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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Дидактический материал по теме « Путешествие».




Active vocabulary

By sea - морем

by air – по воздуху

by train – на поезде

on foot - пешком

to travel for pleasure – путешествовать ради удовольствия

to travel on business – путешествовать по делу

a holiday by the sea

advantage - преимущество

disadvantage - неудобство

passenger - пассажир

see off - провожать

single ticket – билет в одну сторону

return ticket – билет туда и обратно

booking-office – билетная касса

to book a ticket – забронировать билет

in advance - заранее

to be crowded – быть переполненным

to take a train – на поезде

get on the train - сесть на поезд

to get off the train -выйти из поезда

to miss the train -опоздать на поезд

to catch a train -успеть на поезд

carriage - вагон

for a London train – на лондонский поезд

New York via London- в Нью-Йорк через Лондон

to leave Moscow for London

уехать из Москвы в Лондон

flight - полет

to take off -взлетать

to land - приземляться

to cancel -отменять

to announce a flight – объявлять рейс

on board a plane – на борту самолета

departure - отправление

arrival - прибытие

to pass through customs – проходить таможенный контроль

on board a ship – на борту корабля

tent - палатка

tourist camp – туристический лагерь

change of scene - перемена обстановки

convenient - удобно

to have at one’s disposal – иметь

package holidays – отдых по путевке

holiday-maker - отдыхающий

a resort - курорт

to admire - восхищаться

picturesque - живописный

custom - обычай

to go sightseeing – осматривать достопримечательности

to broaden one’s mind –расширять кругозор

Vocabulary exercises.

Many people go on 1... holiday and book it at a travel 2 ... . But we decide to make our own 3 .....

We send off 4 ... and read a lot of 5 ... . Before we decided which 6 ... to go to.

We all enjoy 7 ... , so we choose a place with a long sandy 8 ... and some interesting places nearby to visit if we wanted to go on any 9.... .

Instead of staying in a hotel, we want to save money so we booked an apartment with a 10 ... of the sea and its own 11 ... .

In the photo the place looked 12 ..., and the owners sounded really nice on the phone.


a) charter

b) package

c) packed

d) packet


a) agency

b) bureau

c) office

d) service


a) arrangements

b) flights

c) excursions

d) travel


a) brochures

b) handouts

c) tickets

d) prospectuses


a) companion

b) guide

c) leader

d) phrase


a) marina

b) resort

c) spa

d) youth hostel


a) getting


b) getting sunstroke

c) having a bath

d) sunbathing


a) beach

b) coast

c) seaside

d) shore


a) excursions

b) expeditions

c) pilgrimages

d) sightseeing


a) look

b) scenery

c) sight

d) view


a) balcony

b) box

c) gallery

d) porch


a) delicious

b) delighted

c) delightful

d) discouraging


Tourism: Pros and Cons

Millions of people all over the world are fond of travelling. They travel to see other countries, to discover different ways of life , to meet different people and to practice foreign languages . It goes without saying that traveling broadens our mind . While traveling we can see and learn a lot of things that we can never learn staying at home and watching television or reading books. No wonder that a lot of people enjoy visiting new places. Nowdays tourism is big business, which provides people with jobs and brings profit ( money ) for the country’s economy .In addition, most of the money from tourism are spent on roads, schools and cultural development . But what are the negative effects of tourism ? The problem is that many popular resorts are polluted: the beaches are full with litter and the sea is not always clean. Many of great cities of Europe such as Paris or Rome are full of crowds of tourists with clicking cameras searching for souvenirs. Many places of historical value have been badly damaged by ungrateful tourists. For example, some of arhitectural masterpieces are spoiled with signs like this: Misha plus Masha is love. So what is the way out ? First of all people should change their attitude to tourism. We ought not to polute our environment, try to accept different cultures and support traditional lifestyles.


It goes without saying – само сабой разумеется to broaden one’s mind – расширять кругозор

to provide – предоставлять, обеспечивать

profit – доход

in addition –в добавление

a resort – курорт

to polute – загрязнять

litter – мусор

a crowd – толпа

to search – искать

a value – ценность

greatefull – благодарный

a masterpiece – шедевр

a sing – знак

attitude – отношение

to accept – принимать

to support – поддерживать


1. Why do people travel?

2. What are the effects of tourism?

3. What are the favourite tourst spots in your country? Do they have any problems because of tourists?

4. Will the development of tourism bring economic gain to Russia? Why do you think so?

5. Should we reject tourism in oder to preserve cultural monuments? Why?

6. Why should we attract tourists to Russian cities and towns?

7. What is “socially responsible travel” Today people have lots of good reasons to travel.

Travelling … What for ?

Every year a lot of people all over the world spend their holidays traveling. People travel to see other countries, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns, they travel to enjoy picturesque places, or just for a change of a scene. Traveling has always been a part of people’s education . The best way to study geography is to travel and the best way to get to know and understand the traditions and customs of different people is to speak to them. Besides, traveling is a way to practice foreign languages . If you ask people why they travel, they will mention world’s famous sites, well-known museums, national parks and castles. It goes without saying that it is always interesting to discover new places and new ways of life , to try foreign food and to listen to unusual musical rhythms. It is much better than sitting at home and doing nothing but walk and bath and laze in the sun .

Some people are against traveling. They say that tourists have no respect for the countries they visit. A lot of tourist places are polluted and many of historical monuments are in danger of being destroyed by crowds of tourists. Besides, traveling is rater expensive. That is why some people prefer to spend their holidays in the country or at home in front of TV.

But why not to make the most of your holiday and try something different? Certainly, traveling broadens our mind. But travel is more than sightseeing. It is a change that goes in our ideas .


ruins of ancient towns – развалины древних городов

picturesque – живописный

change of scene – перемена обстановки

сustom – обычай

mention – упоминать

way of life – образ жизни

to pollute – загрязнять

to broaden one’s mind – расширять кругозор

sightseeing – осмотр достопримечательностей


  1. Can you think of any reasons for traveling?

  2. Are you fond of traveling? Why?

  3. What interesting places have you visited?

  4. What countries would you like to visit?

  5. Do you agree that traveling broadens our mind?

  6. What kind of holiday do you prefer?

  7. What’s your idea of a good rest?


Answer the questions:

1. Is travelling popular today?

2. Which means of traveling are the most popular with the passengers? Why?

3. Which is the fastest way of traveling?

4. Have you ever travelled by air?

5. Some people are afraid to fly. Why?

6. What are the advantages of traveling by train?

7. Do you agree that traveling by sea is always enjoyable?

8. Where do you usually spend your holidays?

9. Where do you usually stay when you go to the south?

10. Do you prefer travelling in a group led by a guide or alone?

11. What is more convenient for you : having package holidays which include all flights, accommodation and tours or making your own holiday plans?

12. What a advantages and disadvantages of staying in a campsite?

13. Does travelling broaden our mind? Why?

Give a talk on travelling.

Remember to discuss:

- if traveling is your hobby;

- how often you and your family travel;

- what way of travelling you prefer and why;

- what places you would like to visit;

- if travelling has an influence on your life and studies.

Writing a letter

Translate the letter into English:


2 июля 2011

Дорогая Джейн,

Большое спасибо за письмо. Извини, что я так долго тебе не писала, но у меня были экзамены ( I was busy with …).Сейчас все позади (its all over) и я отдыхаю с семьей в Лондоне.

Лондон великолепен! Мы остановились в гостинице недалеко от центра города и мы можем гулять по Лондону целый день! Мы уже видели большинство известных достопримечательностей. Вчера мы посетили Таузр Лондона и насладились легендами, рассказанными известными Бифитерами.

Завтра мы едем в Виндзор. Я с нетерпением жду посещения этого старого города, потому что я увлекаюсь древними замками. Мы так же планируем путешествие в Стредфорд-на- Эвоне. Ты знаешь Вильям Шекспир – мой любимый писатель и я бы хотела увидеть его родной город. Я думаю, это будет здорово!

Я возвращаюсь в Москву в воскресенье и смогу тебе позвонить на следующей недели. С наилучшими пожеланиями ( My best regards to … ) твоим родителям. Как они?

Скоро увидимся ,


Task 1. You have received a letter from your English- speaking pen-friend Mary who writes

... It was great to hear that you went to Italy during your spring holidays. I have always wanted to visit this wonderful country. Did you enjoy your journey? What places of interest did you visit? What impressed you most of all? Did you like the hotel?

As for me, I am awfully tired because we’ve got too many tests at school. Can’t wait for the summer break.,,

Write a letter to Mary.

In your letter

-tell her about your journey to Italy

- ask 3 questions about her plans for the summer

Write 100-140 words

Remember the rules of letter writing

Task 2. You have received a letter from your English- speaking pen-friend Tom who writes

Last summer my parents and I went hiking to the mountains. We spent the whole week together and enjoyed it very much. How often do you take active holidays? Who do you think is the best company for you? What extreme sports would you like to try, if any, and why?

Last month our English class got an interesting project. We wrote a paper about interesting events in the past of our country,

Write a letter toTom.

In your letter

-answer his questions

- ask 3 questions about his project papers

Write 100-140 words

Remember the rules of letter writing

Task 3. You have received a letter from your English- speaking pen-friend Tom who writes

Last month our class went to Washington, It was my first visit there and it was fun! Have you travelled much around Russia? Where would you like to go if you have a chance? Why would you like to go there, what places of interest would you like to see? Is there anything interesting in the region where you live?

This summer we plan to go to to the mountainswith my parents.

Write a letter toTom.

In your letter

-answer his questions

- ask 3 questions about his trip to the mountains

Write 100-140 words

Remember the rules of letter writing

Task 4. You have received a letter from your English- speaking pen-friend Lisa who writes

... For me it’s fun to go somewhere I have never been to, to see other places, to mix with new people and to get new experiences. So far I haven’t traveled abroad, but I hope to go to France this summer. What about you, where would you like to go to if you could choose? Have you travelled a lot in Russia? Who do you prefer to travel with?

Just imagine our drama teacher wants to stage a comedy ...

Write a letter to Lisa

In your letter

-answer his questions

- ask 3 questions about her drama class

Write 100-140 words

Remember the rules of letter writing

Writing an essay

Complete the text with the linking words:

all in all, Fistly, as for me , Besides, However, in addition, in my opinion, Lastly

Many people claim that camping holidays can be a lot of fun and especially relaxing. Others

don` t think it is a good idea to live in a tent if you want to enjoy your holidays.

I would like to say which is more attractive to me. _______________ being out in the open air close to nature is exciting experience. ________ it is so comforting to wake up to the sounds of the forest or the sea. ___________ you are able to have fun doing all sorts of activities. You can go swimming, cycling or climbing. If you are not the energetic type, you can sunbathe and read a book. _____________ there is

no better way to end the day than sitting around the campfire with your friends or family.

_____________ some people prefer comfortable hotels. They say that sleeping on the

ground in an uncomfortable sleeping bag is not in any way enjoyable. _____________

they hate pitching a tent and cooking over a fire. They consider it exhausting.

I cannot agree with them. Living in a hotel with all conveniences is the same as living in a flat. _____________ tastes differ. if people cannot do without a cozy bedroom or a bathroom, they will choose a package tour; they will have ' bed and breakfast' and excursions with a tour guide. I am sure it is the most boring holiday. ______________ I would choose to camp in the mountains or on the beach. It is much more exciting.

Translate into English.


Многие люди увлекаются путешествиями.

Многие люди не могут себе представить свою жизнь без путешествий.

Over the past few years ...

Все больше и больше людей проводят свой отпуск путешествуя.

Миллионы людей, по крайней мере раз в год, проводят свой отпуск путешествуя.

We must admit ...

что современная жизнь невозможна без путешествий.

It goes without saying ...

что путешествие стало частью нашей жизни.

There is no doubt that ...

расширяет наш кругозор.

It cannot be denied that ...

люди узнают много нового как о новых местах, так и о себе.

However, ...

многие популярные курорты загрязнены.

есть некоторые неудобства путешествий в группе.

многие люди предпочитают комфортабельные отели.

What is more ...

путешествия помогают нам изучать географию и историю . На пример, осматривая достопримечательности , мы узнаем об исторических событиях, которые произошли много лет назад.

On the other hand, ...

некоторые люди против путешествий, они говорят, что туристы не уважают обычаи и традиции стран, которые посещают, многие из популярных туристических мест загрязнены, а исторические памятники разрушаются.

All in all, I believe that ...

нам следует изменить наше отношение к туризму. Мы не должны загрязнять окружающую среду и разрушать архитектурные памятники.

Put the sentences in the correct order. Then write them out in two separate paragraphs, one including all the advantages, the other all the disadvantages. Finally, write a suitable beginning and ending for this topic.

Package holidays: Good or Bad?

A However, there are disadvantages to going on a package holiday.

В То start with, package holidays are cheaper than travelling on your own, as the price includes the air fare and hotel accommodation.

С Another negative aspect is that as you have paid for your accom­modation in advance, you often feel obliged to stay in that place rather than move around and explore.

D Furthermore, the brochures from which most people select a package holiday usually give you a good idea of what the resort offers, therefore reducing the chances of disappointment.

E Package holidays have several advantages.

F In the first place, as package holidays are less expensive, the hotel is unlikely to be top-class.

G Last but not least, when visiting a new place it is often much easier to have all the details arranged in advance as it can be rather con­fusing to plan everything by yourself.

H Also package holiday destinations are usually popular tourist resorts, thus there is little opportunity to experience the true culture of the country you are visiting

Travel broadens the mind. What is your opinion?


1. While travelling we can see and learn a lot of things that we can never learn staying at home and watching TV or reading books.

2. Travelling gives us an opportunity to explore the country and learn about its customs and traditions.

3. We can try foreign food and to listen to unusual musical rhythms.

4. Travelling is the best way to practice foreign languages and make new friends.


1. When people travel on business they are too busy taking part in international congresses and conferences, meeting their partners and have little time to explore the place they travel too.

2. Some people spend their holidays in luxurious resorts and do nothing but bath and laze in the sun.

The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. What is your opinion?


1. We do not have to spend time for looking for historical places we are going to visit.

2. It is interesting to hear from a guide about famous sights and historical events that took place many years ago.

3. A group led by a guide does not feel uncomfortable.

4. Travelling in a group led by a guide gives us the opportunity to meet new people, communicate and have a great time in a company.


1. Some people prefer to explore the country themselves: make their own discoveries to walk along the streets, to take pictures of the famous sights and meet people.

2. If we travel without a group we can stay in the city as long as we like.

3. If we travel in a group we can be disappointed our fellow-travelers’ behavior.

In resent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins everything that it touches. What is your opinion?


1. Nowadays more and more people spend their holidays traveling.

2. Every year millions of people travel either on business or for pleasure.

2. People travel to see other countries, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns, they travel to enjoy picturesque places, or just for a change of a scene.

3. It is always interesting to discover new places and new ways of life , to try foreign food and to listen to unusual musical rhythms.


1. Most popular resorts are polluted.

2. Many of historical monuments are in danger of being destroyed by crowds of tourists.

3. The historic centers of many European centers are crowded with tourists with clicking cameras.

Some people prefer to travel abroad; others say that there is much to be seen in our country. What is your opinion?


1. Foreign resorts provide better service.

2. Resorts in southern countries can be visited all the year round.

3. Visiting foreign countries gives us an opportunity to explore new countries, to learn their traditions and customs.

4. Lots of resorts in Russia are polluted.


1. Spending holidays abroad is rather expensive.

2. Russia is a very picturesque country.

3. Spending our holidays in Russia we can choose various kinds of activities according to our taste: fishing, boating and gathering mushrooms.

4. Nearly all Russian towns have a lot of museums, monuments and churches which are worth visiting.


The plane is the most convenient means of travel. Give your opinion on this statement.

Over the past few years, people have begun to travel to places they would only have dreamt of visiting thirty years ago, thanks to the possibilities offered by air travel. In my opinion, travelling by aeroplane cannot be compared with any other means of transport.

To start with, there really is no faster way to travel. You can go from one country to another in a matter of hours which gives you more time to enjoy the actual purpose of your trip, rather than waste time travelling and dragging your luggage around. Furthermore, you always feel well looked after on an aeroplane. You are served drinks and meals and offered newspapers and blankets which all help to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Of course, there are people who argue that travelling by plane can be a nightmare, with airport delays, cramped seats and turbulence to put up with. What is more, aeroplanes and airports are often targeted by terrorists, which makes some people think that travelling by plane is unsafe. They forget, however, that the number of deaths caused by cars is larger than that caused by planes.

To sum up, I firmly believe that air travel will always remain popular. Its speed, comfort and convenience are hard to beat.

Write an essay on one of the following topics.

1) Travel broadens the mind.

2) In resent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins everything that it touches.

3) The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.

Some people prefer to travel abroad; others say that there is much to be seen in our country. 

4) Many holidaymakers would rather stay in a hotel than at a campsite. However, some say that camping is more enjoyable.

5) Package holidays which include all flights, accommodation and tours are very popular with some holidaymakers. Other travellers say that making your own holiday plans is better.

6) Travelling by air is usually considered to be much quicker and more comfortable than traveling by other means. However, sometimes this may be the case.

Use the following plan:

Write an introduction (state the problem/topic)

Express your personal opinion and give reasons for it.

Give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you don’t agree with it.

Draw conclusion.

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