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Present Simple ( обобщение)

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Гизатуллина Лилия Абрековна

МОУ СОШ №117 Авиастроительного района г. Казани

Тема «Simple Present» (урок-обобщение) 5класс


  1. повторение и активизация лексического материала;

  2. применение изученного грамматического материала;

  3. развитие монологической речи;

  4. воспитание чуткого отношения к друзьям.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, ноутбук, МР 3 плеер.

Урок построен с использованием слайдовой презентации.

Ход урока:

  1. Hello, my friends! Nice to see you again! How are you getting on?

Pupils(P): Fine, thank you!

I’m OK.

Nothing boast of

Not bad, thank you

Teacher(T): Sit down, please. Well, today is the 22 nd of October. And the weather is not so bad, isn’t it?

P: You’re right

P: I disagree with you

  1. Let’s remember how we use the Present Simple. So, we use the Pr. Simple to talk about the things in general.

pictures 1слайд – читаем, разбираем

3. OK, 2слайд

We use the Simple Present for permanent actions.

Alex is a bus driver, but now he is in bed asleep. So: He is not driving a bus (He is asleep) But he DRIVES a bus ( He is a bus driver)

Скажи, что твой друг делает каждый день?

Ps: MY FRIEND goes to school every day

visits her granny every day

drinks a glass of juice every day

  1. Have a look at the board! 3 – слайд

Нere are the time expressions with Simple Present. Will you read, please.

Is everything clear for you?

Now make up your own sentences with these expressions

(говорят свои предложения, некоторые разбираем)

In the morning my dad drinks a cup of coffee

My parents go for a walk every Saturday.

His friend studies at the University._

5. Thank you, everybody!

Let’s talk about spelling in this case.

4 - слайд

Verbs ending in

ss, sh, ch, x, o --------------es

Verbs ending in

Consonant + y------------ies

I wash------He washes

I cry-----He cries BUT

I play-----He plays

Разобрали, прочитали

  1. Write the third person singular. 5-слайд

I cook- He cooks

  • We study - He…….(studies)

  • You teach – He …….(teaches)

  • They fly – It…….(flies)

  • I read – She……(reads)

  • I buy – He……(buys)

  • You like – She…….(likes)

  • I do – She ……(does)

  • We walk – He……(walks)

  1. Next exercise is for doing negative short form: 6-ой слайд

    • She…..(doesn’t) speak Italian

    • They…..(don’t) go to school.

    • We…..(don’t) swim very well.

    • He…..(doesn’t) watch TV every day.

    • You….. (don’t) live in England.

Well done! Thank you!

  1. Now tell me please, what these people “do” or “don’t do”. Look at the picture: 7-ой слайд (рассматриваем картинки), 8 –ой слайд (делаем упражнение)

    • Penny studies hard and swims very well but she doesn’t ride a bicycle or listen to the radio.

    • Bob……………………….(rides a bicycle, swims very well and listens to the radio but he doesn’t study hard.

    • Don & Alice…………………….(ride a bicycle and listen to the radio but they don’t study hard or swim very well)

    • I………………..(можно сделать свои варианты)(study hard and ride a bicycle but I don’t swim very well or listen to the radio

  1. It’s time for gym

Stand up, please. Now we’re going tossing a song about gym. We liked the music and lyrics because they are very simply.

Jump Jill, leap Jack

Run to the window

There and back,

Hop, skip, lie down flat,

Stretch out well here

On the mat.

Bend your knee

Flex your arm

A little gym

Will do no harm

Turn your head

From side to side,

Now on your bikes

For a long long ride

Thanks for us!!! Good job!

  1. The next task will be the following (подставляем глаголы в нужной форме)

9-ый слайд

Fill in the blanks with the verbs from the box below:

be –love – clean – have(x2) -meet – go – sleep – teach – learn – come – visit

  • Mary is a teacher.

  • She teaches French.

  • The children love her and they learn a lot from her.

  • Mary comes home at 3 :00 and has lunch.

  • Then she sleeps for an hour.

  • In the afternoon she goes shopping or she cleans her house.

  • Sometimes she visits her aunt and has tea with her.

  • Every Sunday she meets her friends.

  1. And what about the questions and short answers: 10-ый слайд

Do you

they work?

Yes, I /we

they do.

No, I / we

they don’t

Does he / she

it work?

Yes, he / she

it does.

No, he / she

it doesn’t.

11-ый слайд. Complete the questions, then answer them as in the example:

  • Do the girls like football? No, they don’t.

  • Does Jim eat hamburgers? Yes, he does.

  • Do you go to school? Yes, I do.

  • Does she drink lemonade? No, she doesn’t.

  • Does he help his mother? No, he doesn’t

  • Do they walk to school? Yes, they do.

  • Does fish live in the water? Yes, it does

  • Does your dog sleep in your bedroom? No, it doesn’t

  • Do you like bananas? No, I don’t

  • Do Ann & Mary visit their grandparents? Yes, they do

  1. 12-ый слайд Conclusion

  2. Homework (задания по индивидуальным карточкам)


Краткое описание документа:

Данный урок – обобщение «Present Simple» преследует следующие цели: повторение и активизация лексического материала применение изученного грамматического материала развитие монологической речи воспитание чуткого отношения к друзьям Начальный этап урока акцентирован на объяснении – повторении нюансов в данной грамматической форме, затем идет этап совершенствования навыков использования Present Simple в тех или иных ситуациях. Составляются свои собственные предложения, используя положительные, отрицательные и вопросительные формы. Обязательно включение физминутки с использованием музыки. Следующий этап урока предусматривает упражнения, с использованием глаголов в необходимой форме, составление вопросов и ответов на них как в положительной так и в отрицательной формах. В конце урока делаем выводы. Домашнее задание получаем по индивидуальным карточкам(заранее подготовленным).
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