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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыУрок «День Святого Валентина»

Урок «День Святого Валентина»


Theme: St. Valentines day

Цель: Овладение учащимися главным видом коммуникации на английском языке – устной речью.


-закрепление навыков английского произношения, монологической и диалогической речи;

- развитие умения применять материал в практических ситуациях; активировать речевую деятельность учащихся;

- расширение кругозора учащихся; творчества, смекалки, фантазии;

- развитие мотивации к дальнейшему овладению английским языком;

-воспитание интереса и уважения к традициям в англоязычных странах у учащихся.

Оборудование: карточки с заданиями, интерактивная доска (слайды)

Ход урока(слайд 1)


Where there is love there is life.

Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Org.moment.

Good morning, girls! Good morning, boys! I am glad to see you. I hope you are fine today. Are you ready to start our lesson? Today we will have the English party and have a talk about St. Valentine's Day!  It has been said that we need just three things in life: (слайд3)

Something to do,

Something to look forward too                                                                            

  And someone to love.

Учитель приветствует детей и сообщает им тему праздника.

Teacher: Love! Happiness! Beauty! There’re not so many days in a year when we pronounce these pleasant words. Today, you have an excellent chance to plunge into the atmosphere of love , to take part in games, to practice the use of some pleasant words and expressions on this special occasion. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

2. Phonetic drill (слайд4)

Here’s a special valentine

With lots of love for you

And since you`re very special

Here are hugs and kisses, too!


A) Role play

THE  STORY  OF  CUPID. (слайд 5)

Author:  Once upon a time there lived one of the most beautiful goddess Venus and her son Cupid. Wherever Venus went Cupid went too. He was a gay little god and he liked to see people happy. He went around shooting gold-tipped arrows into the hearts of humans. Then they fell in love. Venus, his mother, had a golden mirror. She looked into it every day.

Venus:   How beautiful I am. My face is the most beautiful face in the world.

Cupid:   Yes, Mum. I know you are very wonderful and nice.

Author:  One day Cupid found his mother crying.

Cupid:    What’s the matter, mum? What has happened? Why are you crying, my dear?

Venus:    Alas, I have lost my golden mirror.

Cupid:    What will I do? Stop crying, I’ll help you I’ll go in search of the mirror. I’ll look for it. I’ll find it don’t worry.

Author:   He looked here and looked there, but he couldn’t find it. Then he flew over a meadow where some sheep were grazing. Among the sheep stood shepherd.

Cupid:     Where can it be? ( ищет то там, то здесь. Видит стадо овец с пастухом, в руках у которого что-то заблестела). Oh, what’s he holding? What is the light flashed up into my eyes. Oh, it’s my mother’s golden mirror. You have dared to look at you ugly face in my mother’s mirror. (ударяет по зеркалу и оно разлетается по мелким кусочкам, вместо них вырастают красивые цветы.)

Author:      Plant’s with beautiful blossoms sprang up where the mirror was broken. Later the people called them “Venus’s looking glass”.

Boy:         Here are flowers for you, my love.

Girl:         How nice. How are they called?

Boy:         Venus’s looking glass.  

(слайд 6, 7)

B) Task "Correct the Mistakes) (слайд 8)

Задание на карточке:

Deer, Mary!

I hope that Falentine's Dai well bring you lots ov fun! I thinks you're every nice. And so does everione!

Best weshes, John.  (слайд 9)

(Когда дети выполнили задание, они обмениваются карточками, читают вслух предложение и называют где ошибка, затем смотрят на слайд. Затем полностью прочитать и перевести)


Dear, Mary!

I hope that Valentine's Day will bring you lots of fun! I think you're very nice. And so does everyone!

Best wishes, John.

C) Task "Match the Famous Couples" (слайд 10)

Каждый ученик получает карточку, на которой записаны имена литературных героев, персонажей мультфильмов, известных людей. Ученики должны соотнести пары.

1. Father Frost — a. Snegurochka

2. Mickey Mouse - b. Minnie

3. Ruslan — c. Lyudmila

4. Winnie-the-Pooh — d. Piglet

5. Tom – e. Jerry

6. Wolf- f. Hare

7. Ivan — g. Princess Frog

8. Romeo — h. Juliet

9. Cheburashka — i. Crocodile Gena

10. Kay – j. Gerda      

11. Adam – k. Eve

12. A.Pushkin – l. N. Goncharova

D) Song “Viva forever” (spice girls) (слайд 11)

Do you still remember, how we used to be

Feelling together, beleive in whatever

My love has said to me

Both of us were dreamers

Young love in the sun

Felt like my Saviour, my spirit I gave you

We`d only just begun

Hasta Manana, Always be mine

Viva forever, I`ll be waiting

Everlasting, like the sun

Live forever, for the moment

Ever searching for the sun

Yes I still remember, ever wispered word

The touch of your skean, giving life from within

Like a love song that we heard

Slipping through our fingers, like the sands of time

Promises made, every memory saved

Has reflektions in my mind

Hasta Manana, Always be mine

Viva forever, I`ll be waiting

Everlasting, like the sun

Live forever, for the moment

Ever searching for the sun

But we`re all alone now, was it just a dream

Feelings untold, they will never be sold

And the secret`ssafe with me

Hasta Manana, Always be mine

Viva forever, I`ll be waiting

Everlasting, like the sun

Live forever, for the moment

Ever searching for the sun.

E) Task “Fortune tree” (слайд 12)

В форме сердечек, дети составляют предложения, читают, переводят и определяют время (повторить конструкцию утвердительного предложения)

  1. You will meet your true love on the bus stop next week.

  2. The love of your life has a name six letters long.

  3. Good luck will come your way soon.

  4. Live like you are in love.

  5. You are always ready to learn.

  6. Fortune is your potential.

  7. You will get many new friends soon.

 F) Dialogue (слайд 13)

A- In what month is St. Valentine’s day celebrated?

B- St. Valentine’s day is celebrated in February.

A- What is St. Valentine's day now? 

B- It is a day for sweethearts.

A- What colour is the symbol of love?

B- Red

A- What can you do on this day? 

B - Send a postcard with the words of love to any person, bake a special cake, make a special present in the form of a heart, send roses, «Valentines» and greetings

A- How do American children celebrate this holiday at schools? 

B- On February, 14 the teacher opens the box and gives the Valentines to each pupil, then they have a small party with refreshments.

G) Opinions (слайд 14)

  1. Love is a very great thing. Real love can appear only when people have known each other for a long time and when they respect and trust each other. It is very important to understand each other, only then real long-living love is impossible.

  2. Of course, today love differs from love in past generations. In old times young people could not wed without parent’s permission. Love was more sincere and noble. Relations between a girl and a boy were more romantic.

  3. Love is the biggest feeling on the Earth. It gives us the power to live, to love and to be loved. Many films are based on the fillings of two loving hearts. Their owners are ready to die for love.

  4. Every person in the world has ever had such a beautiful feeling as love. Nowadays, young people understand love in different ways. For somebody it’s passion, for others it is only a game.

  1. Nowadays we have so many ways to say about love. Today men give many different presents to their woman such as cards, clothes or jewellery. it is more pleasant to receive flowers and hear such a beautiful phrases as “I love you, dear”.

  2. Love is true and beautiful in its own way but it must be in the heart not in the head. Love is the most purest and high feeling in all conceptions.

  3. Love is the main thing in our life. Love to people, parents, friends and darlings. All these kinds of love make us better and more attentive to others.

Легенды возникновения праздника (слайд 15,16,17,18)

Молодой христианин – врач Валентин, который по доносу попа попадает в тюрьму. По легенде дети- поклонники молодого врача - бегали к окнам тюрьмы и бросали ему записочки с поздравлениями и пожеланиями. Тюремный надзиратель-человек суровый, ненавидящий христиан, поклонник императора Клавдия – прогнал детей. Но, когда он прочитал наивные записки ( первые «валентинки»), то узнал о необычных лекарских способностях лекаря. И тут возникает вторая легенда. У надзирателя была любимая дочь, слепая от рождения. В дни праздников она, как обычно сидела дома. Ей не суждено было найти любимого человека – слепая невеста! И тогда, нарушив закон, надзиратель привёл дочь к заключённому врачу. Произошло чудо: Валентин вернул зрение девушке. И она полюбила его. Но короткой и несчастной была её любовь. Вскоре Валентина казнили. От их любви осталось одно свидетельство- небольшое письмо, почти записочка «валентинка», которую сочинил молодой человек для неё, скромно подписав «Ваш Валентин». Так родилась традиция «валентинок». Именно этот Святой Валентин считается покровителем всех, кто юн, влюблён, обречён, он защищает путешественников, больных детей, молодоженов и по сей день все, кто несчастен в любви, возносят молитвы именно к нему.

H) Task “Write a letter”

(написать валентинку друзьям, любимым, учителям и прочитать её.

Использовать “I wish”)

Сперва читают стихотворения, а потом зачитывают валентинку. (слайд 19)

1. The sky is high, the sea is deep

Thinking of you I cannot sleep

If you love me like I love you

Nothing but death will part us too.

2. February the 14th day

It’s Valentine, they say

I choose from among the rest

The reason is I love you best!

3. Sure as grape grows on the vine

So sure you are my Valentine –

The rose is red, the violet is blue

Lilies are fair and so are you!

4. Roses are red (слайд30)

Violets are blue

Honey’s sweet

And so are you!

5. Roses are red

My world is blue

But if you’ll love me

I’ll love you too

6 Roses are red

Violets are blue

I don’t know the rest

But I know I LOVE YOU.

7. You’re my rainbow, you’re my star

You’re my bright red cookie jar.

You’re my goldfish, you’re my pie,

You’re the apple of my eye.

4. Подведение итогов. (слайд 20)

Урок мне хотелось бы закончить такими словами: с переводом.

Roses are red

My world is blue

But if you’ll love me

I’ll love you too

Итог. (слайд 21)

Открытый урок

(10 класс)




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