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Итоговый тест по английскому языку 10 класс


Test. 10th form. (1)

  1. The French are famous for ………food.

  1. its b) their c) them d) they

  1. Where is Ann? She………the table over there.

a)sits in b) sits by c) is sitting at d) is sitting to

  1. It was……..

a)quite a nice flat b)a quite nice flat c)flat quite nice d)a flat quite nice

4. Paper ………….by the Chinese.

a) is invented b)was invented c)has been invented d)have been invented

5. Don’t worry! When the phone…….., I’ll call you.

a) rings b) ring c) will ring d)is going to ring

6. Don’t……. me like a baby. I’m a grown-up.

a) act b) handle c) treat d) deal

7. I……. to spend more time with my relatives.

a) improved b) mind c) enjoy d) decided

8. Probably, a…….of three generations will be typical in Russia in the nearest future.

a) housing b) housekeeper c) housewife d) household

9. I live in ……..family, where three generations share the house.

a) nuclear b) an extended c) a small d) an extending

10. He keeps his collection of stamps neat and ……..

a) truly b) tiny c) order d) tidy

11. I……..this wonderful film when I was 16.

a) see b) saw c) have seen d) had seen

12. The neighbors………each other since 1992.

a) know b) knew c) had known d) have known

13. Who…….. everything with parents?

a) discusses b) discuss c) do discuss d) does discuss

14. The tourist had to pay some extra money, ……..they?

a) had b) hadn’t c) did d) didn’t

15. ……..of the brothers Grim was the eldest?

a) Who b) Whose c) Which d) What

16. Young people are fond …….. sports.

a) at b) by c) of d) in

17. I haven’t seen her …….Friday.

a) from b) with c) on d) since

18. Your friend looked upset yesterday. I’m glad he looks …… today.

a) happy b) more happy c) happier d) happy as

19. Is there ……..life on Mars?

a) a b) an c) the d) –

20. Sue took as …… books as she could carry.

a) much b) a lot of c) many d) few

21. They haven’t finished their breakfast …. .

a) already b) yet c) still d) else

22. Your house is more comfortable than ……… .

a) our b) ours c) we d) us

23. What ……. Languages does your friend speak?

a) another b) else c) other d) more

24. ……… can help me! I’m totally lost.

a) anybody b) nobody c) somebody d) everybody

25. He used ……. her with housework.

a) help b) to help c) helping d) helped

26. Where …….. before you moved to Mexico?

a) you did live b) had you lived c) you lived d) you had lived

27. According to the rules of the library you …… keep the books for a fortnight.

a) may b) must c) needn’t d) need

28. The book that is …….. on the table is the teacher’s one.

a) laying b) putting c) lying d) lay

29. We have never met before, …… we?

a) haven’t b) have c) are d) aren’t

30. There is ……. provocative in her behavior. She is very shy and modest.

a) something b) anything c) everything d) nothing

Key to the test.

  1. B

  2. C

  3. A

  4. B

  5. A

  6. C

  7. D

  8. D

  9. B

  10. D

  11. B

  12. D

  13. A

  14. D

  15. C

  16. C

  17. D

  18. C

  19. D

  20. C

  21. B

  22. B

  23. C

  24. B

  25. B

  26. B

  27. A

  28. C

  29. B

  30. D

Test. 10th form. (2).

1.Don’t go out! It …….. hard.

a) rain b) rains c) had rained d) is raining

2. Would you please …… be late for your next class.

a) don’t b) doesn’t c) not d) not to

3. I would like you …..me when you are coming tomorrow.

a) to say b) to tell c) to speak d) to talk

4. Are you coming to classes ….. Monday?

a) in d) on c) at d) by

5. Would you like to go to ……. Kremlin?

a) a b) an c) the d) –

6. In the competition I was nervous and played ……. than usual.

a) worst b) badly c) worse d) more bad

7. Mike is looking for ……job.

a) the b) – c) an d) a

8. I couldn’t buy that dress as I had ……. money.

a) much b) little c) many d) few

9. I can’t find ……. letter which I received this morning.

a) a b) the c) an d) –

10. She works six days ……. week.

a) the b) in the c) a d) in a

11. It’s time for ……to come.

a) them b) they c) their d) theirs

12. Must we hurry? No, you ………, we have so much time.

a) can’t b) may not c) needn’t d) won’t

13. Simon met his wife while she ……..at a hospital.

a) work b) works c) had worked d) was working

14. Who ……. you my new phone number?

a) give b) gives c) have given d) has given

15. The boys watched the pigeons …….in the sky.

a) fly b) flying c) flew d) flown

16. Jim is going to London because his uncle …….to see him.

a) want b) is wanting c) wants d) had wanted

17. If my advice ………I’ll be so happy!

a) help b) helps c) will help d) have helped

18. Nobody knows when it last ……….in Sri-Lanka.

a) has snowed b) snowed c) is snowing d) will snow

19. We didn’t enjoy the show and …….. .

a) they didn’t neither b) they didn’t too c) either didn’t they d) neither did they

20. Your jeans ……….torn, is it fashionable?

a) is b) has been c) are d) was

21. I want to lose weight, so I …….aerobics twice a week.

a) go b) make c) play d) do

22. The main reason why he’s keen on sky diving is that he likes to ………to extremes.

a) make b) do c) fly d) go

23. My elder sister is always showing me …….in front of her friends. It’s terrible.

a) at b) on c) to d) up

24. I feel that in my house there is a lack of ……., neither my brother nor I can be left alone as we share one room.

a) privacy b) personal c) private d) priority

25. He must have been ………to have done such a stupid thing.

a) out of his mind b) out of his hear c) out from his mind d) of his mind

26. Cigarettes are bad ………your health.

a) for b) to c) by d) at

27. He phoned me in the evening ……..usual.

a) so b) as c) like d) how

28. He phoned to say he ……..his bag on the plane.

a) forgot b) has forgotten c) has left d) had left

29. Pele is still perhaps …….. famous footballer in the world.

a) most b) more c) the most d) the more

30.There are two mistakes in ………letter.

a) David’s King b) David’s King’s c) David King’s d) David King

Key to the test.

  1. D

  2. C

  3. B

  4. D

  5. C

  6. C

  7. D

  8. B

  9. B

  10. C

  11. A

  12. C

  13. D

  14. D

  15. B

  16. C

  17. B

  18. B

  19. D

  20. C

  21. D

  22. D

  23. D

  24. A

  25. A

  26. A

  27. B

  28. D

  29. C

  30. C

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Краткое описание документа:

Итоговый тест по английскому языку проводится в конце учебного года. Данный тест является лексико-грамматическим. Он включает в себя 30 заданий с множественным выбором. Мною подготовлены два варианта теста, ключи к тестам и бланки ответов. Тест является универсальным, то есть он не нацелен на определённый УМК. В тест включены задания по грамматике: употребление временных форм глагола, артикли, степени сравнения прилагательных, притяжательный падеж существительных, местоимения, предлоги. Данный тест может оказаться полезным для подготовки к итоговой аттестации.

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