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Theme: Bad habits.

P. Adilbayeva, teacher of English

of high degree

school-gymnasium 31



-To acquire thinking skills.

- To apply knowledge to new situations and to develop strategies for solving problems.

-To demonstrate understanding by writing worksheet.

- To learn and train new words.

- To read the text and try to speak.

1. Greeting.

Teacher:Ladies and gentlemen.No doubt, all of us are deeply interested in today’s discussion as they are sure it’s health that comes first. Only healthy people can live and enjoy life, be happy and make others happy.

- What's a Habit?

A habit is a pattern of behavior that's repeated, and the person usually isn't even aware of it.

2. Phonetic work. T: Let’s repeat words and phrases that we now need for our lesson:

  • twirl- to make something go around and around

  • subconscious- automatic; not based on thinking

  • fatigue- tiredness

  • conscious- fully aware; on purpose

  • admit- to tell the truth

  • once and for all- finally, without any chance of changing your mind

  • follow through- to stick to your plan

  • quit cold turkey- to stop (a habit) instantly and never do it again

  • setbacks- events or situations that prevent or delay your goal

  • inevitable- will happen no matter what

  • log- to keep track in a chart

  • kick a habit- to break a subconscious pattern

3.Reading and understanding. Try to find participles in the text.

Bad Habits

How can we break them?

Do you bite your nails or twirl your hair? Maybe you eat too quickly or check your email ten times an hour. Most of us have one bad habit or another. Habits are subconscious. This means we perform them automatically without thinking. Stress, boredom, and fatigue can cause our habits to worsen.

Experts say it takes three months to form a habit. How long does it take to break a habit? Unlike biting your nails, breaking this habit requires conscious effort.

The first thing to do is to admit what your habit is. Next, decide once and for all that you are ready to break it. Come up with a plan and follow through. You don’t have to quit cold turkey. Accept that there will be setbacks; they are inevitable. Don’t beat yourself up when you have a setback. Think of the well known saying: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Do you get any enjoyment out of your habit? It is a good idea to name the reasons why your habit is “bad”.

Does it embarrass you or others? Does it cost a lot of money? Tell other people your plan to break this habit.Log your progress and your setbacks. When you kick your habit, congratulate yourself! Now you have the tools to break the next one.


According to the reading are the following statements True or False? If the statement is
false, correct the information.
1. Checking e-mail many times an hour is an example of a bad habit.
2. Extreme tiredness can cause a person to perform a bad habit.
3. The best way to quit a bad habit is cold turkey.
4. It usually takes three months to break a bad habit.
5. People who are trying to break a bad habit should keep their plan to themselves.

ANSWER KEY and Notes

Vocabulary Task

Comprehension Questions

1. True

2. True

3. False. The best way to quit a bad habit is to follow through with your plan but admit that there will be setbacks.

4. False. It usually takes three months to form a bad habit.

5. False. People who are trying to break a bad habit should tell others their plan to break the habit.

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Gerunds always end with the suffix ing, functions as a noun in the sentence, and answers the question "what."


1.(smoke) father
2.(break) habit
3.girl (bite) her nails
4.(find) fault
5.(choose) book
6.(jump) sportsmen

7.Hometask.Write a short essay on theme:”Swearing(ribaldry) is a bad habit that young people must quit.”.

Краткое описание документа:

Тема: «Bad habits»  в 9 классе с применением информационно - коммуникационных технологий. На уроке использованы: работа в группах, в парах, индивидуально. Учитель является консультантом, направляя работу учащихся по закреплению изученного материала. На уроке ученики готовили слайд презентации, подбирали пословицы, готовили видеоролики по заданной теме. Много говорили о вредных привычках, высказывали точку зрения по обсуждаемой проблеме. В конце урока была проведена рефлексия в форме анкетирования, в которой ученики проявили особую активность.
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