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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок английского языка в 7 классе «Роль книги в нашей жизни»

Урок английского языка в 7 классе «Роль книги в нашей жизни»

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Тема: Книги в современном мире.

7 класс

Цель урока: Развитие навыков устной речи учащихся.

Задачи урока: 1. Знакомство с краткими биографиями английских


2. Научить высказывать свои мнения.

3. Активизировать изученный лексический материал.

4. Привить интерес к изучаемому предмету.

Материал: учебник О. В. Афанасьевой, И.В. Михеевой English 7, Т.Ю. Журина «900 устных тем», Т. Ю. Журина «55 устных тем», интернет ресурсы

Оборудование: раздаточный материал “E-books”, таблички со словами (типы книг), портреты английских писателей (мини проекты учащихся), секундомер, мэнэдж мэт, электронная книга.

Ход урока.

  1. Приветствие. I’m glad to see you. Now let’s smile to each other and say “Hello” to your face partner, say “Hello” to your shoulder partner. I wish you to be active, creative and don’t forget to smile to each other.

  2. Listen to the riddle and guess what it is. “They are our teachers, people buy them, people give them as presents, people go to the library to read them”

(a book)

-Yes, it is a book. Today we’ll talk about books. The theme of our lesson is “Books in our life”

3. There are a lot of types of books. Now you’ll come up to the blackboard,

take the sheet of paper, read the word and translate it into Russian.

a novel a classic an adventure story

a historical novel a detective story a humorous story

a war novel a love story a romance

a folk tale a fairy tale a horror story

a travel book a science fiction book

  1. Take off – Touch down (Stand up and sit down)

Now I’d like to know some information about you.

  • Who likes to get books as a present?

  • Who likes to give books as a present?

  • Who likes to go to the library?

  • Who likes to read humorous stories?

  • Who likes to read fairy tales? (horror stories, adventure stories, fantastic books, love stories)

  • Who is a bookworm?

  1. We have a lot of good books. How can we characterize good books?

Let’s use “All Write Round Robin”.

  1. Take sheets of papers, pens;

  2. You have 2 min to write adjectives about good books (f. e. exciting);

  3. Now pupil № 2 begins to read the adjectives, the others will listen to him or her and write, or they will continue completing their lists.

  4. Pupils №4 from the tables №1 and №2 will read the words, but they mustn’t repeat each other.

  1. How can we characterize bad books?

Boring, heavy-going, unoriginal, shallow, slow-moving, badly written, depressing

  1. A lot of people like to read books. Reading books is a hobby.

  • Why do people read books?

  • What role do books play in our life?

Think Write Round Robin

  1. Think (you have 30 sec. to think)

  2. Write your opinions (1 min)

  3. Now I’ll give you 2 min to share your opinions about the role of books in group. (pupil №5 begins)

  4. Now tell us your group’s opinion. What does your group think about the role of books in our life?

  5. Pupils 1, stand up, please.

  1. If we want to read a book we go to the … (library)

  • Are libraries important in the life of people?

  • What can people do at the library?

Single Round Robin

  1. You have 2 min to discuss these questions in your groups.

  2. Pupils №2 from the tables №1 and №2 answer these questions.

  • There are a lot of books, newspapers, …

  • You can take books you need for your work, study, …

  • Read books in a reading hall.

  • Use dictionaries.

  • You can go with your friends.

  1. Pupils’ projects about English writers. At our school library you can find books of English writers, too.

  • What English writers do we know? (учащиеся рассказывают)

Walter Scott George Gordon Byron

Virginia Woolf William Shakespeare

Helen Beatrix Potter Robert Burns

Jonathan Swift Charles Dickens

Conan Doyle Bernard Show

  • (рассказывает учитель) My favourite English writer is Walter Scott. You can take his famous book “Ivanhoe” from our school library. I read this book when I was a student, when I was only 18. It is a historical novel about the history of England. But the main character Ivanhoe. He is a brave and handsome young man. I think all young girls can fall in love to this kind, strong and generous Ivanhoe.

  1. Sometimes we don’t find books of modern writers at the library.

  • What do we do?

  • What do we use?

  • Yes, we use the Internet.

  • Is it good or bad to use the Internet?

  • Yes, it has good and bad points.

  1. Take your Clock Buddies. It is 3 o’clock.

  2. Find your partner, say “hello”.

  3. Explain each other why it is good to use the Internet.

  4. You have 1 min to discuss this situation.

  5. Please find who has more buttons in his or her clothes.

  6. Begins a boy or a girl who has more buttons. First 30 sec. are for pupils who have more buttons.

  7. What does … think about the Internet?

  • saves time

  • very fast

  • you can find books of modern writers

  • you can work at home

  • you can find information about writers

But using the Internet is not always good.

  • Explain your partner why it is bad. (1 min)

  • What does … think about bad points of the Internet?

  • bad for eye, back

  • insomnia

  • you can use it everywhere

  • needs electricity

  • we pay money

  1. E-books – the books of the future?

  • But sometimes we can’t carry the internet with us. What shall we do?

  • Nowadays this thing is very popular among students. What is it?

  • Yes, it is an e-book.

  • Have you ever heard about it?

  • Maybe as the Internet it has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Let’s discuss about it.

Table 1 – advantages

Table2 – disadvantages

I will count your scores.


  1. E-books are very handy;

  2. Students use them instead of printed books;

  3. They can store lots of books in their memory;

  4. They have modern software.

  5. It is easy to carry e-books instead of traditional bags with lots of heavy books.

  6. You can use it everywhere.


  1. They have small screen;

  2. Nowadays they are expensive;

  3. They need electricity.

  1. If you have a chance to choose a printed book or e-book what will you prefer.

Write your answer. 1 стол – печатные книги; 2 стол – электронная книга. Учащиеся подходят к выбранному столу.

  • Why did you choose … ?

  1. Is it important to read books?

Мнения учащихся.

  1. You were very active today. Thank you for the lesson.

Краткое описание документа:

   Сегодня нас многих волнует роль книги в нашей жизни, потому что многие подростки перестали читать, ходить в библиотеку. Нас окружает интернет. На этом уроке учащиеся будут говорить о роли книги в нашей жизни, об английских писателях, о положительных и отрицательных сторонах интернета, об электронных и печатных книгах. Используя этот конспект урока можно научить учащихся высказывать свои мнения, слушать друг друга, вести дискуссию. В конспекте описаны формы активного обучения по сингапурской системе Take off - Touch down, Think - Write - Round Robin, All Write Round Robin.    Я считаю, что конспект урока будет полезным для многих учителей английского языка. 

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