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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыУрок-экскурсия в 9 классе

Урок-экскурсия в 9 классе

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Идёт приём заявок Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов 16 предметов ОРГВЗНОС 25 Р. ПОДАТЬ ЗАЯВКУ



Цели и задачи урока:

1. Обобщение изученного материала по теме «Моя Родина. Мой город».

2. Актуализация изученного материала по теме «Здоровый образ жизни».

3. Совершенствование навыков диалогической и монологической речи.

4. Расширение кругозора, развитие воображения и внимания.

5. Развитие интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка.

6. Формирование уважительного отношения к своей Родине, к труду,

а также гордости за своих земляков и за их трудовые успехи.

Оборудование для урока:

1. Наглядные пособия:

- стенды или плакаты с фотографиями отдельных предприятий и организаций района;

- изображения продукции, выпускаемой заводами и агрокомплексами района;

- таблицы и схемы, представляющие информацию о различных товарах народного потребления.

2. Раздаточный материал:

- ролевые карточки;

- листки с различной информацией о производстве и потреблении товаров в нашем районе.

3. Опорный материал: статьи из газеты «В 24 часа» - «Борьба за качество – не разовое мероприятие», «А к картошке – прикубанские разносолы», «Зерновой хлеб – здоровье и польза» и другие.

Ход урока:

Пояснение: учащиеся заранее получают и изучают информацию, необходимую для проведения урока, готовят наглядные пособия, распределяют роли и придумывают тематические вопросы для проведения экскурсии.

Teacher: Good morning, students! I’m glad to see you at the lesson.

Today we are going to have some talks about the production of different

consumer goods made at our district.

And to make the lesson more interesting and unforgettable we will organize an excursion. The matter is – some businessmen from abroad have come to our town to make exchange programs. They are going to gather as much useful information about our district as they will be able to.

You remember, last time I asked you to be ready with your roles. Some of you are “Foreign guests”. You want to know more about the industrial and agricultural life of the Gulkevichi district’ about the achievements of people working in and out of the town Gulkevichi. And now you are to get prepared with your questions.

These students are Gulkevichans. You meet your foreign guests. Your task for today is to organize visits to some of our leading enterprises, to show how people work there and what good results they get from their work. You must be ready to tell your guests about the variety of producing consumer goods in our district and their high quality.

Well, students! Are you ready for the excursion? OK! Let’s start it.

Now you, Gulkevichans, meet your foreign guests and introduce yourselves.


Student 1: Hello! My name is Andrei Svetlov. I’m the chief consultant-administrator of the Gulkevichi district. Glad to meet you at our place. Welcome to the Gulkevichi district! It’s one of the most productive districts of Krasnodar region. It would be pleasant for me to accompany you to this excursion and to give answers to your questions.

Student 2: Hello! My name is Vladimir Titov. I’m a machine-operator of the agricultural complex “Prikubansky”. And I’m sure it’ll be interesting for you to visit my complex.

Student 3: Good day! My name is Ludmila Andreeva. I’m a chief administrator of the sale department of the bread-baking plant “Gulkevichsky”. I invite you to our plant. You will be able to see the bread-making process and to taste the best sorts of bread produced at the plant.

Foreign Guest 1: Nice to meet you! And thank you very much for your invitation. We will visit your plant with great pleasure!

L. Andreeva: Yes, you’re welcome! Our plant produces different kinds of bread. As it is known every country has its favourite national sort of bread. For example, American Indians like corn bread, the French prefer baguettes, the people from Caucasus bake thin lavashes.

And all of them have their special technologies of making bread. As for the Russian people, rye bread has traditionally been our food and our favourite sort of bread.

Guest 2: What is special about the process of making bread at your plant?

L. Andreeva: The variety of ingredients in our bread is rich. It should be noted that special grain additions not only enrich the flavouring quality of bread but they are of great importance for a healthy diet.

Guest 3: Can you tell us about these ingredients?

L. Andreeva: Yes, of course. Bread with bran additives is well-known all over the country. Bran absorbs the harmful substances which get into the organism. Bran bread has more proteins, fiber and vitamins. It’s very useful for people who suffer from heart and stomach diseases.

Guest 4: What is the name of this sort of bread produced by your plant?

L. Andreeva: It’s named “Lubitelsky” and it’s very popular with our consumers.

Guest 5: Are there any other special additives used for making bread?

L. Andreeva: Yes, there is a wide range of bread additions such as flax-seed, onion, rolled oats and sunflower-seed, honey and poppy-seed, coriander and malt, different kinds of cereals.

Guest 6: What can you say about technological process?

L. Andreeva: One of the technologies which is successfully worked out at our plant is based on using sprouted seeds. This technology makes it possible to keep all the vitamins, minerals and amino acid in bread.

Guest 7: Please, tell us about the advantages of cereal additives.

L. Andreeva: Oats is rich in fat most of all. It also contains a lot of proteins and magnesium. From the recent times barley has been the food of gladiators and fighters because it has much silicon and proteins. It’s used in making malt contained in such sorts of bread as “Aromatny”, “Chainy”, “Juzhny”. Corn and rice have been eaten for thousands of years. Bread with them is in popular demand. Our technologists have invented buckwheat bread that is very good for people with diabetes and anemia. At present time our specialists are working out grain sorts of bread. Thanks to the large quantity of proteins such bread provides organism with a balanced diet and gives a lot of energy.

If you want to be healthy you should choose the right sort of bread.

Guest 8: Thank you very much for this talk. It was interesting to see how your business works.

Wish you good luck! Good-bye!

L. Andreeva: Good-bye!

Teacher: Now we are going to visit the agricultural complex “Prikubansky”. And Mr. Titov will be your guide for this excursion.

V. Titov: Welcome to the agricultural complex “Prikubansky”! it’s one of the leading complexes in our region. We grow and produce different kinds of vegetables. Growing potatoes is one of the principal items of production.

Guest 1: What can you say about this year’s results of growing potatoes?

V. Titov: This year’s harvest of potatoes is rich. We took from 35 to 50 tons per hectare on the average.

Guest 2: How many hectares did you do a day?

V. Titov: We did 2-3 hectares a day. We could do more but there was little rain this summer and it was hard to harvest potatoes from dry soil.

Guest 3: Whom do you sell your products?

V. Titov: Our early potatoes are bought by the plant in the town Kashira not far from Moscow. For two years our complex has been one of the best providers of potatoes for making such well-known chips as “Lays”.

Guest 4: How many tons of potatoes have you already sold lately?

V. Titov: This year we have already sold 7 thousand tons of potatoes. And next year we are planning to sell 12 thousand tons.

Guest 5: As we see your complex has made a great progress in business.

V. Titov: Yes, the total volume of output of the complex “Prikubansky” is constantly enlarging. No wonder, we try all the modern technologies to get better results in work.

Guest 6: Do people from your district like the products of the complex?

V. Titov: A lot of people all over the district come to the complex to buy our vegetables and make their winter provisions.

Guest 7: What can you say about the quality of taste in your potatoes?

V. Titov: Our vegetables are of high taste quality because we use fewer chemicals in growing and we know the right ways of keeping vegetables fresh and useful.

Guest 8: Do you produce any other goods at your complex?

V. Titov: Yes, we buy cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage from the local farm owners and make salted foods. We have some regular whole-sale buyers who value the high quality of our products.

We are sure, the production of consumer goods today must develop steadily and any kind of activity must be profitable. As you see the agro complex “Prikubansky” has got a great experience in growing vegetables. And this year’s results are the best prove for it.

Teacher: Thanks a lot for your excursions. I think our foreign guests had a good time and got a lot of important information about the production of consumer goods in our district.

Well! Now I want you to listen to the chief consultant-administrator of the Gulkevichi district Mr.Svetlov. He is going to tell you about the Krasnodar regional project “Quality”.

Svetlov: I think it would be interesting for you to know about this project. All this time the regional program “Quality” has been realizing on the whole territory of our region.

Guest 1: What is the main task of the program?

Svetlov: The main task of this program is raising the living standards of people and the quality and competitiveness of consumer goods and different kinds of service in the region.

Guest 2: What do you do to realize the program successfully?

Svetlov: We organize regular seminars and meetings to support the private owners and businessmen of our district, discuss and solve the problems concerning the program.

Guest 3: Have you got any good results in your work?

Svetlov: Yes, we have. Recently we’ve made a lot to change the image of our town and villages. You can see new modern buildings, fountains and flower-beds. There is a great variety of foods offered at our cafes and shops. And in the sphere of life you can always get a highly-professional service.

Guest 4: Who is involved in realizing this program?

Svetlov: The number of participants is quite large. More than a hundred enterprises from our district try to do their best to realize this program. And many other are ready to join them.

Guest 5: Do you think this program will help you to make the life of people better?

Svetlov: I’m sure in it! The inhabitants of the Gulkevichi district prefer to buy the products of the Kuban producers. They believe, our foods are tastier and better for their health. No doubt, realizing this program will make it possible to raise the living standards of people in our region.

Guest 6: Thank you very much for your report!

Guest 7: We are very impressed by this excursion!

Guest 8: We wish you be successful and we hope to come here again!

Svetlov: Any time you’re welcome! Good-bye!

Teacher: Students! All of you have done well today! Thank you very much! We should be proud of our Motherland and of people living and working here, in Krasnodar region.

The lesson is over. Good-bye!

Курс профессиональной переподготовки
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