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Қhello_html_m66f11de1.jpgызылорда облысы, Шиелі ауданы

243 негізгі мектебінің ағылшын

пәнінің мұғалімі

Күздеубаева Жанат Орынбекқызы.

ІІ санатты мұғалім

The aim of the lesson :

Educational: to present new words and expressions concerning on the

theme and practice them in pupils speech, to introduce ordinal numareals

and prepositions of time in and on, after and before.

Developing : to develop pupils oral and written communication skills and habits, to

improve pronunciation and translation group work.

Bringing-up: to teach children to be attentive , kind and polite,to bring up feelings of

friendship and respect to each other.

The equipments: interactive board, flipcharts, cards, illustrated pictures, diagram, placards.

The type of the lesson: getting new information.

The methods of teaching: interaction, presentation, explanation, question-answer,individual

work,pair and group work, game “ Bingo ” warm-up.

The procedure of the lesson;

Organization moment: greetings,

talk with pupil on duty,

marking absentees.

Warm –up.

Spring is green,

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow,

Winter is white.

Checking the home task: Ex:5..p38.

Our theme in our lesson is “ When is your birthday ? ”

Now let`s take new words:

Season - жыл мезгілі Autumn - күз

Summer – жаз Winter - қыс

Spring - көктем after – кейін соң,before – дейін, бұрын, алдында.

Ex: 1. Write the dates.

  1. 15th November - The fifteenth of November.

  2. 10th October -

  3. 3rd April –

  4. 2nd May –

  5. 7th August –

Ex:2. Read the dialogue.

  • When is your birthday?

It is in winter.

  • In which month is it?

It`s on 28 th of January. And when is yours?

  • Mine is on 28 of May.

  • What `s the date today?

It`s 10th of March.

  • Oh, it`s my father`s birthday on 12 of February.

Ex;3 Write the names of the seasons:

  1. Rpsign – spring 3.twrine – winter.

  2. Mutanu - autumn 4.umresm – summer.

Conclusion. Giving home task: Ex:16. p50.

to learn new words.

1.Work on the diagram.

Divide the names of months into 4 groups:


Saying birthday: My birthday is on the 20th of July.

2.Grammar: ordinal numerals.

1st-first 3rd - 5th- 7th- 9th-

2nd - 4th- 6th- 8th - 10th-

Ex:6. Match the flowers with the numbers.

hello_html_m91090b4.gifListen and repeat.

Краткое описание документа:

The  aim of the lesson :  Educational:  to  present  new   words  and expressions  concerning  on the                          theme and practice  them  in  pupils  speech, to  introduce ordinal numareals                                   and     prepositions  of  time  in  and  on,  after  and  before.   Developing :  to develop pupils oral  and  written  communication skills and  habits, to                                   improve  pronunciation  and  translation group work.   Bringing-up: to teach  children  to be  attentive , kind  and  polite,to bring up feelings  of                              friendship and  respect to  each  other.  The   equipments:  interactive board,  flipcharts, cards, illustrated  pictures,  diagram, placards.  The type of the  lesson:  getting  new information. The  methods  of  teaching:  interaction,  presentation, explanation, question-answer,individual                                                 work,pair and  group work, game “ Bingo ” warm-up.                       The  procedure  of the lesson; Organization moment:  greetings,                                          talk with pupil on duty,                                          marking  absentees. Warm –up.                           Spring  is  green,                           Summer  is  bright,                           Autumn  is  yellow,                           Winter  is  white. Checking   the  home  task:  Ex:5..p38. Our  theme  in  our  lesson  is   “  When  is   your   birthday ?  ” Now  let`s  take  new  words:          Season -   жыл мезгілі                         Autumn -  күз         Summer –   жаз                               
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