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Викторина к урокам Сulture Corner УМК Spotlight-8

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1. How do the British greet someone for the first time?

a. give them a hug b. shake hands c. kiss them on the cheek

2. How do the British greet friends or relatives?

a. give them a hug b. shake hands c. laugh

3. What can you talk with a British person about?

a. sport and the weather b. religion and politics

c. marital status and age

4. What should you do when you visit a British person?

a. be late b. phone before your visit c. take friends with you


5. How many charity organisations exist in the UK?

a. 187,000 b. 187 c. 18,700

6. Where was the first charity shop established in the UK?

a. London b. Oxford c. Cambridge

7. Which of the following organisations has the largest number of shops in the UK?

a. Age Concern b. the RSPCA c. Oxfam

8. Who works at charity shops in the UK?

a. teenagers b. famous people c. volunteers


9. What do all English banknotes have on the front?

a. a portrait of a famous historical person b. a portrait of Elizabeth Fry

c. a portrait of Queen Elizabeth

10. What can you see on the back of all banknotes in the UK?

a. a portrait of a famous historical person b. a portrait of Elizabeth Fry

c. a portrait of Queen Elizabeth

11. What colour is the ten-pound note?

a. purple b. orange c. red

12. Whose picture shows the new twenty-pound note?

a. Sir Edward Elgar b. Adam Smith c. Elizabeth Fry


13. What do Morris dancers in England decorate their hats with?

a. a pad of bells b. ancient patterns c. ribbons and flowers

14. What can you recognize the Welsh costume by?

a. a tall black hat b. a pad of bells c. ancient patterns

15. What are the colourful patterns on Irish traditional costumes based on?

a. floral designs b. Celtic designs c. new and original designs

16. What is the Scottish kilt distinctive with?

a. a floral pattern b. a pattern c. a tartan pattern


17. What country is home to the Highland coo?

a. Ireland b. Wales c. Scotland

18. What makes the coo look different to other cows?

a. long hair and a fringe b. long legs and horns

c. big nose and a horn


19. How long is the river Thames?

a. 2015 miles b. 215 miles c.21,5 miles

20. What did people build at the mouth of the Thames to protect London from sea attacks?

a. tall buildings b. prisons c. castles

21. What was built at the Thames after the industrial revolution?

a. beautiful houses b. banks c. factories

22. How many times a year does Tower Bridge open to let ships through?

a. 1,000 b. 100 c. 10,000

23. What writer spent part of his childhood near the Thames and later wrote about it in his books?

a. Mark Twain b. Charles Dickens c. J.R.R. Tolkien

hello_html_m4f43aeb8.gif24. When was the University founded?

a. 1792 b. 1692 c. 1592

25. What is Trinity College among the top 40 universities in the world for?

a. Natural Science b. Language and Linguistics

c. Arts and Humanities

26. How many books does the library of Trinity College contain?

a. 1,25 million b. 4,25 million c. 2,25 million

27. What is the one of the most precious medieval books you can find in Trinity College library called?

a. the Book of Kells b. the Book of Kings c. the Book of Eve


28. What has been the mascot for Arsenal Football club since 1993?

a. Billy Bantam b. Fred and Red c. Gunnersaurus Rex

29. What is the mascot at Manchester United Football Club?

a. Billy Bantam b. Fred and Red c. Gunnersaurus Rex

30. What is one of the Bradford City A.F.C. team mascots?

a. Billy Bantam b. Fred and Red c. Gunnersaurus Rex

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Викторина к урокам культуроведения страны изучаемого языка (Сulture Corner) УМК Spotlight  разработана для учащихся восьмого класса с целью расширения познавательной сферы учащихся и  контроля знаний кульуроведческого и страноведческого материала. Задания по 8 разделам учебника состоят из вопросов об особенностях образа жизни, быта и культуры страны изучаемого языка для развития социокультурной и межкультурной компетенции. Каждый вопрос имеет три варианта ответов,  включающие в себя имена, даты и события.
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