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Метапредметная олимпиада по английскому языку 5-7 класс

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Олимпиада по английскому языку 5-7 класс.

1.Little and large. Match the words into pairs.

1. Hill, 2. Sea, 3. Watch 4. Wood 5. House

6. Church 7. Village 8. Girl 9. Kitten

a. clock, b. cathedral, c. town d. cat ,e. forest , f. mansion, g. woman, h. mountain, i. ocean

2. Games and sports. Match the words to the sport.

  1. Batsman, stumps, whites, over a. r…

  2. Tee, green, caddy, eagle b. d…

  3. Try, ball, scrum, line-out c. g…

  4. Green, cue, pocket, chalk d. c…

  5. Net, racquet, love, duce e. t…

  6. Treble, board , bull’s eye, feather f. s…

3. Body language. Choose from the list of meanings on the right.

1. He ’s got no back-bone. A. very drunk

2. She’ s completely legless. B. wants to impress

3. He ’s very thick –skinned. C. doesn’t care what other people think

4. She gave him the elbow. D. very cowardly

5. He can ’t keep his nose out of things. E. ended a romantic relationship

6. She ‘ got a finger in every pie. F. always interesting

7. He’ s all mouth. G. behaves in a bad way

8. She’ s off her head. H. has an interest in many businesses

4. Put the lines in the correct order to make a poem.

Dear mother”, said a little fish.

A. “I’ll only take a little bite,

B. “I want to catch that fly.

C. But sad to say mamma was right,

D. And swam out from her nook.

E. I’m very hungry and I wish

F. “ That fly is only put to hide

G. A sharp and wicked hook”

H. You’d let me go and try.”

I. It will do no harm”, he thought

J . “Oh, no, no, no! his mother cried

And the little fish was caught.

5. Find the missing words in the LIMMERICS.

There was a Young Lady of ( 1.….,)

Whose ideas were excessively nautical:

She climbed up a (2.…)

To examine the (3.…,)

She declared she would never leave (1..…)

There was an Old Man who said,” (4…)

Will nobody answer the bell?

I have pulled day and (5….,)

Till my hair has grown (6…,)

But nobody answers this bell.

There was an Old Person of (7.… ,)

Whose answers were rather uncertain ;

When they said,” How do you do?”

He replied , ”Who are you?”

That distressing Old Person of ( 7.…)

There was an Old Lady of ( 8…,)

She made a remarkable curtsey;

She twirled (9…) and , (9…)

Till she sunk (10…,)

Which distressed all the people of (8…)

Burton, underground, white, well , Chertsey , tree, Portugal, night, sea, round

Task 6. Answer question.

What season is it now under your feet? (Physics)



2.1d, 2c, 3a, 4f, 5e, 6d

3. 1d, 2a, 3c, 4t, 5f, 6h, 7b, 8g


5. 1.Portugal

2. tree

3. sea

4. well

5. night

6. white

7. Burton

8. Chertsey

9. round

10. underground

6. The previous season ( If it is winter now , the ground under your feet (2-3 meters deep) has the warmer temperature)

In WINTER the right answer is AUTUMN, but in SPRING the answer will be WINTER and so on.

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