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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Материалы для проведения "Марафона знаний" по английскому языку в школе с углубленным изучением английского языка

Материалы для проведения "Марафона знаний" по английскому языку в школе с углубленным изучением английского языка

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Английский язык

Марафон знаний 5 класс

Задания на 1 балл

1. Where do you normally find a frying-pan?

a) in the kitchen b) in the classroom c) in the garden d) in the airport

2. Выбери лишнее слово:

Brave Kind Mean Generous Friendly

3. Закончи пропорцию:

Example: Winter – cold

Summer ? – hot


Grass ? - _________

Задания на 2 балла

1. Which fruit is green outside and red inside?

a) water-melon b) peach c) pear c) pine-apple d) apricot

2. Сэм загадал загадки про своих родственников. Разгадай их:

1) Who is my mother’s sister? aunt

2) Who is my father’s brother? ______________

3) Who is my mother’s daughter? ______________

3. Закончи пропорцию:


Dog ? - __________

Задания на 3 балла

1. Which animal do you look for if to cross a street? ( чтобы ответить, нужно правильно расставить буквы в словах):

a) rdcloieco b) fgreafi c) eazrb

2. В каждой строчке есть несколько лишних букв. Найди их. Составь из них слова на тему “Food”:


In winlter I get upa att nights lats salt

And dresse mby yelloaw candlelightt _____ ______

In sumemer, quibte thre othera wday _____ ______

I hkave to goi to bled by mday _____ ______

3. Закончи пропорцию:


Rain? - _______

Английский язык

Марафон знаний 3 класс

Задание 1 (2 балла):

Напиши правильный вариант:

  1. Tim’s friend _____________(go/ goes) to school.

  2. I think she can _____________(swim/ to swim).

  3. Yesterday Nick ____________(help/ helped) his mother.

  4. The dog _____________(has got/ have got) three puppies.

  5. My teachers _____________(are/ is) very clever.

  6. We _____________(don’t/ doesn’t) like to play chess.

Задание 2 (3 балла):

Соедини части предложений:

  1. It’s wet and windy a) an uncle or an aunt ?

  2. Let’s b) almost anything.

  3. Have you got c) half past seven.

  4. Goats can eat d) Monday.

  5. It’s e) flippers.

  6. Divers are wearing d) make a snowman.

Марафон знаний по английскому языку

для 6-х классов

Задание на 1 балл

  1. В каком из следующих слов звук, передаваемый буквосочетанием «al» , отличается от остальных?

a) call b) tall c) ball d) calm e) hall f) all g) talk h) walk

  1. Укажите, в каком предложении глагол стоит в Раst Perfect

    1. She has bought a new pair of shoes.

    2. She has a lot of different shoes at home.

    3. She had bought a pair of new shoes for yesterday’s party.

    4. She had new shoes on at the party.

  2. Какой из праздников соблюдается в России?

1) Boxing Day 2) Pancake Day 3) Halloween 4) Easter 5) Thanksgiving Day

  1. Отметьте существительные во множественном числе:

a) feet b) children c) tooth d) data e) news f) advice g) money h) phenomena

i) postmen j) woman k) time e) watch

  1. Выберите правильный перевод:

      1. I want you to come.

  1. Я хочу придти к тебе.

  2. Я хочу, чтобы ты пришел.

      1. We would like to join the party.

  1. Нам бы хотелось придти на вечер.

  2. Нам бы хотелось, чтобы вы пришли на вечер.

      1. I believed her to be a good friend.

  1. Я верила ей, хорошей подруге.

  2. Я считала ее хорошей подругой.

      1. I hope to enter the institute.

  1. Я надеюсь поступить в институт.

  2. Я надеюсь, что ты поступишь в институт.

Задание на 2 балла

  1. Образуйте словосочетания из левого и правого столбца:

        1. Make a) care

        2. Keep b) an exercise

        3. Take c) a mistake

4. Do d) ones promise

5. Have e) a look

  1. Расставьте буквосочетания в алфавитном порядке:

a) ear b) eat c) et

a) dol b) del c) dat

a) sup b) sip c) set

a) wen b) wil c) wid

  1. Определите, какое слово подойдет ко всем предложениям:

      1. him go!

      2. I just couldn’t … you eat that pie.

      3. Did your parents … you stay out after midnight when you were sixteen?

      4. As soon as you get there … me know.

      5. …’s forget it.

Задание на 3 балла

Поставьте предложения в нужном порядке, чтобы получился связный


  1. Since then it has been seen at least once every year and has been photographed many times.

  2. The first photograph was taken by a local man in November, 1933.

  3. The story of Loch Ness monster begins in 1933 when it was seen for the first time.

  4. In the North of Scotland there is a lake, which contains one of the biggest mysteries of the 20th century.

  5. In the deep waters of Loch Ness a monster is hiding.

Марафон знаний по английскому языку для 2-го класса

А 1. Отметь слово со звуком [i:].

  1. Pen

  2. Bed

  3. See

  4. Ten

A 2. Найди слово со звуком [ai].

  1. Take

  2. Five

  3. Big

  4. Giraffe

A 3. Какой из заглавных букв соответствует строчная буква « q»?

  1. Q

  2. J

  3. D

  4. G

A 4. В каком слове буква « o» читается так, как произносится в алфавите?

  1. Box

  2. Go

  3. Dog

  4. Fox

A 5. Определи лишнее слово.

  1. Sing

  2. Skip

  3. Big

  4. Swim

A 6. Какое слово не подходит, чтобы закончить это предложение?

Ann is a ___________.

  1. Six

  2. Girl

  3. Pupil

  4. Doctor

A 7. Отметь слово, в котором гласная находится в закрытом слоге.

  1. Name

  2. Red

  3. Five

  4. Nose

A 8. Укажи, где необходимо окончание « s».

  1. A funny dog__.

  2. A boy__.

  3. Seven dog__.

  4. A black cat__.

A 9. Отметь животное, которое «cant swim».

  1. A crocodile

  2. A monkey

  3. A dog

  4. A frog

A 10. Отметь предложение с ошибкой.

  1. Kate’s cat is black and white.

  2. Ann has got a cat.

  3. Dogs can swim.

  4. Cat’s can’t swim.

A 11. Выбери вариант ответа на вопрос.

Are foxes green?

  1. No, it isn’t.

  2. No, they aren’t.

  3. Yes, it is.

  4. Yes, they are.

A 12. Какой глагол надо поставить в начале вопроса?

_______you got a sister?

  1. Have

  2. Can

  3. Is

  4. Are

A 13. Какое слово можно заменить на «he» ?

  1. Mother

  2. Sister

  3. Uncle

  4. Aunt

A 14. Выбери правильный вопрос к предложению.

I have got a big family.

  1. You got a big family?

  2. You have got a big family?

  3. Have you a big family?

  4. Have you got a big family?

Ответы на вопросы:

А1 – 3

А2 – 2

А3 – 1

А4 – 2

А5 – 3

А6 – 1

А7 – 2

А8 – 3

А9 – 2

А10 – 4

А11 – 2

А12 – 1

А13 – 3

А14 – 4

Марафон знаний 10 класс (вариант 1)

  1. Change the words in brackets in order to complete the text.

  1. Kate knocked at the door and entered the room. The room was large – three times ________________________(large) than Kate’s classroom.

  2. The walls ___________________________(paint) light blue.

  3. Several _____________________________(child) were sitting in a circle.

  4. The teacher was standing beside them. “Come in, Kate,” the teacher _______________ (tell) her.

  5. We___________________________(play) word games. Would you like to join us?”

  6. Kate _________________________(not know) how to play word games but sat down between a tall blond girl and a dark-haired boy.

  7. I ____________________________(never play) this game.” Kate whispered to the girl. “Is it difficult?”

  1. Write the Past Simple of the following irregular verbs.

  1. Beat - ______________________

  2. Catch - _____________________

  3. Creep - _____________________

  4. Fight - ______________________

  5. Freeze - _____________________

  6. Hang - ______________________

  7. Hurt - _______________________

  8. Lay - _______________________

  9. Light - ______________________

  10. Seek - ______________________

  1. Find one spelling mistake in each sentence and write down the correct word

  1. Siem Reap is a small town in Cambodia, a contry in Asia. _____________________

  2. This town has fine examples of colonial arkitecture. __________________________

  3. Nowardays, this town is quite popular with tourists. ___________________________

  4. It’s often used as a starting point for eksiting travellings. ______________________

  5. There you will find stone monuments and impressive saits._____________________

Марафон знаний 10 класс (вариант 2)

  1. Change the words in brackets in order to complete the text.

  1. When Allan got to the airport, the airport official said: “I’m sorry, sir, but your plane_________________________(take) off.

  2. You will have to take the next flight. You __________________(arrive)

in New York at about midnight.”

  1. Allan was upset: “I must be in New York at 6 pm. I have a job interview there. I can’t miss it. It’s the __________________(good) job in the world.

  2. Thousands of men and _________________(woman) dream about such a job.”

  3. The airport lady ________________(say) nothing and turned to another passenger.

  4. Allan ___________________(not know) what to do. He pulled out his notebook.

  5. The time of the interview_______________________(write) there: 6pm, Tuesday. Allan looked at his digital watch and read: 2 pm, Monday.

  1. Write the Past Simple of the following irregular verbs.

  1. Bend - ______________________

  2. Choose - ____________________

  3. Feel - _______________________

  4. Hide - ______________________

  5. Lie - ________________________

  6. Mean - ______________________

  7. Sink - _______________________

  8. Steal - _______________________

  9. Strike - ______________________

  10. Wear - _______________________

  1. Find one spelling mistake in each sentence and write down the correct word.

  1. I do sports regulaly. Life is impossible without motion. ______________________

  2. I’ve been into sports science my childhood. _______________________

  3. When I was seven, a karate teacher said that I should

execise. _______________________

  1. He was write - I was too fat and looked unhealthy. _______________________

  2. I followed his advise and now I’m quite happy. ________________________

Ключи к заданиям марафона знаний 10 класс (вариант 1)

  1. 1. larger

  1. were painted

  2. children

  3. told

  4. are playing / ‘re playing

  5. did not know / didn’t know

  6. have never played / ‘ve never played

  1. 1. beat

2. caught

3. crept

4. fought

5. froze

6. hung

7. hurt

8. laid

9. lit

10. sought

3) 1. country

2. architecture

3. nowadays

4. exciting

5. sights

Ключи к заданиям марафона знаний 10 класс (вариант2)


1. has taken / ‘s taken

2. will arrive / ‘ll arrive

3. best

4. women

5. said

6. did not know / didn’t know

7. was written


1. bent

2. chose

3. felt

4. hid

5. lay

6. meant

7. sank

8. stole

9. struck

10. wore


1. regularly

2. since

3. exercise

4. right

5. advice

Марафон знаний по английскому языку для 4го класса

  1. Read the text. Fill in the gaps with the correct word.

Once upon a _1_ there lived a beautiful young princess called Snow-White. Her mother __2__ when she was born. Snow-White’s father, __3__, married again. His new Queen was a beautiful but__4__ woman. She __5__ a magic mirror. Every day the Queen asked __6__ the same question: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the __7__ of us all?”

  1. Time day month

  2. Smiled cried died

  3. The Prince the King the Tsar

  4. Happy angry kind

  5. Made was had

  6. Him her it

  7. Better worst best

  1. Put the sentences in the logical order to make up a story.

  1. On Sunday Dan woke up and looked at the clock.

  2. Dan’s father is usually very busy at work.

  3. When they came home they had lunch.

  4. Dan’s family is not big.

  5. After breakfast Dan and his father went for a walk to the park.

  6. He lives with his mother and father.

  7. Then they watched an interesting film on TV.

  8. It was nine o’clock in the morning.

  9. He is free only at weekends and he always spends them with his son and wife.

  10. It was a very nice day!

  11. There they saw a squirrel and played with it.

  12. He got up and his mother called him for breakfast.

  1. Read the word in Russian. Then use the letters to make an English word.

  1. Разный redintffe ______________

  2. Завтра mrotowro ______________

  3. Овощи levgetbaes ______________

  4. Удобства niconncveese _________________

  5. Принес robuhgt ______________

  6. Вместе gerthtoe _______________

  7. Любимый fvoauteri ________________

  1. Read the information in the box. Choose the necessary information to make the story complete.

Name: Isabel

Age: 12

Job: pupil

City, country: Malaga, Spain

Appearance: short, slim, long blond hair, blue eyes

Pet: rat, Queen


Mother, Dolores, 42, dancer

Uncle, Carlos, 35, musician

Sister, Pilar, 7, pupil

Hobbies: dancing, singing

Dear Kate,

My name is _________. I’m ______ years old and I’m a ________. I live in __________ in __________.

I’m _______ and ________. I’ve got ____________ and _____________. My mother, ___________, is a ____________. She is _________. My uncle, ___________, is a ___________. He is _________. My sister, Pilar, is _________. She is also a __________.

I’ve got a ______. Its name is _______. It lives in a cage.

I’m good at __________ and _____________.

Write back and tell me about your family.



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