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At a cafe

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At a café

Aims: to enrich pupils knowledge about food

to develop pupils speaking skills

to enlarge pupils interest in foreign language

Visual aids: picture, poster, slide

Method: game

Procedure of the game

Teacher: Good afternoon, everybody! I’m glad to see you today. Are you fine?

-OK, very good. The 5 and 6 forms are at a café. They are sitting at a table. The waiter comes to take their order.

Waiter: -Are you ready to order?

Pupil1:-Yes, we’d like a bottle of juice

Waiter:-What would you like?

Pupil2:Oh. We want this too.

Waiter: OK. Just a minute!

Pupil: Thank you

Waiter: Not at all. Dear friends, today our café will organize some games. Today we talk about the food, solve the riddles, will show how to make the hamburgers. Are you understand me? OK, very nice

Teacher: Let’s play an interesting game. “What’s missing?” You can see some pictures on the screen. How many pictures can you see? What can you see on the pictures? Try to remember the pictures. Close your eyes. Now, open your eyes. What’s missing?

-OK, continue our game. “Name the pictures”

-What do you what for breakfast? Do you want hello_html_m9aed877.jpg

-No. I don’t.

-Would you like to have a glass of hello_html_e95bc3c.jpg

-No, I don’t

-Have a cup of hello_html_m6b71705b.jpg with milk?

-I don’t want hello_html_m9aed877.jpg hello_html_35b16b9d.jpg hello_html_m6b71705b.jpg

-what do you want then?

-I want three hello_html_71f696a7.jpg and apple hello_html_m1547fc72.jpg, and for dinner I want hello_html_m3c0d9ab.jpg hello_html_m1f9b5ffb.jpg and hello_html_53770ebe.jpg

Teacher: Very nice, I prepared a surprise for you. There are some questions and riddles for you. You must answer the questions and solve the riddles, the you take a prize.

Riddles and questions

1. What fruit is always sour?


an orange hello_html_61ec9e96.png


a lemon hello_html_5e05d937.png


an apple hello_html_4dcdf23c.jpg

2. What is the only vegetable that will make you cry?


a tomato hello_html_m71d95806.png


an onion hello_html_m6671978c.png


an orangehello_html_61ec9e96.png

3. What is red or green, round and sometimes sweet and sometimes sour?


an orange.hello_html_61ec9e96.png


an apple.hello_html_4dcdf23c.jpg


an onion.hello_html_m6671978c.png

4. You use them in sauce or you eat them, as they are, red, ripe and wonderful.


potatoes hello_html_7e4f6585.png


peppers hello_html_23145182.png


tomatoes hello_html_m71d95806.png

5.I am yellow and long. I am a fruit. Monkeys eat me.  (banana)

6.I am white. You can drink me. I am in the dairy group.  (milk)

7.I am orange. My top is green. I am a vegetable.  (carrot)

8.I have a lot of fat. I'm round you shouldn't eat a lot of me. I have a lot chocolate chips.  (ice cream)

9.I am round and red. My meat is also red. Some people think I am a vegetable but I am really a fruit. People like to use me in a salad. (tomato)

10.One apple, two apples,

Three apples, four

Five apples, six apples,

Seven apples more.

Now tell me, pupils,

Can you count them all?

Teacher: Thank you pupils. Now pupils

Краткое описание документа:

 To teach pupils some new words and to develop speaking writing reading listening skills and to enlarge their logical thinking.  To give more information about food. To enlarge pupils interest  in foreign language.  To do tasks. To play more games 'What is missing?', 'Name the picture',  solve the crosswords, puzzles, riddles, answer the questions,  and sing a song, role play about client between waitress. Relax time.  Dancing. Then to award pupils for hard work.  Conclusion. Thank you. Good bye. Teachers say your opinions
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