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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Презентации / Урок по английскому языку для 9 класса «Фантом Оперы»
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Урок по английскому языку для 9 класса «Фантом Оперы»

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  • Christine, you say that you love me, but you have gone to him after several hours he made you free!

  • It was the agreement. But you should remember that these several hours I have spend with you. It was really very dangerous!

  • I ‘ve doubted all these time, that you really love me.

  • Have you any duobts now? You should know everything. I visit him to make his calm, but he loves me more and more. I’m really afraid.

  • Are you afraid? But do you love me? If the Phantom wasn’t ugly, would you love me?

  • Why do you ask me? Oh, If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t let you kiss me.

Match the verbs.

can made free

learn knew

have left

be captured was

be could

leave did

know learnt

understand was captured

do had

make free understood

Choose the verb to coplete this story.

The Phantom of the Opera.

Part II

The Phantom lived in the basement of the Opera House. People who entered the basement _____1______ not find the way out. Who ____2____ he? A ghost, a monster? Only Christine _____3______ that the Phantom was an unhappy man with an ugly face, that he _____4_____ to cover his face with a mask. He travelled around the world and ____5_____ many things, and he was a great singer. At last the Phantom decided on kidnapping (похищение) Christine. When Christine disappeared Raoul ______6_______ who ___7____ it. He rushed to the basement and ________8___________ by the Phantom. The Phantom understood that Christine would never love him. He _____9______ Christine and Raoul free. They ____10_____ Paris forever. The Phantom died in the basement of the Opera House alone and lonely.

The Phantom of the Opera.

In .... he sang to me, in .... he came

that ... which calls to me and speaks my ...

And do I dream ... ? For now I ...

the Phantom of the ... is there – inside my ...

... once again with me our strange ...

My ..... over you grows stronger yet

And though you ..... from me, to glance .... ,

the Phantom of the Opera is there – inside your mind

sleep dreams name

voice find mind

again duet power

Opera sing behind

turn the Phantom

Выбранный для просмотра документ Ход урока.doc
















Hello! Sit down, please

Today we have guests from The Paris Opera House. Today we are talkinf about the book and the opera “The Phantom of the Opera”. (слайд 1)

Small talk

Do you like operas?

Have you ever been to the Opera House?

You have a unique posipillity to visit the opera “The Phantom ofc the Opera”

Our artists have prepared a dialogue for you. You should listen to very attentivelly and answer the following questions: (слайд 2)

1. What are their names?

2. Who is the third?

3. What were they? (1-2 words)

4. What is the main idea of the dialogue?

So, the problem is beauty and ugliness.

Can the ugly face conceal the beauty of the soul!?

(Слайд 3) The book "Phantom of the Opera" was written by Guston Lerua and was published in french newspaper. It wasn't famous in France. Only 4 years later the novel was published in England and America and became popular among readers. Later the first film "The Phantom of violin" was shot.

Who was te author?

Wat book did he write?

At home you have read the text “Phantom of the Opera” part one. Now let’s read and translate. Ex.3 p.56

Answer my questions:

  1. What are the main characters? (слайд 4)

  2. Where was the story set? (слайд 5)

  3. What was Christine? (слайд 6)

  4. Was she talentad?

  5. What was Raoul de Chagni?


(слайд 7) Now I’d like to tell you about the composer. The music to "The Phantom of the Opera" was written by Andrew Lloyd in 1988. It was successfully playing in London and New York.

Now let’s listen to this legendary song. Take the sheets of papers with the song and while listening you should fill the gaps with the nessesary word.

(слайд 8)

Now let’s sing it together. (слайд 9)

In sleep he sang to me,
in dreams he came
that voice which calls to me
and speaks my name
And do I dream again?
For now I find
the Phantom of the Opera is there -
inside my mind

Sing once again with me
our strange duet
My power over you
grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me,
to glance behind,
the Phantom of the Opera is there -
inside your mind


Он жил в мечтах моих,
В душе царил…
Во сне он звал меня,
В свой мир манил…
Быть может, это сон?
Но, знаю я,
Что Призрак Оперы в душе моей -
Он часть меня…


Сплелись два голоса
В один дуэт…
И власти чар моих
Предела нет…
Твой взор стремится вспять,
Ко свету дня…
Но, Призрак Оперы в душе твоей -
Он часть тебя..

Let’s have a rest!

Look left, look right

Look up, look down

Look around

Look at your nose

Look at that rose

Close your eyes

Open, wink and smile.

Now let’s continue our work. Let’s return to the text. What tense is mostly used here?

Look at the blackboard please.

Грамматика слайд (слайд 10)

Let’s make the following essiments. Take the sheet with the verbs and put them into past. Ex.1

Let’s check.

Now make up the sentences. (слайд 11)

Let’s return to your sheets. Ex.2

Read and translate.

Слайд 2

What did Christine choose?

Do you blame Christine?

What didn’ she see?

What would you do if you were at her shoes?

Homework (Слайд 12)

Релаксация (слайд 13)

Do you like the lesson? Put the hand up who really like it. What do you like best of all?

Слайд 14

Thank you for the lesson, but before finish it I have a surprise for you – a video from the film. The end of the film is a litlle bit different. Christine stays with the Phantom.

(во время ролика)

We know many love stories. There is no present without past. The heroes of our lesson help us to see kindness in human beeings. Under the mask of the beast a sensitive soul is hidden, which can love and wants to be loved.

Мы знаем много историй любви. Без прошлого нет настоящего. Примеры героев учат нас видеть в человеке добро. За маской чудовища может скрываться чуткая душа, способная любить и быть любимой.

Краткое описание документа:

В связи с модернизацией структуры и содержания общего образования, вызванного социально-политическими и экономическими преобразованиями в жизни нашего общества, изменился и статус иностранного языка как школьного предмета. Язык является важнейшим средством общения, без которого невозможно существование и развитие человеческого общества. Это делает необходимым переосмыслить цели и задачи, содержание и технологии обучения иностранным языкам, учитывая при этом уже накопленный отечественный и зарубежный методический опыт. Особое значение приобретает использование инновационных технологий в преподавании английского языка и других школьных дисциплин. Мультимедийный инструментарий позволяет вывести процесс обучения в школе на принципиально новый уровень. Использую это чудо современной техники на каждом уроке в качестве наглядно-иллюстративного метода, как грамматический тренажер и тренажер навыков общения.В своей разработке урока для 9 класса «Фантом Оперы» я использовала яркие наглядности, а также все возможные инструменты интерактивной доски: маркеры, шторка, перемещение слов и т.д.  Я считаю что данный урок заинтересует учащихся, поможет легко усвоить лексический и грамматический материал, расширит культурный и лингво страноведческий кругозор обучаемых, а также повысит мотивацию к изучению иностранного языка.  
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