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Welcome to Australia!

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Geography: Australia has a area about 7,682.300 square kilometres, on this kilometres live about 15 Millions people. Australia is the sixth largest country of the world after Russia, Canada, China, the US and Brazil. It lies between the Indian Ocean on the north-west, west and south and the Pacific Ocean on the north and south. The coastline consisting of tranquil bays and wonderful beaches is about 40.000km long. Australia occupies one of the oldest landmasses, the highest point: Mt. Kosciuszko being 2223m in the Australian Alps between NSW and Victoria. The longest river, originating in Queensland, is the Darling measuring 2.736 km Capital: of Australia is not the largest city Sydney - the capital is Canberra in the Territory Australian Capital Territory.  Australia is a continent and it's a country, too!It lies in the Southern Hemisphere in oceans deep and blue. The equator rests above it,which is how it got its name.Australia stands for «southern»and «Down Under» means the same.    
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