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Тест «Инфинитивные конструкции», 9 класс

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Тест « Инфинитивные Конструкции/ Infinitive Constructions»

Variant 1

1.Teddy’s words made me ______ uncomfortable.

a) to feel b) feeling c) feel

2. Mrs. Pottson allowed her guests ______ in the living room.

a) to smoke b) smoking c)smoke

3. Has the secretary come yet? I want to have my papers ______.

a) to type b) type c) typed

4. I watched my brother ______ with his friends. I couldn’t help smiling.

a) played b) playing c) to play

5. Granny didn’t want my uncle ______ Jane Smith.

a) spoke to b) to speak to c) speak

6. Our mom told us ______ as much as possible.

a) not to be lazy and read b) not be lazy and read c) not to be lazy and to read

7. I have to get my papers ______ to the embassy.

a) took b) take c) taken

8. There wasn’t much snow in the street. I saw a dog ______ the road

a) ran along b) running along c) to run along

9.I have never noticed Jason ______ computer.

a) played b) plays c) play

10. Mary would like her brother ______ Tom’s company.

a) to avoid b) avoid c)avoided

11. We expected the Harrisons ______ a new cottage at the seaside.

a) buy b) bought c) to buy

12. What makes you ______ his rude words?

a) remember b) to remember c) remembering

13. He is likely ______ on Sunday.

a) came b) coming c) to come

14. Karen is being very rude. I have never heard ..... to her mother like that before.

a) that she talks b) her talk c) her to talk

15. Your husband's passport is not valid. Why can’t you remind ..... his passport?

a) that he to have renewed b) him renew c) him to renew

Тест «Инфинитивные Конструкции/ Infinitive Constructions»

Variant 2

1. We rely on ..... the tickets for our trip to Australia.

a) Jane to book b) Jane book c) Jane booked

2. Have you ever known ..... on time? He has never been punctual.

a) he to come b) him to come c) him to be coming

3. Will your mother allow her cell phone ..... ?

a) to be used b) to have been used c) to use

4. The boy urged his mother ..... faster.

a) walking b) walks c) to walk

5. I don’t want ..... David. He will be angry.

a) you to disturb b) you to be disturbed c) that you disturb

6. John never allows Mary’s name ..... by anyone.

a) to mention b) to be mentioned c) mention

7. John suspected that he was seriously ill, but the doctor advised ..... worrying.

a) he to stop b) him to stop c) him to have stopped

8. After the lesson the teacher had ..... the books back to the library.

a) the pupils took b) the pupils to take c) the pupils take

9. They reported the plane ..... safely.

a) landed b) to land c) landing

10. We looked at the sky and saw the plane..... in the clouds.

a) disappear b) to be disappearing c) to have disappeared

11. Have you ever seen my daughter ..... in public places?

a) to misbehaving b) to misbehave c) misbehave

12. You wouldn’t have ..... you, would you?

a) him cheat b) he cheat c) him to cheat

13. I am sorry I didn’t hear ..... my name.

a) you to call b) that you call c) you call

14. At the airport they reported the flight..... .

a) to delay b) to be delayed c) to have been delayed

15. I had my car ..... outside the office.

a) parked b) to park c) park

Тест « Инфинитивные Конструкции/ Infinitive Constructions»

Variant 3

1. Tim heard the floor boards ..... and saw a woman appear in the doorway.

a) to creak b) creak c) creaking

2. The room was very crowded, so nobody noticed Jimmy..... the room.

a) leaving b) to leave c) leave

3. We expected ..... in ballroom dancing championships.

a) them to take part b) they to take part c) them take part

4. Olaf had written a play and wished ..... at the local theatre.

a ) it to stage b) it to be staged c) its to be staged

5. Jill liked her little son ..... poems at their family gatherings.

a) reciting b) to recite c) recite

6. I would like my car ..... outside the office.

a) to be parked b) parked c) to park

7. Jim’s father made..... the piano every day.

a) him practice b) him to be practicing c) him to practice

8. The oil prince annoyed her, but Joanna didn’t allow ..... the better of her.

a) irritation to get b) irritation get c) irritation got

9. The tide forced the sunbathers..... the beach.

a) leave b) to leave c) leaving

10. Sally felt ..... to tremble.

a) her hands begin b) her hands to begin c) her hands begun

11. It’s too much of a walk to the station. Would you like ..... you a lift?

a) I to give b) me to give c) to have given

12. Can you believe ..... a bank?

a) he to rob b) him rob c) him to rob

13. The children are making too much noise. I’d like ..... quiet.

a) they to be b) them to be c) that they be

14. I find ..... a very nice woman and a very skilled computer programmer.

a) her to be b) she to be c) her be

15. Mr. Bobkins got the necessary papers ……...

a) to sign b) signing c) signed

Краткое описание документа:

Материал представляет собой практический дидактический материал по грамматической теме «Инфинитивные конструкции». Можно использовать как для отработки грамматического правила, так и для проведения текущего контроля. Тест представлен в трёх вариантах. Вариант №2 носит повышенный уровень трудности, Варианты 1,3 отражают задания базового уровня. Представленный грамматический тест носит комплексный характер и может быть использован при работе над грамматикой в рамках любого учебно - методического комплекса.

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