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Методическая разработка (Чтение ,Работа с текстом +задание)

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  1. Arrange the parts in the logical order:

Environmental Education to Preschools and Kindergartens

A. When asked what could be done to solve the problem, 70% of teachers responded that a methodological guide was necessary and another 20% said that trainings for less experienced teachers would be beneficial.

B. In 2001 the National Assembly passed a law that made environmental education compulsory in every level of the education system. Five years later, the Greens Union discovered that adherence to the environmental education law was virtually non-existent in preschools and kindergartens due to a complete lack of educational materials and methodologies. Children in their most formative years were not being taught the importance and means of protecting the environment.

C. Next, in order to raise awareness and urge educators to begin implementing the law on environmental education in their schools, the Greens Union staff created and gave informational booklets and organized three round-table discussions.

D. The Greens Union organized a campaign to convince and prepare local governments, principals, and teachers to provide environmental education in their preschools and kindergartens.

E. The booklets contained research findings and explained the responsibilities of educators. The round-table discussions were attended by community members, teachers, school principals, and representatives from the community councils, all of whom agreed that the issue deserved attention and a prompt resolution.

F. The committee authored and published a 60-page booklet entitled Teacher’s Guide on Environmental Education for Preschoolers and Kindergartners. The guide offers theoretical and practical methods for teaching children how to protect the environment and includes suggested curriculums containing relevant topics, exercises, and outdoor activities.

G. With all the necessary community members on board, the Greens Union moved forward by facilitating the creation of a teacher’s guide on environmental education. A committee was formed, comprising biologists, education specialists, kindergarten teachers, and psychologist.

H. The Greens Union began its initiative in May 2006 by researching and assessing the existing state of environmental education. After visiting 17 schools, the Greens Union staff had ascertained that a mere 17% of schools had available resources for environmental education, all of which were in Russian and, thus, unused; 82% of the schools had playgrounds which were not being used for educational purposes; and no outdoor activities or field trips incorporated environmental lessons.









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