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Материалы для контроля чтения, говорения "Our Planet is in Danger" (10 класс)

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Our Planet is in Danger

The Ozone Hole

Up in the sky, above the air we breathe, there is a layer of gas called ozone. It helps us by blocking out rays from the sun that can harm our skin. Now the ozone layer is being damaged by gases that people have made. These gases are used in refrigerators, fire extinguishes, air-conditioners, plastic foam and some other things. Scientists are concerned about the ozone layer, because a lot of it has gone away in just a few years.

Air Pollution

Until about 150 years ago, the air was clean and pure-perfect for the people and animals to breathe. Today the air is so polluted that it is not always safe to breathe. Polluted air is not only bad for people and animals, but for trees, farmers᾿ crops and other plants as well. So it᾿s very important for us to clean up the air we all breathe.

Water Pollution

The Planet Earth is mostly water. Oceans cover the biggest part of it – there are lakes, rivers, streams and even water underground. But we are not doing a good job of keeping water clean. Rivers and lakes are polluted by garbage or by poisonous chemicals, by gasoline or other harmful liquids. We need to save our water, to keep it clean and healthy so people, plants and animals will always have come to drink.

Acid Rain

When power stations burn coal to make electricity, and when cars burn gasoline, invisible gases are released into the air. Sometimes the gases get into rain clouds, where they get mixed in with rain or snow. Then the acid falls back to earth with rain or snow. This is called acid rain. Acid rain is extremely harmful to plants, rivers and lakes, and the creatures that live in them. It᾿s very important for us to stop making acid rain. We should drive our cars less, save energy. Factories and plants should control their level of pollution.

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