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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговый контрольный тест за 3 четверть 9 класса по английскому языку

Итоговый контрольный тест за 3 четверть 9 класса по английскому языку

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English test “Can we learn to live in peace”

(9th form 3rd term)

1. Find the right meaning of the word “sign”

1. Mathematical sign

a. Gesture (жест) of a hand

2. She gave me a sign to sit

b. A thing that shows that smth exists

3. We saw a road sign

c. Symbol

4. There was no sign of life

d. A division of zodiac

5. Her sign is Lion

e. Notice that direct smb to some place

2. Put the direct speech into the reported.

  1. Tom said: “It is an important event”.

  2. Mother said: “Mary just watches TV every day”.

  3. He told me: “I will learn to speak French”.

  4. Doctor told patient: “I haven’t seen such diseases for a long time”.

  5. Her sister said: “Mary, I gave you the new dress, and you’ve spoiled it”.

  6. Peter asked: “What is the problem?”

3. Turn the verbs into nouns:

Example: prevent – preventing

1. lead; 2. relate; 3. solve; 4. respect; 5. agree; 6. unite; 7. peace; 8. violent

4. Put the correct modal verb:

Should, can’t , must, may, can

  1. People … try to prevent conflicts.

  2. Conflicts … lead to violence.

  3. You … understand that people have their rights.

  4. We … prevent all conflicts.

5. Put the verbs into the right form:

  1. If you (meet) schoolboys beating a smaller boy, you (try) to stop the violence. (past simple)

  2. If you (practice) a lot, you (can) speak English good. (present simple)

  3. If he (find) the gold, he (buy) a house. (past perfect)

  4. If my brother (brake) my phone, I (forgive) him. (present perfect)

6. Put the right word:

Afford, chat, declare, differ, unite, prohibit, suffer, citizen, cruelty, foreigner, harm, justice, liberty, nationality, pin, pluralism, diversity, self-determination, violence, terrorism

  1. Americans … that they bring … to other nations.

  2. … towards people is … in all countries.

  3. We can’t … expensive clothing.

  4. … is when you admit the … of opinions.

  5. … of Africa … from war conflicts.

  6. No matter how we … , every … has the right for …

  7. Give me your IRQ, I want to … with you.

  8. For every act of … there is a low and ….

  9. Yesterday you’ve lost your … . I’ve found it.

  10. Police won’t let criminals to make … to ordinary people.

  11. We should … against … .

  12. American person is a … when he comes to Russia.



1-c, 2-a, 3-e, 4-b, 5-d.


1) Tom said it was an important event.

2) Mother told that Mary just watched TV every day.

3) He told that he would learn to speak French.

4) Doctor told to patient that he hasn’t seen such diseases for a long time.

5) Her sister said that she gave Mary the new dress, and she had spoiled it.

6) Peter asked what the problem was.


1. leader; 2. relation; 3. solution; 4. respect; 5. agreement; 6. reunion; 7. peace; 8. violence


1. should, 2. can, 3. must, 4. can’t


1) met; would try

2) practice; can

3) had found; would have bought

4) has broken; would have forgiven


1. declare; liberty

2. violence, prohibited

3. afford

4. pluralism, diversity

5. citizens, suffer

6. differ; nationality; self-determination

7. chat

8. cruelty; justice

9. pin

10. harm

11. unite; terrorism

12. foreigner

Краткое описание документа:

Данный тест предназначен для проверки знаний, полученных учащимися девятых классов в третьей четверти учебного года. УМК «Enjoy English» Биболетовой, Трубаневой.Тест рассчитан на учащихся общеобразовательных школ, в классах со смешанным составом (присутствуют как дети со слабым знанием языка, так и сильные ученики).В тесте присутствует лингвистическая и грамматическая составляющие, а также затронуто словообразование. Однако, я рекомендую, для всесторонней проверки знаний, использовать также задания на аудирование и говорение из УМК (Progress Check №3).
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