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Урок английского языка по теме «Пассивный залог»

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Форма проведения урока: викторина(2 слайд)Цели урока:Совершенствование грамматических  навыков по теме «Пассивный залог».Развитие внимания и мышления.Поддержание интереса к изучению английского языка.ХОД  УРОКА1. Организационный момент– Good morning, my dear boys and girls .Today we shall have a competition on the topic “Passive Voice”. You will play games, sing  songs and recite poems. If you do task well, you will get a “stick”. But at the first let’s remember about Passive forms.– Look at the blackboard and name Passive forms, please.(3 слайд)am, is, are + V3was, were + V3shall be, will be + V3– Now give me examples with these Passive forms.2.  Выполнение заданийTask 1– Let’s remember the irregular verbs now. At the blackboard you can see   the first form of irregular verbs   and you will name the second and the third forms.(4 слайд)dothinkgivehavesayseebebuildwriteeatswim  learnsendbuyheartakespeak  makeTask  2– I want you to look at the blackboard. You can see six pictures on it. You will make up the sentences using the Passive Voice and describe the pictures.(5 слайд )1 – yesterday;2 – every evening;3 – tomorrow;4 – last week;5 – every day;6 – next Friday.Task  3– Now it’s time to ask the questions. I shall read the sentences and name the special word. You will ask the questions to my sentences.(6 слайд )– This house was built in 1991. (What ?)– The TV set was bought in the shop. (Where ?)– Football is played all over the world because it is a very popular game. (Why ?)– English is spoken in Great Britain.  (What language ?)– Cheese is made from milk. (What ?)– The letter will be answered next week. (When  ?)– The pupils will be met in the garden.  (Where ?)Физкультминутка– Now it’s time to have a rest. Let’s remember our song about numerals.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – once I caught a fish a live …Task  4– Now it’s time to do the next task. You should put the words in the in the logical order  in the following sentences.(7 слайд )1. Discovered, in, America, 1942, was.2. In the morning, the newspaper, not, brought, is.3. Monday, written, next, the letter, will be.4. Every, two, given, are, apples, day.5. Yesterday, photo, taken, that, was.6. Not, tomorrow, be, will, the news, old.Task 5– Will you look at the blackboard? You have to change the sentences to use passive structures.(8 слайд)1. Ann cleans her room every week.2. People build new houses in big cities.3. We bought oranges and peas in the shop.4. They sold stamps in the post office.5. Children will play hide-and-seek in the park.6. Pupils didn’t visit the boy last week.7. We don’t translate poem at home.Task 6– Do you like to recite the poems and sing songs? Will you recite any poems and sing songs? (Ученики представляют заранее разученные стихи и песенки)3. Подведение итогов урока– Thank you for your work. I can see you are good at grammar. You can use the Passive and Active Voice very well. Now it’s time to finish our work. It is interesting to know who the winner today is. Let’s clap our hands. Will you stand up, please? Let’s recite our poem.Raise your head!Jump up high!Wave your handAnd say “Good-bye!”
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