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Упражнения для закрепления грамматической темы Герундий

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The Gerund

I. Complete the sentences using the Gerund, made of the following verbs: to wash up, to run, to ask, to collect.

  1. ... in the morning is very good for our health. 2. ... ancient coins is my hobby. 3. Her dislike is .... 4. It is not very polite ... personal questions.

  2. Make English sentences using the Gerund.

1. 1 avoid (встречаться с этим человеком). 2. This book is worth (прочесть и обсудить). 3. Your shoes are dirty, they need (почистить). 4. Do you mind (пойти на концерт классической музыки). 5. 1 hate (носить старомодную одежду). 6. The factory started (выпускать новую модель утюгов). 7. Finish, please, (писать ваше сочинение). 8. Не continued (громко разговаривать). 9. Stop (перебивать его). 10. Go on (работать над своим докладом).

III. Complete the sentences using the Gerund with proper prepositions.

1. She was tired (to repeat) her part in the play. 2. We thanked him (to be) so kind to us. 3. 1 insisted (to turn down) the TV set. 4. He succeeded (to get) a good job. 5. She was interested (to enter) the University. 6. He was good (to make) things with his own hands. 7. Forgive him (to be) rude to you. 8. I'm pleased (to hear) from you. 9. Excuse me (to come) so late. 10. They objected (to invite) him.

IV. Join two sentences into one using the Gerund.

  1. She entered the classroom. She greeted the teacher. 2. The girl left home. She didn’t lock the door. 3. I learned the words. I pronounced them aloud. 4. They listened attentively. They didn’t interrupt. 5. We didn't miss the train. We took a taxi. 6. He sat at the table. He didn't eat anything. 7. We wrote the test. We listened to the teacher’s explanation first. 8. She went to the South. She consulted the doctor before. 9. He heard this piece of news. He was greatly surprised. 10. They discussed the problem. Then they adopted a resolution.

V. In this exercise you have to complete the sentences with these verbs:







be knocked








Example: Do you fancy playing. tennis this afternoon?

1. Could you please stop so much noise? 2. I don't enjoy letters. 3.

Does your job involve a lot of people? 4. 1 considered the job but in the end I

decided against it. 5. If you use the shower, try and avoid water on the floor. 6. Jack gave up

to find a job in Britain and decided to emigrate. 7. Have you finished your hair

yet? 8. The phone rang while Ann was having her dinner. She didn't answer it; she just carried on

9. He admitted the car but denied it dangerously. 10. Why do you keep on

at me like that? 11. They had to postpone away because their son was ill. 12. If

you walk into the road without lookmg, you risk down by a car.

  1. This time you have to read a sentence and write a second sentence with the same meaning. Begin your sentence in the way shown.

  1. The driver of the car said it was true that he didn't have a licence. The driver of the car admitted

  2. Tom said 'Let's have fish for dinner'. Tom suggested

  1. Answer these questions using the verbs given,

Examples; Why do you never fly? (hate) I hate flying

Why does Tom go to the cinema so often ? (like) He likes going to the cinema

1. Why do you always wear a hat? (like) I

2.Why does Ann watch television so often? (enjoy) She

3. Why do you never go to the cinema? (not/like)

4.Why does Jack take so many photographs? (like)

5. Why don't you work in the evenings? (hate)………..

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В настоящее время в учебниках английского языка уделяется не слишком много времени такому важному вопросу, как совершенствование грамматических знаний. Упор делается больше на устную речь и чтение. Тем не менее только грамматика позволяет нашей речи быть постороенной грамотнои отсюда звучать красиво. Мною подобраны упражнения разной степени трудности для тренировки (drilling)? позволяющие учащимся освоить грамматическую тему, причем соответственно своему уровню. Учащиеся, получив лист с заданиями, выполняют те упражнения, которые  им доступны.
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