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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Материалы по теме "Моя семья" для студентов 1 курса медицинского колледжа
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Материалы по теме "Моя семья" для студентов 1 курса медицинского колледжа




great[greɪt] большой, великий

a nurse - [nɜːs] медсестра

swimming pool – [ˈswɪmɪŋ puːl] плавательный бассейн

as z] - поскольку; как

to be busy [ˈbɪzɪ] быть занятым

to keep the house - [kiːp ði: haʊs ] вести домашнее хозяйство

meal [miːl] еда, питание

to wash up [wɔʃ ʌp]мыть посуду

full [fʊl] полный

to knit [nɪt] вязать

draw [drɔː]рисовать

Text 1.

I would like to tell you about my family. It is very large and I’m proud of it. We are seven: mother, father, two brothers, grandmother and grandfather who are my mother’s parents.

I am seventeen. My elder brother is twenty, he is in the army now. My younger brother is a schoolboy, he is twelve. I love my brothers very much, we are great friends and always help each other.

My father is a worker at a car plant. He works five days a week and he likes his job. He often tells us interesting things about the cars they make.

My mother is a nurse at a hospital. She has a lot of work to do there and sometimes she stays there at night. When she has free time, she goes to the swimming pool.

As mother is always busy at work, our grandmother keeps the house. She cooks our meals and we help her to wash up, to clean the rooms, and grandfather does the shopping. Our grandfather is not very old, he is sixty-five and he still works three days a week. He is full of energy and says work keeps him healthy and young.

In the evening when everybody is at home, we like to stay in our big sitting room together. Grandfather reads a book, grandmother knits and father helps my younger brother to do his lessons. I write a letter to my elder brother and draw pic­tures of all the members of my family, including our dog and cat. Our dog is my younger brother's pet. He takes her out for a walk in the mornings and in the evenings.

  1. Find the phrases in the text and learn them:

  1. Я хочу рассказать вам о …; 2) гордиться чем-то; 3) старший брат; 4) младший брат; 5) помогать друг другу; 6) работать 5 дней в неделю; 7) медсестра; 8) мыть посуду; 9) быть полным энергии; 10) поддерживает его здоровым и молодым; 11) выгуливать (питомца); 12) быть занятым; 13) вести хозяйство.

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. How many members are there in this family?

  2. How old is the author?

  3. Who are the author`s brothers?

  4. What is the profession of the mother?

  5. Where does her father work?

  6. Where does her mother go when she has a free time?

  7. Who keeps the house?

  8. What does granny do about the house?

  9. How old is the grandfather?

  10. What do the grandparents do in the evening?

  11. Woes this family have pets?

  1. Составьте план рассказа о семье на основе текста.

  1. Составьте рассказ о себе и своей семье, опираясь на фразы:

  1. My name is ______

  2. I am (16 - sixteen)

  3. I am a student of Amur medical college.

  4. I like to (listen to music, surf the Internet, play computer games, go in for sports)

  5. My hobby is (drawing)

  6. I don`t like to (read the books…)

  7. My parents are always busy.

  8. My mother`s (father`s, brother`s) name is _____

  9. We like to (travel, watch movies) when we have free time.

  1. The Family and Relationships

hello_html_m6ea01359.pngLook at the family tree. Then use words from the box to complete the sentences, then use the rest of the words from the box to write more sentences about the people in the family tree.

  1. Harry is Ann's

  2. Mary is Joseph's

  3. Harry is Mary's

  4. Ann is Ronald's

  5. Helen is Catherine's

  6. Peter is Mary's

  1. Joseph is Ann's

  2. Helen is Harry's

  3. Catherine is Harry's _

  1. Peter is Helen's

  2. Catherine is Peter's

  3. Mary is Ronald's ________________________
























6. Which of the following are blood relatives (B) and which are relatives by marriage (M)?
  1. brother-in-law 4. stepmother

  2. great uncle 5. half brother

  3. niece 6. great grandparents

  1. Make up the dialogue

  • Good day (morning, afternoon, evening)!

  • Good __________________

  • What is your name?

  • My _________________

- How old are you?

- I _____________

- What are you?/What is your occupation?

- I am a ______________

- Where do you live?

- I live ___________

- How large is your family?

- There are _______ members in our family./ We are ____.

- What do you like to do?

- I like to ___________________.


at weekends - в субботу и воскресенье

to be off— иметь выходной

to devote one's time to—посвящать свое время чему-л.

to do everything about the house— делать все по дому

pensioner - пенсионер(ка)

to grow vegetables — выращивать овощи

kitchen garden— огород

to win — выиграть, победить

in the original — в оригинале

to share ones thoughts with smb. — делиться с кем-либо своими мыслями

the only childединственный ребенок

Text 2

My name is Kostya. I am in my last year at school. My family is small, my mother, my father and I. My mother is 40, but she looks young, everybody calls her Lena. She is an economist and works in a bank. My father is a very serious man, he is a university professor, so we call him Sergei Petrovitch. He is a philosopher. He is always very busy at the university and at home, sometimes he works even at weekends. We have a lot of books on philosophy at home, and I hope I'll be able to read some of them one day. Father wants me to become a philosopher too, but I don't think I'm as interested in this subject as he is.

My mother works five days a week and is off on Saturdays and Sundays. She doesn't have to work at home, so she can devote her time to our family and herself. She is a wonderful housewife. She does everything about the house: she cooks, does the cleaning and washing and goes shopping. In the evening mother likes to read her favorite book or watch TV;

Sometimes at weekends we go to the country house where my grandparents live. They are pensioners. My grandmother likes to work in the kitchen garden where she grows different vegetables. She is also fond of flowers, and we always bring home a lot of beautiful flowers.

I enjoy playing chess with mу grandfather, though I never win. My grandfather visited different countries when he was young, and he knows English and German very well. He can read books in the original. He says it's great to know foreign languages. I want to learn to speak English as well as my granddad does. A weekend with my grandparents is the happiest time for me.

I`m sorry I have no brother or sister with whom I could share my thoughts, my hobbies and my dreams. I am not happy to be the only child in the family. I only have a cousin, my uncle's son, who is my age and a niece, but she's very small she is only in the 7th form. We are good friends and sometimes spend our free time together.

I love my parents and grandparents and they love me. We are a happy family.

Answer the following questions:

  1. How large is your family?

  2. What are your parents?

  3. Have you got any grandparents? Are they pensioners?

  4. Who is the youngest (eldest) in your family?

  5. What are your parents' hobbies?

  6. What does your family usually do at weekends?

  7. Who keeps the house and cooks meals in your family?

  8. What does your father (mother) like to do after work?

10. What do you want to be?

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