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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тестовый контроль по теме «Человек и животные» в формате ЕГЭ
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Тестовый контроль по теме «Человек и животные» в формате ЕГЭ



Установите соответствие между заголовками А—Н и текстами 1—7. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.

A. Future Rescuers

B. Origin of the Superstition

C. Risky Sport

D. Oldest Creatures

E. Discredited Myth

F. Distress Call

G. Visible Obstacle

H. Significant Difference

I. «When men first flew in space, they were amazed to discover that the only men-made object visible from orbit was the Great Wall in China.» This is a nice idea, but it's not true. The Great Wall is mostly grey stone in a grey landscape and, in fact, is very difficult to see even from an aeroplane flying at a mere 15 kilometres above. What can be seen when orbiting the earth are the fires of African desert people and the lights of fishing boats off Japan.

2. The term «Mayday» is an internationally recognized radio signal which is only used when a ship is in great danger and needs help immediately. The signal is transmitted on a wavelength of 2.182 kHz, which is permanently monitored by rescue services on the shore. The use of this expression has a very straightforward explanation. It came from the French phrase «m'aidez», which means «help me».

3. In 1700, Henri Misson, a Frenchman visiting Britain asked villagers why they had horseshoes nailed above their doors. They said 'it was to keep witches away. Horseshoes are made of iron and the strength of the iron was thought to protect from evil. Still today they are thought to bring good luck and many brides carry silver ones at their weddings. The position of the horseshoe is very important. It must point upwards like a cup so that the luck cannot fall out.

4. Women generally live about six years longer than men. Evidence suggests that boys are the weaker sex at birth, which means that more die in infancy. Also women do not have as much heart disease as men. In terms of lifestyle, men smoke more than women and thus more die of smoking- related diseases. Also, they generally have more dangerous occupations, such as building work.

5. Scientists say that rats can help to look for earthquake survivors buried in the ruined buildings. Dogs are already used to search for people, but rats can be even more useful. Like dogs they've got a great sense of smell, but scientists still need to train rats to sniff out people and to carry special radio transmitters to let them know when the survivor is found. Rats may also be trained to find bombs or explosives.

  1. Dinosaurs roared for about 150 million years before they disappeared. We humans have only been around for about 2 million years. But cockroaches are 350 million years old and still going strong! Cockroaches can survive in extreme conditions. They can be frozen, then thawed, and walk away as if nothing had happened. They can go for incredibly long time without eating anything. And that is the secret of their success!

  2. Founded in 1980, BASE jumping grew out of skydiving. But BASE jumping is much more dangerous than skydiving that is why it is banned in many countries. Legal jumps now happen on specific days and from approved structures. However, like other extreme sports, it's the risk of disaster that makes BASE jumping so exciting.

Special Dogs

There is a special group of dogs known as «Therapy Dogs.» These dogs are family pets with special training. The training allows them to go into public buildings and comfort people in need. The dogs are trained to be calm and quiet

|В11 Loud noises and places don't frighten them. They enjoy spending time with people. FAMILIAR

Some therapy dogs go into places such as hospitals and nursing homes. The patients enjoy

petting the dogs, and look forward to their visits.

В12 The dogs help to their day. BRIGHT

B13 Studies show that when people pet animals, their blood ____ _and heart rates go down. PRESS

They are calmer, and their mood improves. Other therapy dogs work in schools and libraries.

In one town in California, therapy dogs have become children's reading buddies. The dogs have been trained to be listening companions for young readers. The dogs make a great audience.

B14 They don't judge a child who cannot read well, they just listen ___________ CALM

. The children can read at their own pace.

B15 The kids find it ________ intimidating than reading in front of their class. LITTLE

B16 Sometimes, reading in front of their peers makes kids_______. NERVE

The dogs are quiet and attentive.

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"Тест по теме: «Человек и животные»

Публикация «Тестовый контроль по теме «Человек и животные»» состоит из одного файла, содержащего материал для проведения промежуточного контроля лексико-грамматических навыков и навыков чтения с пониманием основного содержания текста. Тест включает задание по чтению базового уровня изадание на использование лексико-грамматических форм на основе текста Special Dogs. Оба задания соответствуют формату заданий Единого государственного экзамена. Рекомендуемый класс для проведения тестового контроля — 10-11

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