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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку (утренник) во 2 классе

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Puss: - Hello!

Pupil-1 : - Hello, how are you?

Puss: - I’m fine, thanks. And how are you?

Pupil-1 : - I’m fine too. And I’m happy.

Puss: -Why?

Pupil-1 : - Because I go to school. I’m a pupil. I’ve got a school-bag , a uniform and many friends. Look! Here are my friends.

Puss: - Hello, What’s your name?

Pupil-2 - My name is… And what is your name?

(Pupil -3- My name is…)

Glad to meet you.

Puss: - Do you like to go to school?

Pupil-2: - Yes, at school we read books, sing songs, run jump and play.

Pupil-3- I like to go to school too.

When I was only very small

I couldn’t go to school at all

But now I’m big , and I can go

With all the boys and girls I know

I wash my face and brush my hair

And I have brown shoes to wear

And soon I will be on my way

Oh, this is such a busy day!

Pupil-2: - And today we have a Christmas holiday. Pussy! Let’s go to school with us.

Pupil-3: -Let’s run to school! We are late!

Puss: - Thank you very much, but I can’t. I want to visit my Granny and say “Merry Christmas to her”.

Pupil-1: -Bye!

СЦЕНКА -2 (pupils 1, 4, 5)

Pupil-4-: Hello, …

Pupil-5- : Hello,…

Pupil-1- :Why are you crying? Today is Christmas. It’s a happy holiday for all people!

Pupil-4 -: Yes! You see, we have got a Christmas – tree, we’ve got Christmas cards, but we haven’t got presents! And we haven’t got Santa! Santa Claus won’t come!

Pupil- 1- : Why?

Pupil-5-: Do you see this letter? It is still in my bag! I forgot to send it to Santa Claus! What can we do? Y-y-y.

Pupil-1: Stop crying! I know who can help us! It’s a snowman!

Pupil-4: - Do you say about Yety or about a snowman?

Pupil-1: - A snowman, of course, Santa’s grandson.

Pupil-5: - But we haven’t got a snowman!

Pupil-1: Let’s make a snowman!

(They are making a snowman)

Pupil-6: Go into the garden,

And play with the snow,

Make a little snowman,

And help him to grow.

- What a nice snowman,-

The children will say.

What a nice game

For a cold winter day.

Pupil-7 I roll and roll a handful of snow

I’m making it big and round.

I roll and I roll the ball

Upon the snowy ground.

I’m making a funny old snowman,

You just wait and see

I’m going to make a snowman,

Just watch me!

Pupil-4-: - I’ve got a carrot!

Pupil-5:- And I’ve got a bucket!

(Snowman: I don’t want a bucket, I want a hat!) (Takes it from one of the pupils)

Pupils 4,5,6,7,1- What a nice snowman we have got!

Pupils 6, 7,1:- Bye!

Pupil 4 :- What’s your name?

Snowman: - My name is Frosty! I’ve got a carrot nose, a hat, two arms and two legs. I can go very quickly!

Pupil -4: Please, Frosty, take this letter to Santa Claus. We want to have a

Merry Christmas.

Pupil-5: - We want to have presents.

Snowman: - OK, I can help you. Bye.

Pupils -4,5: -Bye, Frosty, be careful!

Snowman: Stop! Look! Listen! Before you cross the street.

Use your eyes, use your ears, and then your feet.

Pupil-8 I wish I were a snowman

So tall and big and white!

I’d never have to clean my teeth

Or go to bed at night.

But may be Mr. Snowman

Is wishing he were me

For I’ll be here when summer comes

But where will the snowman be?

Let us merrily dance and play.

Santa Claus is on his way.

He will come while I am asleep,

Dreaming in my slumbers deep,

When I wake I’ll find a treat

Lots of lovely things to eat.

Let’s thank Santa as we should

Santa Claus is kind and good.

Pupil- Can you hear the bells?

Pupil- It is Santa. He is coming.

(Jingle Bells)

Pupil- Now let’s sleep. Santa will come and give us presents.

Pupil – I want to get a computer as a present.

Pupil – And I want to get a doll.

Pupil – I want to get a ball.

Santa. Good night, good night, my little child!

Get up gay and bright

In the morning light.

This present is for you….

New Year Day, happy day.

We are all glad and very gay

We all dance and sing and say:

-Welcome! Welcome! New Year Day!

Santa: I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

(We wish you a Merry Christmas)

Every year at Christmas time

You can hear the church bells chime.

They ring out on Christmas morn,

For that’s the day that Jesus was born.

And each year from heaven above

Your own special Angel

Brings you her love.

Краткое описание документа:

В своем утреннике я пыталась соединить интересную задумку (сюжет) со стихами и песнями о Новом годе, когда дети не только читают со сцены стихи, но разыгрывают маленькую пьеску.

Те, кто ещё не познал удовольствия изучения английского языка, может выучить только стихи, другие, более мотивированные получают роли (текст для выучивания).

Можно разделить текст на большое количество учащихся и ограничиться минимальными костюмами.

По времени утренник занимает около 20-25 минут, что не утомительно и интересно.

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