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Мероприятие по англ.языку "A Star hour"

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A Star hour

Game leader: Dear friends! We are going to start our competition which is called “A star hour”. The competition consists of 3 rounds and the final game.

There will be 3 participants in each team. So, let’s invite the participants of our game. The Team “Eagles”

The members of the team are:




The next team “Flame” (пламя)

The members of this team are:




Let’s greet the 3rd team! It is called “Stars” (звезды) The members are




So, the three teams who are going to compete have just been introduced to you.

According to the rules of the game a star will be given for each perfect answer. Since we haven’t been able to prepare an equipment of signal lamps. You will have to raise your signal signs instead of pressing the buttons.

So, let’s begin our competition! The first round is called “History and geographical position of the U.S.A. Dear participants, I would like you to listen to the questions attentively

So the 1st question:

1.What part of America is washed by Atlantic Ocean?

a. Eastern b. Western c. Southern

2 .Who was the first president of America?

a.Thomas Jefferson . b.Abraham Lincoln c.George Washington.

3.When was America discovered?

a.1492. b.1550. c.1485.

4 What is the largest city of the USA?

A)Los Angeles B) New York C) Detroit

5.How many states are there in America?

a)50 b)25 c)52

6.Christopher Columbus was born

a)Italy b)Spain c)Canada

So, this is the end of the first round. The 2nd round is called “Holidays”.

1.Well, listen to the description of one of the American holidays. This is a family holiday. On that day American people make a big turkey dinner and gather together give thanks for all the good things in their life.



c)Thanksgiving Day

2.It’s a religious holiday. People buy presents for their family and friends. Then they choose a tree and decorate it..



c)New Year’s Day

3.In which month is St.Valentine’s Day celebrated?

a)December b)February c)November

4.The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in

a)1620 b)1621 c)1761

The team which has got the least number of stars will have to leave the competition.

So, it is the team “________”

Thanks for your participance. Today you have been less lucky than others. The next round is called

America today”

1.What is the biggest state in the USA?

A)Alaska B)Texas C)Michigan

2.What is the most popular sport in the USA?

a)tennis b)football c)baseball

3.What is the oldest University in America?

a)Boston Univ. b)Harward c)M.I.T

4.A famous American singer and actress who sang in the musical which was called “Funny Girl”

a)Barbara Streisand b)Elizabeth Taylor c)Madonna

5.A singer who was called “King of Jazz”

a)Louis Armstrong b)Shephen Spielberg c)Elvis Presley

A game with an audience

Try to answer such question, please “How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag?

Answer 50 stars and 13 stripes. The last round is final. Let’s invite our finalists. I’ll throw the cube and your task will be to make up as many words as possible beginning with the letter which will be on the top sid of the cube.

Time limit is 1 minute.

(какая команда составит больше слов начинающихся с буквы на верхний части кубика за 1 минуту)

So, how many words could the Team “__________” make up?

Let’s count. Our game is coming to an end. Dear spectators. I would like you to help me to count all the stars that the teams have got.

So, the team “____________” has got ________ stars ___________

According to the results of all the rounds the team “____________”

Wins the game with score 9 to 7.

Thank you very much.Now,Let’s see the result of the competition.Let’s applaud the participants and gave a present.That’s the end of our game for today.Thank you for your attention and good bye.

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