn for salad.

3. Every day mum buys … bread for our family.

4. I want to drink. Could you give me … water?

5. … chocolate is a good present for my birthday.

6. We need some eggs and milk to make omelette. Please, go to the shop and buy … milk.

7. If you want to make a cheese sandwich take … cheese and put it on … bread. Help yourself.

8. You shouldn’t eat … “Snickers” alone. Share it with your younger brother.

9. Mum buys … cheese at the shop. Then we cut … it and put on … bread to make a sandwich.

10. Take … cake and tea, please. Help yourself.

III. Complete sentences with words from the box

relations nephew biscuits fork males

females spoon clear the table made of

pudding knife aunt set the table pepper

1. Usually we cut bread with a … .

2. We have good … in the family.

3. Ted always helps mum to … after dinner.

4. My elder brother’s son is my … .

5. Mother, sister, daughter, granny are … .

6. Usually we eat soup with a … .

7. Add some … into the salad.

8. … is a traditional English food.

9. The English often eat pies and … at tea-time.

10. We usually eat spaghetti with a … .

11. Children help mum to … before Christmas.

12. Father, brother, uncle, son are … .

13. My mum’s sister is my … .

14. This salad is … vegetables.


I. Choose the right form of the verb

1. Yesterday I take/took/have taken an interesting book at the library.

2. My brother wrote/has written/is writing a letter at the moment.

3. Take my pen. I wrote/am writing/have written the exercise already.

4. Recently my friend has read/is reading/read a good story.

5. Five days ago we get/got/have got an invitation letter from our English friends.

6. What mark have/did/are you got/get/getting on English today?

7. We do/are doing/did the test on grammar now.

8. We haven’t finished/didn’t finish/don’t finish the test yet.

9. I learn/have learned/learned English every day.

10. Last week we write/wrote/have written a dictation.

II. Choose the right translation of phrases

1. my mother’s face

A) лицо моей мамы

В) моё лицо мамы

С) лица моих мам

D) лицо моих мам

2. our parents’ things

A) вещь нашего родителя

B) вещи нашего родителя

C) вещи наших родителей

D) вещь наших родителей

3. my elder sister’s books

A) книга моей старшей сестры

B) книги моих старших сестёр

C) книги моей старшей сестры

D) книга моих старших сестёр

4. your childrens tests

A) тесты ваших детей
B) тест ваших детей
C) тесты вашего ребенка
D) тест вашего ребенка

III. Translate into English

1. Вам следует читать больше английских книг.

2. Дети должны убирать со стола после обеда.

3. Кошка Джесс помогла нам избавиться от мышей в доме.

4. Вчера мы ели пудинг.

5. Мама уже приготовила обед.


Say “TRUE” or “FALSE”

1. Alice lives with her mother and her sister in a small detached house.

2. Alice’s family has three rooms.

3. Alice has got a room of her own.

4. Alice doesn’t like drawing.

5. Alice loves her house.

6. Ben lives in a block of flats.

7. Ben’s house is close to the centre.

8. Ben’s family has a garden in front of the house.

9. Ben’s family lives in a little house.

10. Ben lives in a room with his brother.

11. Ben often watches TV in the room with his parents.

12. Ben would like to have a bigger house.


You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Tom who writes:

In Great Britain most children have their home responsibilities. Could you tell me what do usually boys and girls do at home to help their parents? What are your home responsibilities? And what must your sister (brother) do at home?

As for the latest news, our family has just bought a new house…

Write a letter to Tom.

In your letter

answer his questions;

ask 3 questions about his new house, his room, the area he lives in.

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Краткое описание документа:

Проверочная работа рассчитана на учеников шестых классов с неуглублённым изучением английского языка.Представленная работа состоит из 4 разделов и содержит тематические задания для контроля лексико-грамматических знаний, задание для контроля сформированности навыков аудирования, задание для контроля письменной речи (творческое задание).Лексический тест охватывает лексический материал раздела 7 «Living Together».Раздел для контроля грамматических знаний охватывает следующий грамматический материал: времена Past Simple и Present Perfect, Present Simple и Present Continuous, модальные глаголы must-should, Possessive Case. В разделе также имеется задание для перевода.Задание третьего раздела имеет цель проконтролировать умения воспринимать иноязычную речь на слух. В качестве текста для прослушивания предлагается задание 54 из учебника (запись прилагается).Задание для контроля письменной речи по теме оформлено по типу письменного задания ГИА и носит творческий характер.Задания могут быть использованы как для итогового контроля по окончании четверти, так и для промежуточного контроля знаний учащихся.
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