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II.BURATINO (fairy-tale)

Based on the story by A.N.Tolstoy.


Buratino, Karabas-Barabas, Cricket, Father Carlo, Fox Alice, Puppets Malvina, Cat Bazilio, Bats, Piero, Artemon, Dogs.


Father Carlo: This is my nice new puppet. I’ll call him Buratino.These are his eyes. Such a funny look! These are hands, legs, ears, a mouse and a nose.

Buratino: Hee, hee, hee! Ha,ha, ha! Don’t touch me any more! It’s too much for me. Stop it! (Buratino is dancing and singing)

Father Carlo: Now listen to me,Buratino. I’ve not finished you, stop dancing, please! I’m going out to buy some food and you sit at home and be quiet.

Cricket: Chirico chuck, Chirico chuck!

Buratino: Hey, who is that?

Cricket: It’s me.

Buratino: And who are you?

Cricket: I’m a cricket. I’ve lived here for more than a hundred years.

Buratino: I’m the boss around here. And you go away!

Cricket: All right, I’ll go. But before I go, let me give you some advice.

Buratino: I don’t want any advice from a silly little cricket like you!

Cricket: Buratino, don`t be naughty. Listen to Papa Carlo you must study and go to school.

Buratino: I don`t want to study! I don`t want to go to school I know everything!

Cricket: Well, how much is two and two?

Buratino: It`s five.

Cricket: Wrong answer!

Buratino: Never mind! It doesn`t matter to me.

Cricket: It`s a pity, Buratino. You will have a lot of problems.

Buratino: Papa Carlo! Papa Carlo!

Papa Carlo: You must go to school,my dear boy. This is an ABC book for you.

Buratuno: An ABC book for me? It`s wonderfull. But where is your jacket.

Papa Carlo: Oh, I sold it. I can do without it. I must look after you.

Buratino: When I grow up, I`ll buy you a thousand new jackets.


Buratino: School can wait a bit. I`d better sell my ABC book and buy a ticket for the Puppet Theartre.

Karabas Barabas: Come on! Come on! Here`s my wonderfull comedy!

Puppet1: Oh, who are you?

Buratino: I`m Buratino.

Puppet2: Such a nice new puppet!

Puppet3: Oh, he can dance and sing!

Puppet4: Join us! Let`s be friends!

Puppet5: It`s so dull in our theatre!

Puppet6: You`ll bring joy and fun to us!

Karabas Barabas: How can you interrupt my wonderfull comedy! Oh, a piece of dry wood. I`ll put you in the fire and my supper will be ready in no time.

Buratino: That`s not a good idea. I`d better go home to Papa Carlo. I have supper there and we have a nice picture of a fireplace.

Karabas Barabas: Where do you live, my dear? Please, Show me. Here are some coins for you. One, two, three,four,five. Go home and wait for me.

Buratino: There is a secret here, I think. I want to know it, too.


Malvina: I`ll do it! Now sit down. Put your hands in front of you, please. We are going to have an arithmetic lesson. You`ve got two apples in you hands.

Buratino: That`s not true.

Malvina: Let`s imagine. One apple is taken away. How many apples are left?

Buratino: Two.

Malvina: Why?

Buratino: Because I wouldn`t let anyone take my apples away.

Malvina: Oh, no! All right. You are bad at arithmetic. Let`s write.

Malvina: Oh, you are not very polite. Who taught you manners?

Buratino: Sometimes Papa Carlo, sometimes nobody at all.

Fox Alice: You take one coin and I`ll take four.

Cat Bazilio: Why? Fox Alice: Well, well. Take two and I take two. Ha,ha,ha! Malvina: You are a very naughty boy! You must be punished at once. Artemon!

Artemon: Yes, please. What do you want, your Majesty?

Malvina: Take him away to the cell !

Buratino: You, silly sausage!

Artemon: Don`t be rude or I`ll bite you!

Bats: We are bad black bats! You are afraid of us, Buratino!

Buratino: I am not afraid of you .


Piero: Oh, where is Malvina? Oh, where? Oh, where? She has disappeared. She is nowhere.

Buratino: What are you doing here?

Piero: I`m looking for the most beautifull girl-Malvina.

Buratino: Well, I ran away from that girl yesterday.

Piero: I must help her. She`ll be happy when we find the key to the Puppet Theatre.

Buratino: Here it is! This is the key.

Artemon: Karabas Barabas and the dogs will be her in a minute.

Buratino: Don`t panic! Off we go!

Karabas Barabas: Give me the key!

Buratino: Here is the key to the door.

Papa Carlo: Open it! We`ll go to the magic world of the Puppet Theatre.

Buratino: Let`s dance!

I.Organization moment: Good afternoon dear teachers, pupils and our guests! We are glad to see you on our extra – curricular lesson . Now the pupils of the 8th form will show you a tale, now at first, do you know these heroes? Name them please ( father Carlo, Malvina, Buratino).


Do you know from which tale are they? If you want to know the name of the tale, let’s guess the rebus : , ,,


Bus’ rat ’’ rhino

Краткое описание документа:

Эта сказка про Буратино .Метопредметная цель : способствовать совершенствованию умения целеполагания, умения работать с текстом, поиска информации, анализировать и синтезировать учебный материал.Развивающая цель: способствовать развитию мышления.  Воспитательная цель: создать условия для работы учащихся в группах для воспитания чувства взаимоподдержки и сотрудничества. Учиться анализировать текст, искать нужную информацию и составлять новый текст, актуализировать знания и навыки .Техническое оснащение и раздаточный материал: компьютер, проектор,
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