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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыУрок « Кіно. Враження від кіно»

Урок « Кіно. Враження від кіно»


Тема : Кіно. Враження від кіно


- формувати навички опису кінофільму та висловлювати враження на основі почутої, побаченої та прочитаної інформації;

- поповнювати лексичний матеріал та активно застосовувати його в мовленні;

- розвивати вміння логічно висловлювати свою думку, здійснювати репродуктивні й продуктивні мовленнєві дії;

- розвивати здогадку, пам'ять, логічне мислення, уміння використовувати мінімум мовних та мовленнєвих одиниць для вирішення комунікативних проблем;

- розширювати кругозір та виховувати комунікативну особистість.

Засоби навчання: підручник, схеми і таблиці, роздатковий матеріал, магнітофон, DVD, комп’ютер, аудіоматеріал ( автовідповідач кінотеатру « Picture House», відеоматеріал «Pirates’ Legends», рекламні оголошення

Методи і прийоми: бесіда, робота з підручником, хорова робота, робота в групах, методи «Карусель», «Сніжка», «Снігова куля» та «Мікрофон».

Тип уроку : комбінований

Хід уроку

I.Організаційний момент


Who is on duty today?
What date is it today?
Is anybody absent today?
II. Оголошення теми і мети уроку

Teacher:- I think nobody can imagine our life without arts. Some kinds of arts, such as painting, dancing and music appeared very early, at the prehistoric times. But the years passed and arts were developing with the humanity. And nowadays it takes different forms such as music, painting, dancing, architecture, poetry, cinema, theatre, literature.

During our lesson we’ll revise the vocabulary about Films and improve them in our speech. You’ll learn how to express your thoughts and opinions on a suggested topic in an oral form and improve our reading skills.

III. Лексично-фонетична розминка

Teacher: Film making industry developed rapidly and the number of genres of films grew constantly. What genres do you know?

  • Historical films

  • Action films

  • Love story

  • Adventure films

  • Cartoons

  • Documentary films

  • Westerns

  • Comedies

  • Thrillers

  • Melodramas

  • Musicals

  • Cartoons


And now I propose you to play the reading game. ( Reading of the given words in turn)

























Teacher: Fill in the blanks below in the words in the box

Movie Genres:

The type of movie is the movie _________________. A movie that makes you laugh is a ___________________. A movie that makes you scream is a ___________________. A movie that is exciting with lots of guns and explosions is an _________________ movie. Movies about the future or space are known as __________________ films. And a movie about real life is a _______________________. An __________________ film has cartoon characters.


Movies with big budgets that sell a lot of tickets are called ______________________. Many of these movies do so well that movie producers make a _______________, or part II.

At the Theater:

The place where you watch a movie is called a _________________. To see a movie, usually, you have to buy a __________________. The movie is projected onto a large _______________ using a movie _________________. An __________________ is a person who shows you to your seat and makes sure everybody is quiet during the movie.

Answers: genre, comedy, horror, action, sci-fi, documentary, animation, blockbusters, sequel, theatre, ticket, screen, projector,

IV. Listening

C:\Bogglesworld Work\survivaltravelenglish\movie\director.jpg


Well, you know that there are some people who enjoy going to the theatre. We are very busy now, so we need to do everything in time. To save time and find out some information you need just call the cinema and get it.

Exercise 3, page 26


Listen to the recorded message and complete the cinema information for the Picture House.


1 – 23 2 - 17.30 3 - 16.00 4 - 14.45 5 - £ 6.75 6 - £5. 00 7 - £3.50 8 – directed 9 - starring 10 – nine

V. Speaking


We often discuss films we have seen with our friends. What genres do you like best and why?

P 1: I like science fiction films because they are stuffed with events and have a mysterious plot. They are usually unrealistic and full of special effects. They are about unreal and supernatural things. What I like about them is that they keep you in suspense and grab your attention. I think they are magnificent and really impressive.

P2: Historical films are full of special effects and realistic. They have fights of different types.

The stories are dynamic. Such films catch your attention. They are really exciting. They teach you to defense justice. I think that they are extremely great and wonderful.

P3: As for me, I do love action films. Action films are very dynamic and exciting. More than that they grab your attention from the first scene. They help to cool off. They have mysterious plot, they teach you to defense justice and to be strong and brave.. They are impressive. They demonstrate the physical abilities of man.


What Ukrainian films would you advise your foreign friend to see if he/she is interested in…

If he is interested in detective stories I’d advise him to see “Mesto Vstrechi izmenit nelzya” If he is interested in comedies I’d advise him to see the film Svaty. If he is interested in historical films I’d advice him to see “Roksolana”


As for me I really like films which are kind and romantic. They are about ordinary people. They teach you to believe in love. They are absolutely wonderful. (fragment)



Pre-reading activities


Do you enjoy watching films about people from history?

Have you seen any films about pirates?

What do you think life was like for pirates?

Let’s watch an episode from the well-known Pirates of the Caribbean for the discussion.

( Pirates of the Caribbean)

While-reading activities

Teacher: Read the article and match the topics ( a –d ) with the correct paragraphs ( 1- 4).

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean is a great film, but don’t believe everything you see about the life of an eighteenth-centure-pirate! The filmmakers clearly hadn’t studied history before they made the film. In the film, a pirate’s life seems exciting and Johnny Depp looks romantic, but in real life pirates weren’t romantic at all, they were robbers and murders. They attacked ships, killed sailors and took anything valuable. And it's no good looking for hidden treasure, because as soon as they got into port, they sold the jewels or gold they had stolen.

A pirate's life involved danger, violence and a curly death so perhaps it was a bit too exciting at times. It was certainly a hard life, because pirate ships weren't like the luxury cruise ships we see nowadays in the Caribbean. "Three hundred years ago ships were filthy and cramped. The smell of human sweat on hoard ship was unimaginable. There wasn't much privacy, there weren't any toilets and lots of pirates had stomach problems!

  1. Pirates often suffered from stomachache because of their terrible food. There wasn't any choice, there wasn't very much and what they had was usually dry and tasteless or rotten. Fresh water was a luxury and fresh fruit definitely not on the menu. Often, when the cook went to the cupboard he found that rats had eaten most of food. Some ships had thousands of rats on board and they were hungry! Rats weren't the only travelling companions. When they left the tropical ports, sailors often found that snakes, poisonous spiders and scorpions had come with them and everyone had fleas.

  2. When they weren't robbing other ships, pirates had time - and lots of it. 'Without twenty first century technology such us satellite navigation to plan the route and DVDs to entertain you, voyages were long and boring. Pirates who had finished their work sat around, played cards and sewed. 'By the time they got home most had become experts at making their own clothes! They probably didn't look as good as Johnny Depp with his high boots and exotic make-up but many liked to look smart when they weren't on board ship.

  3. Life at sea was hard boring, dangerous and dirty so why did men choose to become pirates? In the 1700s,life on land was just as bad. A pirates life probably sounded exciting. When they got home pirates told stories of how they had been visiting beautiful places and having lots of adventures. They had stolen treasure and now they were rich.

That probably sounded attractive to poor young men who had been working on farms for very little money. You won't learn much about the life of an eighteenth-century pirate from Johnny Depp!


Read the text again and choose the best answer.

A Who chose to be pirates?

B Food and drink

C Life on a pirate ship

D Free time

Read the text again and choose the best answer, A, B,C or D.

1 What is a pirate's life like in films?
A It's romantic.

B it's fun.

C It's hard.

D it's dangerous.

2 What did pirates do with their treasure?
A They hid it.

B They kept it. C They sold it. D They gave it away.

3 Why was the food so bad?
A Because the rats had eaten it.

B Because it didn't taste of anything. C Because there wasn't much of it. D Because it wasn't cooked very well.

4 When did the pirates find the animals on board?
AAfter leaving the ports.

B On their way to the ports. C Before leaving the ports. D During their stay in a ports,

5 Why were pirates bored on board ship?
A Because the voyages were very long.

B Because there was nothing to do.

C Because they wanted to rob more ships.

D Because they didn't like sewing.

6 Whit did pirates say when they got home?

A That they had tried to escape.

B That they had had a good time and made money.

C That they had met exciting people.

D That they had had a hard time.

Post-reading activities


In your own words describe :

  • Life on a pirate ship ( Life was… )

  • The food and drink ( Pirates ate… they didn’t eat…)

  • What pirates did when they weren’t working. (Pirates…)


You see NOT all films are based on real life, but how entertaining they are. Watch them, enjoy them and maybe in future you’ll direct your own film which can be a blockbuster.

VII. Summarizing


I don’t think there is anything more to say on the subject. In conclusion I would say that all of you worked hard. I am satisfied with your work. And I must say, "The more you live, the more you see, the more you see, the more you know". And you will evaluate yourself using the given tables.

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