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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Публикация для школьной газеты по английскому языку «Школьная газета для публикации на сайте», 3-6 класс

Публикация для школьной газеты по английскому языку «Школьная газета для публикации на сайте», 3-6 класс

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МОБУ « СОШ №2»

Школьная газета по английскому языку.

Руководитель: Рязанцева Нелля Алексеевна

Город Тында

Амурская область.


Big black bugs bouncing balls on Bobby’s bed
Big black bugs biting butter spread on bread
Big black bugs banging baseballs with a bat
Big black bugs bursting blue balloons - KIRTZ! - black.


The crazy cook at the corner café
Puts cabbage in my cocoa.
The crazy cook at the corner café
Puts corn on my ice cream cone.
The crazy cook at the corner café
Puts cucumbers on my cookies.
But the crazy cook at the corner café
Leaves the ketchup candy alone.



Seesaw found ten cents
On a circle of cement
I in the center of the city
By a circus tent.
Seesaw bought some cider from a tiger in a ell.
Then he sat upon the ceiling
To rest for a spell.

Dexter liked to exercise, exercise each day Exercise at work, and exercise at play.

Dexter carried a big box

While running six miles with a fox.

Then he stopped to change his socks

And went out dancing with an ox.

Dexter chopped with whip and ax £

Then polished sixty cars with wax.

Dexter worked up to the max

And then, exhausted, he relaxed.hello_html_m705300d8.png


My dog Dingo doesn't dig deep ditches.
My dog Dingo doesn't dig deep down.
My dog Dingo does his dance in britches. Then my dog Dingo dances down to town.

Five fat fireflies flying in the fog
Fly past Freddie the flatfooted frog.
Five fat fireflies flickering with light
Fly close to Freddie, much to his delight.
Five fat fireflies flew up out the fog
Into the mouth of Freddie the flatfooted frog.


Giggle, giggle, giggle with Gertrude the goose
Eating grapes and green beans
As she galloped on a moose.
Giggle, giggle, giggle, went a gopher named Gary
When a grizzly gargled gravy after eating gooseberries.
Giggle, giggle, giggle went Goner the goat
Wearing goggles and galoshes and a garbage can coat.


Gentle George was a gypsy from Germany with that sparkled on his clothes.

Gentle George was a gypsy from Germany

With a gem on the end of his nose.

Gentle George was a gypsy from Germany

Who rode on a giant giraffe

Gentle George was a gypsy from Germany

For which I Writhe always made me laugh.


Hamburgers, hoggish, and hot dogs too. How hungry, hungry are you?
Hank could eat a hippo, I could eat a horse.
Hilda just wants half a hog with honey, of course.

Jimmy Jack Jones has jelly on his jaw And jelly on his new blue jeans. Jimmy Jack Jones has jelly on his jersey,
On his jacket and some joints in between. Jimmy Jack Jones has jelly in his juice,

On the jug and on the jelly jar.
Jimmy Jack Jones is a jumble of jelly
As he jiggles in the back of the car.


Kindergarten kids kissing kittens
In the kitchen, kissing
hello_html_m6edaf3a8.pngkittens in the kitchen,
Kissing kittens all day.
Kindergarten kids eating kidney pie
With ketchup, eating kidney pie with ketchup
Made by Kevin and Kay.


Kindergarten kids wearing kilts and kimonos,
Wearing kilts and kimonos that were kept by the king.
Kindergarten kids move like kangaroos and kiwis(
Move like kangaroos and kiwis, just like King Kelsey Key Springs

Luckless Lucy lost her locket.
It must have leaped from her left front pocket.
Luckless Lucy found her locket
Lying on a ledge by a little toy rocket.
Luckless Lucy laid her locket.
Under a leaf lying on a log.
Luckless Lucy saw her locket leaping away on a little frog.


Mandy Mae Moo made a mess in the morning.

Mandy Mae Moo made a mess at midday.

Mandy Mae's Momma said:

"No more mess, Mandy!"

So Mandy Mae Moo got no more mud that day.

Nanny Goat Nelly ate ninety-nine nuts and a nectarine at noon.

Nearly nibbled on metals, some nickels and a nail,

Then napped underneath the moon.

Please put your pigs, put your pigs in the pen

In the pen by the pepper patch, please.

Please put your pretty pink pigs in the pen

So their perfume won't make me sneeze.



Rosy the robot liked to run in the rain.

Yes, Rosy loved to run, run, run.

But running in the rain made poor Rosy rust.

Now Rosy rust and rest in the sun. hello_html_4497f077.gif


My silly sister Sally
Sips saps of fresh tea
Sitting on the sofa
With a sandwich on her knee
My silly sister Sally
Sails the sofa on the sea
While silly sea serpents
Swim and sing along with me.

Quentin asked Quincy, "Do quails have quills?" "And do quails go "Quack, quack, quack?"
Quincy who was quick said, "Quails have quills but they Never go "Quack, quack, quack!"


Talking tomatoes are telling the time.
Tick-tock-tick, it's twenty till nine.
Talking tomatoes are counting to ten,
Then counting up to twenty and back to ten again.
Talking tomatoes are telling tall tales
About taming twelve tigers by tying up their tails.

Talking tomatoes are singing a tune

As they dance a turkey trot underneath the moon.


Vergil the vulture had to visit the vet

In the village of Valley Vale.

Vergil the vulture had to visit the vet

After falling in the vinegar pail.

Vergil the vulture had to visit the vet

After tripping on the vegetable vine.

The vet gave Vergil a vat of vanilla Vowing that Vergil

would be fine.

Wanda waved at a wombat.

Wanda waved at a word hog.

Wanda waved at a wallaby too.

Wanda watched the weasel wiggle.

Wanda watched the wily wood chop too.

Wanda winked at a wilder beast;
A wild cat and a wolf as she wandered through the W zoo

The wonderful W zoo, oh yea

Zoom, zoom, zoom, ran Zola the zebra
Zoom, zoom, zoom around the zoo with zest. Zezum, wigwagging the zigzag Till Zola the zebra had to rest. Zoom, zoom, zoom.


Yes, yes, yes”, said Yancy the yak
As a youth from York scratched Yancy's back.
“Yum, yum, yum”, said Yancy the yak
Eating yore yams from a yellow sack.
Yoddle, yoddle, yoddle, sang Yancy the yak
With the youth from York who kissed Yancy with a smack.


Краткое описание документа:

Публикация для школьной газеты по английскому языку «Школьная газета для публикации на сайте». В газете представлены фонетические стихотворения -скороговорки на отработку фонетического произношения английский слов. Стихи представлены в алфавитном порядке и отрабатывается не только произношение.но и скоростное чтение. Материал представлен так,чтобы ребята заинтересовались культурой англоязычных стран. Данные стихи можно применять для отработки произношения в 3-6 классах при изучении таких тем,как «Еда», «Животные», «Моя семья», и другие.
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