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Песня как образовательный ресурс на уроках английского языка

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In relation to language learning, the use of songs offers some advantages:Songs provide variety and fun and are enjoyable.They are highly motivating and memorable.They are valuable in bridging the gap between the pleasurable experience of listening or singing and the communicative use of language.They help students focus on cross-cultural peculiarities and develop their socio-cultural competence.Musical materials are easily available to the teacher.“Songs are a powerful tool in teachers’ hands”. [3] Let’s have a look at some examples of how songs can help us focus on the form of the language as well as the cultural background, which is useful for breaking national stereotypes and making people of different cultures understand each other better.Oh, Susanna! The words and music for this song were composed by Stephen Foster in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1848. It became the ‘theme song’ of the miners (“Forty-Niners”) during the Gold Rush of 1849.

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