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Урок «Travelling in Past»

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Travelling in Past


учитель английского языка

гимназии №40

4 класс

Aim: to consolidate of grammar material.

Objectives: 1) teaching: to train in using grammar material “Past Simple”

2) developing: to develop skills of speaking, writing and reading, thinking, memory

3) educational:to create the foundations for comprehension, to bring up friendship.

Lesson equipment: tape-recorder, cassettes, pictures, cards for lesson activities.


I Orgmoment.

II Warm up

III Phonetic drill.

IV Pre-task.

V Checking up home task

VI. Speaking and writing

VII. Conclusion.

VIII. Evaluation and explanation of homework.

Plan of the lesson.

  1. Orgmoment. Greeting.

Good afternoon boys and girls! Nice to meet you! How are you?

  1. Warm up

What is your favorite sport?

What is your hobby?

What is your favorite subject?

Who likes traveling?

Today at the lesson we shall travel in the magic country “Past Simple”.

We should be attentive, friendly and clever.

  1. Phonetic drill.

Train our tongues.

A little boy Now the winds are waking

Has no toy Nature from her dreams

He makes much noise And the ice is breaking

He wants some toys. On the frozen streams.

What tenses are these?

  1. Pre-task.

What do you know about the country “Past Simple”

(checking up the knowledge of the grammar rules)

We shall travel by train. But at first, make up carriages of our train in correct order.

Let’s take the verbs with us and remember the second form of the irregular verbs.

( to write-wrote, to eat-ate, to speak-spoke, to catch-caught, to let-let, to be-was; were, to come-came, to get-got, to lose-lost)

  1. Checking up home task.

We must speak about our dreams.

What did you see in your dream?

(Teacher: Last night I saw a nice dream. I went to the Black Sea and watched beautiful animals in it: whales, dolphins)

Children speak.

  1. Speaking and writing.

We are in the country “Past Simple”

Let’s sing a song “Once I caught a fish alive”

Game “Lotto”

What can you see at these pictures?

What did dinosaurs eat?

What kinds of transport were in Past?

What kinds of clothes did people wear?

There are some famous people. What were they?

(Lewis Carroll, Mozart, Levitan, Washington, the “Beatles”, Mikle Jackson, Nikulin)

Speaking about Pushkin using signal words.

What can you see at this picture? An old woman, an old man and golden fish.

Fairy-tale. Open the brackets.

Once upon a time there (to live) an old man and an old woman. They (to live) on the sea-coast in an old house. One day the old man (to go) to fish. He (to catch) only one fish, but it (to be) a Goldfish! It (to be) magic. The old man (to let) it go back. The old woman (to get) angry. She (to want) a new house and she (to get) it. Then she (to want) more and more. But one day the Goldfish (to get) angry. And the old woman and the old man (to lose) everything. The Goldfish never (to come) back.

We can say: “Easy come, easy go”.

Make up negative sentences and questions.


An old man and old woman lived in the town.

They had a big new house.

An old man caught a lot of fish.

The Goldfish came back again.

An old man went to the sea

Yes/No; Where?; Who?

  1. Conclusion. Summing up.

Proverb: “East or west home is best”

Who wants to return in Present.

We must do task.

Open the brackets. (Sentences are on the rays of sun. Work in pairs)

Read the sentences. If you listen to mistake, clap your hands.

Make up sun. Sing a song “May there always be sunshine”

What did you do at the lesson?

Verbs for help. (travel, write, read, speak, see, sing)

  1. Evaluation and explanation of homework.

Your homework: to write about your trip.

The lesson is over. Good-bye.

Краткое описание документа:

Урок подготовлен и проведен учителем  английского языка гимназии 40 Разумовой Натальей Владимировной.  Данный урок проводится по плану в соответствии с тематическим планированием. Объем нового материала оптимальный по учебной программе, базируется на уже имеющуюся в опыте учащихся систему знаний. На данном уроке использовались различные методические приемы, методы и средства: работа в группах, беседа, фронтальная работа, индивидуальная работа. Методические приёмы соответствовали возрастным особенностям учащихся, целям, поставленным в начале урока. Содержание урока очень хорошо подходит для формирования активной учебной деятельности и повышения интереса к предмету. Содержание и организация урока способствовали общему развитию личности школьника и детского коллектива. Данный урок может быть полезен учителям английского языка, имеющим определенные трудности с учениками с низкой мотивацией, так как использование игровых технологий на уроке значительно повышает уровень мотивации учащихся.
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