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Дидактический материал для 9 кл. по т. «Путешествие»

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Дидактический материал для 9 класса по теме «It’s a Big World! Start Travelling Now!»

Section: “Is It Easier to Travel Now?”. Vocabulary, Modal Verbs.

  1. Match the words on the left and on the right. Translate. (Vocabulary )

  1. Travel a. agency

  2. Hand b. control

  3. Baggage c. in

  4. Boarding d. off

  5. Declaration e. reclaim

  6. Check- f. luggage

  7. Take- g. pass

  8. Passport h. form

  1. Read the text of Ex. 57 p. 79 and say if the information bellow is True or False? Correct.

  1. You should arrive at the airport after your flight was announced.

  2. You should fill in the declaration form on board the ship.

  3. You should write only foreign currency in the declaration form.

  4. You don’t have to pay for the baggage from 20 to 25 kilos.

  5. You are allowed to keep hand luggage with you during the flight.

  6. You receive a boarding pass when you fill in the declaration form.

  7. The information about your seat is printed on a boarding pass.

  8. You get through passport control in the departure lounge.

  9. You should stay in the departure lounge till the information about the number of your flight and gate is announced.

  10. You can go to the plane through any gate.

  11. The airport official checks your boarding pass at the right gate.

  12. You can get from the gate to the plane on foot or by a special bus.

III What are these places at the airport used for?

  1. Customs is the place where … a) you can get your luggage.

  2. Check-in desk is the place where … b) passports are checked.

  3. Baggage reclaim is the place where … c) luggage is opened and checked.

  4. Passport control is where … d) tickets are checked, luggage is weighed and


IV. Fill in : departure lounge, checked in, announcements, luggage, customs, boarding pass,

declaration form

  1. All the passengers …. their luggage and the flight is announced.

  2. Passengers must fill in the …… when they have Russian and foreign currency and jewellery.

  3. Passengers are given ……. after they check in their luggage.

  4. At …. officers open and check your bags.

  5. You are not allowed to take heavy …… with you.

  6. ……. at the airport give information about the number of the flight, time of arrival and departure.

  7. In the …… passengers wait for the announcement of their flight.

Modal Verbs

Test I. 1.You (should, could, can) have an insurance policy while travelling abroad.

2. When you are abroad, you (shouldn’t, can’t, mustn’t) buy things with money from your own country.

3. All goods (can, may, must) be paid for in foreign currency only.

4. If you want to buy something you (may, can, should) have some currency on you.

5. Your bag ( must, can, should) be lost at the airport.

6. A label with your name on your bag (should, can, need) help you get it back.

7. You (needn’t, shouldn’t, can’t) enter the country without a visa.

8. You (mustn’t, shouldn’t, needn’t) stay in the country longer than your visa allows.

Test II

  1. I ( can’t, couldn’t, may) play tennis a few years ago.

  2. We (must, need, needn’t) hurry. We have enough time to get there in time.

  3. I’m sorry I’m late. (may, can, must) I come in?

  4. Yesterday she ( could, had to, should) miss her exam because she was ill.

  5. You (must, may, need) use ma phone if you like.

  6. You ( could, had to, needn’t) come earlier today. We’ll start in time.

  7. I hope that she ( will be able to, will have to, will be allowed ) keep it a secret.

  8. Look at the sign! You (can’t, mustn’t, needn’t) smoke here.

  9. I don’t know where Alice is. She ( can, may, must) be in the kitchen.

  10. I’m carrying some heavy bags. (may, could, shall) you open the door?

Test III.

  1. I’m very thirsty. (may, must, could) you give me some water?

  2. The question is too difficult for me. I (can’t, mustn’t , needn’t) answer it.

  3. This film is great. You (can, may, should) see it.

  4. Look at the sign! You ( needn’t, can’t, mustn’t) go there!

  5. If you want you (may, must, have e to) a short break now.

  6. Hurry up! We (couldn’t, can’t, mustn’t) be late.

  7. You (may, must, need) use my CD player if you want.

  8. I have a headache but I (need, have to, should) do my homework.

  9. You ( shouldn’t, can’t, mustn’t) go to bed late. It’s bad B for your health.

  10. Must I phone him again? No, you (can’t, mustn’t, needn’t).

Test IV. 1.We ( could, had, might) to stay there because it was raining.

2. You ( can, may, must) raise your hand to ask something at the lesson.

3. My mum ( can, should, must) drive the car very well.

4. You ( may, must, need) tidy up your room yourself.

5. (must, may, should) I use your computer, mine is out of order.

6. You ( can’t, mustn’t, shouldn’t) eat a lot of sweets.They are bad for your teeth.

7. We ( couldn’t, mustn’t, needn’t) do it now. We can do it later.

8. I ( must, can, could) swim when I was 4 .

9. I think he ( should, can, must) be more polite with his parents.

10. You ( mustn’t, can’t, needn’t) read this book. You have read it already.

Key ( vocabulary)

  1. 1a, 2f, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6c, 7d, 8b

  2. 1F, 2F, 3F, 4T, 5T, 6F, 7T, 8F, 9T, 10F, 11T, 12T

  3. 1c, 2d, 3a, 4b

  4. 1 checked in

2 declaration form

3 boarding pass

4 customs

5 luggage

6 announcements

7 departure lounge

Key (Modal verbs)

Test I. 1 should 5 can

2 can’t 6 can

3 must 7 shouldn’t

4 should 8 mustn’t

Test II. 1 couldn’t 6 needn’t

2 needn’t 7 will be able

3 may 8 mustn’t

4 had to 9 may

5 needn’t 10 could

Test III. 1 could 6 mustn’t

2 can’t 7 may

3 should 8 have to

4 mustn’t 9 shouldn’t

5 may 10 needn’t

Test IV. 1 had 6 shouldn’t

2 must 7 needn’t

3 can 8 could

4 must 9 should

5 may 10 needn’t

Краткое описание документа:

Дидактический материал ориентирован на учащихся и учителей, работающих по УМК М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English». Работа состоит из 2-х разделов. Тесты 1 раздела направлены на закрепление знаний лексики уч-ся по теме. Тесты 2 раздела направлены на отработку и закрепление грамматического материала темы - «Модальные глаголы». Задания снабжены ключом и могут быть использованы  для самостоятельной работы уч-ся с целью отработки, закрепления и самоконтроля степени усвоения лексико-грамматического материала темы, а также для проверки и контроля знаний учащихся по теме.
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