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Материалы по английскому языку по теме "День Святого Валентина" для 8-11 классов


БУ «Центр искусств для одаренных детей Севера»


Материалы по теме «День Святого Валентина»

Материалы предназначены для учеников 8-11 классов при изучении страноведческих аспектов (праздников и традиций англоговорящих стран). Могут быть использованы на уроках английского языка, на факультативных занятиях и мероприятиях в ходе тематической недели иностранных языков.

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Шиятая Людмила Ивановна


Valentine Quiz:

  1. Valentine Day is on

a) 14 January b) 14 February c) 14 March

  1. On this day people

a) send long letters to each other b) get married c) send cards to each other

  1. The day got its name from

a) a girl’s name b) a priest’s name c) a Roman Emperor’s name

  1. St. Valentine went to prison because

a) he didn’t go to the army b) he secretly married people c) he secretly got married to an Emperor’s daughter

  1. How should you sign your valentine card?

a) Yours faithfully b) Best Wishes c) Guess Who?

Match words with similar meaning:

  1. romance

  2. affection

  3. humorous

  4. decorate

  5. merchant

  6. spouse

  7. feelings

  8. companion

  9. festival

  10. sweetheart

    1. boyfriend, girlfriend

    2. love

    3. tenderness, warm feeling

    4. make attractive

    5. wife, husband

    6. emotions

    7. funny

    8. celebration

    9. storekeeper

    10. friend

Unscramble the words and use them to write a valentine for a person you love.

  1. epsnret

  2. upcdi

  3. ancyd

  4. levniaten

  5. ahters

  6. maidre

  7. iferdn

  8. edr

  9. orwar

  10. rdca











Cross out phrases or words that don’t belong to the line:

  1. humorous: a) serious b) funny c) light-hearted d) comic

  2. affection: a) a hug b) a kiss c) holding hands d) anger

  3. merchant: a) a customer b) salesperson c) seller d) florist

  4. feeling: a) love b) anger c) homework d) happiness


  1. In what way can Valentine’s Day make someone happy or sad?

  2. How should you choose a friend? In what way can you make and keep friends? How are they lost?

  3. What does the expression “You are wearing your heart on your sleeve” mean? Is it god to be such a person?

  4. Why is the heart is an appropriate symbol for Valentine’s Day? What other symbols do you know?

  5. What are the most popular presents for Valentine’s Day? What feelings do they express?

  6. What is meant by the terms “heartbreaker”, “lady-killer”?

  7. What makes a person popular?

Fill in the gaps. Use the words from the box.

love letters European Christian married marriages prison Claudius Your Valentine daughter children

There is a beautiful legend behind St. Valentine’s Day.

Saint Valentine lived in Rome in the third century AD. At that time the Emperor of Rome was (1)____. He wasn’t very popular because he was trying to get more and more people to his army. The men didn’t want to go to the army and Claudius thought that it was because they didn’t want to leave their wives and (2)____. “If they don’t marry, they’ll join the army”, he thought and passed a law which banned (3)______.

Valentine was a (4)_____ priest, who didn’t like the new law. He secretly (5)_____ people who were in love. One night the Emperor’s soldiers caught him and put him in (6)______. Valentine was going to die.

Many young people felt sorry for Valentine and visited him in prison. One of them was a (7)_____ of the prison guard. On the day of his execution Valentine wrote her a note and signed it “Love from your Valentine”. This was on the 14th of February 269 AD.

Since then the 14th of February has been the Day of Love, when people send (8)____ and presents to each other. They don’t sign the cards with their names, but write “Guess Who” or “(9)______”.

At first this was a (10)_____ tradition, but then it became popular in other countries. It came to Russia too.

Read the text to find out the meanings of Valentine Symbols.

The ornaments that decorate valentines are symbols of love and friendship. Ornaments for early valentine cards were made by hand. Each had a special meaning. A rose meant “I really love you”, a fan meant “open your heart”, a ribbon meant “you are tied up” or “you are my girl”, lace meant “you have caught my heart in a net”.

At valentine parties romantic symbols were sometimes hidden in a cake. Each guest got a slice and if he was lucky, there was a symbol. Sometimes symbols were hidden in gift packages.

Rice meant a wedding. A ring meant a wedding too or an engagement. A coin meant a person would marry someone rich. If a boy got a mitten, it meant that his girl didn’t like him.

A heart means love and affection or real friendship. Wedding rings and love knots tie the couple together and symbolized the love which will never end. Angels and children bless a happy marriage. Harps and lyres play romantic music.

Draw a picture to say the sentences below without words:

  1. Open your heart to me, because you have caught mine in a net of your love.

  2. We will have a happy blessed marriage.

  3. You are nice, but i don’t love you.

  4. Our strong love will never finish!

  5. You are my lovely girl, our life will be like beautiful music!

Write an acronym for the person you love.

M y dear,

A gree to be mine!

R eal love is my present for you.

Y ou are the best in the world!

Use the code key to find the secret message. Then think of your own secret code and prepare a similar message for your friend.

33 – d

77 – l

19 – i

51 – s

42 – y

83 – h

79 – n

56 – o

8 – e

66 – v

7 – a

69 – t

17 – u

26 – r

2 – p

  1. 83 8 7 26 69 19 77 42 83 56 2 8 42 56 17 83 7 66 8 7

83 7 2 2 42 66 7 77 8 79 69 19 79 8 51 33 7 42

Here’s some traditional Valentine’s verse. Use them for your valentine cards.

Here’s a special valentine

With lots of love for you,

And since you’re very special

Here hugs and kisses too!

I hope that Valentine’s Day

Will bring you a lot of fun.

I think you are extra-specially nice

And so does everyone.

Here’s a valentine

And this is what it’s for –

To say that every day

You are loved more and more

It’s high time we were Valentines!

You are a dad and mother

Who both are very dear

That’s why you are in my mind

Each day through the year.

Anyone would be proud

And very grateful too,

To have a dad and mother

As fine as both of you!

Sending a wish with lots of heart

For a day that’s happy from the start!

What the world needs now

Is more special people like you!

It’s such a treat to know

Someone so sweet!

Happiness is having you

For my Valentine!

With tons of love on Valentine’s Day!

I just wanted to say...

Have a bright, delightful

Valentine’s Day!

You’d make the nicest Valentine

That there could ever be!

And so I’m asking you,

Please, be Valentines with me!

A friend like you

Is a dream come true!

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