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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Майстер-клас на курсах підвищення кваліфікації на тему "Interactive Methods of Teaching English" м. Вінниця

Майстер-клас на курсах підвищення кваліфікації на тему "Interactive Methods of Teaching English" м. Вінниця

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Language came into life as a mean of communication. It exists and is alive only through speech. When we speak about teaching a foreign language, we first of all have in mind teaching it as a mean of communication.
My purpose here is to explore the interactive method of teaching English , to show reason for interest in it, in what it is exploring, in what it accomplish, the principles and ideas that guide it.

Teacher has to organize different forms of activity at the foreign language classes that is individual, pair, group and team. I shall present you one interactive method – “Hot Potato”. This method I discovered for myself when I was preparing for psychological training. My pupils liked it a lot, so, I often use it on my lessons.

First of all, I want to pay your attention that this method is not only interactive, but it has some psychological features. It unites your pupils and teaches them while they are playing.


I must admit, that we can use such method on different parts of our lesson. This makes it all-purpose.

Also, we can give different tasks using this method. We can check your pupil’s grammar, reading, vocabulary and so on.

All that you need for using this method is your imagination and paper.


To show you how it works I prepared for you three different “Hot Potatoes” with different tasks.

The first is ready for using and the second one I’ll make right now.

Well, you should write your tasks on the separate pieces of paper. I’ve already done it. Now you should crumple these pieces in such a way. As you see, my “Hot Potato” is ready. Then give this “Hot Potato” to the first pupil and ask him or her to expand the first piece of paper and to do the task.

We’ll do it in the same way right now.

In my “Hot Potato” I hid English proverbs. Your task is to read them and to give Ukrainian equivalents.


The second “Hot Potato” contains London’s places of interests. Your task is to tell something interesting about this place.

The third “Hot Potato” contains sentences. Your task is to choose the right Tense – Past Simple or Past Continuous.

курси підвищення кваліфікації

майстер – клас

Вінниця - 2014

Дата добавления 12.11.2015
Раздел Иностранные языки
Подраздел Другие методич. материалы
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