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Мероприятие по английскому языку "Путешествие в Лондон"

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«Путешествие в Лондон»

(Внеклассное мероприятие)

Автор: Суслова Ольга Васильевна

МБОУ «Алексеевская СОШ»

Корочанского района

Белгородской области

1.Название мероприятия «Путешествие в Лондон»

Цель: Показать значимость изучения английского языка, обеспечивая коммуникативную направленность и естественность общения.


Образовательные задачи:

  • Расширять кругозор обучающихся об истории Лондона.

  • Познакомить обучающихся с достопримечательностями Лондона.

  • Повышать культуру общения, обеспечивать коммуникативную направленность обучения и естественность общения.

Воспитательные задачи:

  • Формировать мотивацию к изучению английского языка.

  • Воспитывать положительное отношение к культуре народа изучаемого языка.

Развивающие задачи:

  • Развивать творческие способности обучающихся.

  • Развивать умение общаться, а также таких черт характера, как целеустремленность, активность.

  • Формировать умения интеллектуального труда, развитие любви к предмету.

2.Тип занятия: Виртуальная экскурсия в Лондон.

3.Формы работы обучающихся: групповая и парная работа.

4.Необходимое техническое оборудование: компьютер, проектор, экран, колонки.

Этапы занятия и цели каждого из них

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность ученика


(в мин.)


Оргмомент. Цель: определение темы занятия и создание теплого микроклимата

Welcome, my dear friends. Today we are going to travel to London.

Do we need English for travelling? We are going to be sure that learning English is a necessity for us. We are to prove it while travelling. I suggest the motto of our travelling “If you want to be in trend –learn English”

Now turn to each other and smile. Thank you.

Let our travelling be lucky.

Students answer: “Of course we need.”

Students turn to each other and smile.



Отработка лексики.

Цель: развитие лексической догадки.

How can we travel to London?

So, we are at the airport. Look at the presentation. Make word- combinations.

Well. Let’s check.

We can travel to London by plane.

Students make word-combinations.


a. the plane


b. a flight on the internet


c. your luggage

4. fasten

d. your seat belt

5. go through

e. passport control

Checking in groups.



Лексический тест

Цель: развитие умения работать со словарем.

Now, we are on the plane. You are to know some words and phrases. Look at the presentation and give the meaning.

OK. Let’s see.

Students translate the words on the sheets of paper, (cabin crew, overhead locker, life jacket, aisle, safety instruction, stewardess)

Checking one by one.



Ролевая игра.

Цель: развитие умения общаться в ситуации.

So, our flight will last some hours and you are sure to have a conversation with the stewardess. Please make dialogues in your groups.

Well, thank you.

Students make dialogues.

(e.g.-May I have some water, tea, coffee? - I have a headache. Could you give me aspirin?...)



Спорт пауза.

Цель: формирование бережного отношения к здоровью.

So, our plane has just arrived. May be you are tired. Let’s stand up and make a massage to each other.

Students stand up in pairs and make a massage, while listening dance music.



Ролевая игра. Цель:

развитие умения общаться в ситуации.

OK. Now we are at the hotel. You are to have a conversation with a hotel manager. Use the words on the slide.

Students have a role-play, using the words (reserved, check, single room, private bath, sign the register, key. third floor)



Просмотр фильма.

Цель: Расширение кругозора обучающихся об истории Лондона.

Well, now, you have some minutes to rest and I want you to watch a film about London and to decide what place you would like to visit.

Students watch a film and say “I would like to visit Trafalgar square, because …”



Ролевая игра.

Цель: развитие умения общаться в ситуации.

OK. Are you hungry? We are going to have lunch in the restaurant. In your groups make a conversation with a waiter.

Students make dialogues using the phrases, on the slide (Would you like, have you decided, take order, as a starter, the specialty of the day-фирменное блюдо,bill)



Аудирование и говорение.

Цель: развитие умения понять информацию и высказать свое мнение.

So. What is your mood?

OK. Now you will listen to an advertisement about places of entertainments in London. You are to choose the place for visiting and to give reasons. (The teacher reads the advertisement. Welcome to places of entertainments of London. Most of them are concentrated in the west End and Soho, where you can find many concert halls, theatres, international restaurants. London has the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, including extensive collection of works of fine arts. There are 400 art galleries in London. The national collections are housed at the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery and the Portrait Gallery. We invite you to our theatres. The Covent Garden Theatre is famous for opera and ballet performances. The National Theatre shows drama. The Aldwych Theatre is famous for its dramatic performances. And of course you cannot but visit our dancing clubs, such as Stringfellows or Wag Club, Heven Club, Hippodrome in Leicester Square. Have a good time!)

We have a good mood.

The students listen and say in each group e, g. “I would like to visit the Heven club because I like dancing”



Открытка другу.

Цель: развитие умения работать в группе.

Well, I think your friends in Russia would be happy to receive your postcard from London. Take colored papers and write postcards to your friends. You may draw pictures or use pictures of sights of London on your desks.

Students write one postcard in each group. Then one of groups ticks it on the blackboard and reads it. (e.g. Dear friends,

We are happy to be in London. It is a beautiful city…”



Подведение итога работы.

Цель: развитие умения высказывать свое мнение и аргументировать его.

Thank you. Your letters are nice.

So, we are to finish our travelling.

Was it interesting for you?

Explain why.

OK. Tell me please is it easy to travel if you know English?

What conclusion can we make?

The motto of our travelling was “If you want to be in trend –learn English” Have we proved it?

Students say: e.g. “It was interesting for me because I had a chance to practice English in different situation. Now I know much information about…”

Of course it is easy.

e.g. I think, we are to know English to communicate with others and to understand foreign information. English is a necessity for us.

e.g. To my mind we have proved it. We should learn English in order to be a part of the 21st century.



Рефлексия. Цель: развитие умения понимания речи.

You are right. On your desks you have pictures of symbols of Great Britain; a red rose, a daffodil, a thistle. Take a red rose if our travelling was pleasant for you. Take a daffodil if our travelling was boring for you. Take a thistle if our travelling was indifferent for you.

Well, I am glad that our travelling was pleasant for you. Thank you.

Students show the symbols.


Перечень используемых на занятии ЭОР

Название ресурса

Тип, вид ресурса

Форма предъявления информации


на ресурс, обеспечивающий доступ к ЭОР


«Путешествие в Лондон»









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