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Методическая разработка " Famous hairdressers"

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«Famous hairdressers»

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Jose Eber, Allen Edwards, Michael Canale, Frederic Fekkai, Luis Likkari, John Frieda, Michael Barnes, Guido Palau, Lee Stafford, Ted Gibson and Fritz Clay - that's who casts a spell over the hair of modern celebrity, photos which bring customers to the beauty salon, requiring make "just like her!" Hollywood waves ponytail short bob and colored strands appear on the heads of ordinary mortals thanks to the work and imagination of star stylists, decide what color to dye your hair Angelina Jolie or what hairstyles will walk model on the show Prada.

Jose Eber

Known hairdresser and stylist, is considered one of the hottest in Hollywood. He began his career at age 15 as an apprentice hairstylist in a luxurious Parisian salon. His first client was the famous Ferpa Fawcett, actress, popular in the 80s, then began to walk him Cher, Jaclyn Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Meg Ryan and other stars. The young Frenchman caught ability to create carefree and unstructured hairstyles that can be easily laid without the help of a professional.

Over time, Jose Eber Salon opened two of its own, one of which is located in a star area of Beverly Hills, and the second - on Rodeo Drive. Wrote two books: "shook his head, darling" (1982) and "After the hair: the last book on how to create your own image" (1990). Shot a video titled "Why I think you are sexy?", Which showed women how to create your own unique style. Hollywood stylist, like a real cowboy, a frequent guest rating television programs, such as: Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America on channel ABC, talk show CNN and NBC The Today Show, in addition, he was a judge in the fashionable gear "Brilliant haircut "and Nightline. Professional success has allowed the stylist to create a fund for women who found themselves in difficult situations.


Michael Canales

Known in stellar circles as the god of color. In his salons Canale Salon in Malibu and Beverly Hills is always going to turn, consists of the status of clients and Hollywood beauties like Denise Richards, Amanda Bynes, Heidi Klum, Shakira, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Courteney Cox. In addition to the Hollywood star has customers in Gstaad, Paris and London. It Mile Channel put his hand in the creation hairdresser hairstyle known under the name "Rachel" for character actress Jennifer Aniston on the show "Friends." Famous valued client master with 30 years of experience in the industry for a unique method of creating the most natural shades of hair. Blessed colorist working on creating images for photo shoots in magazines Allure's Best of Beauty and W Magazine.


Frederic Fekkai

Frederick was born in Provence and was going to dedicate his life to sculpture, but at age 25 he moved to New York and quickly managed to make a name for yourself in the beauty industry. His first step after its popularity began to release its own brand of luxury cosmetics for hair Frederic Fekkai, which was originally only used by masters in the branded showrooms and was available only to a limited circle of celebrities, and now it can be purchased by anyone. In 2000, Frederic Fekkai released his book A Year of Style («Year of style"), a daily guide for those who want to look good. And thanks to numerous appearances in the TV show in 2003, received the award from Fekkai wholesale trade center Dallas Market Center as "a man whose personal style and professional activities contributed to the development of the fashion industry." Frederic Fekkai among customers: Ellen DeGeneres, Debra Messing, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hillary Clinton, Salma Hayek, Martha Stewart, Jessica Lang, Sigourney Weaver, Mira Sorvino, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts, Sharon Stone and Heidi Klum .


Likkari Louis

He studied at the artist in Syracuse University, but later decided to apply the skills of the artist in coloristics. Has two successful salon in Beverly Hills and New York, and its line of cosmetics Ionic Color Preservation System. Colorist with 25 years of professional experience in the beauty industry, has the ability to pick up unique hair color for every woman who would be perfect for her skin color, facial features and lifestyle that is especially appreciated by his famous client Kim Basinger, and Michelle Pfeiffer Sherilin Fann . Luis Likkari can see every day on TV, if you turn the channel NBC - one of the most popular shows he shares with viewers the latest news and fashion trends in the field of beauty and hair fashion.


John Frieda

John Frieda, as a representative of the third generation in his family of hairdressers, first found work at the famous London salon "Leonardo", becoming the assistant of the maestro. His first clients of steel star Jacqueline Kennedy and Diana Ross. In 1976 he opened his first salon in London John Frieda, and soon came to him fame as happens in such cases, because they made a haircut. At the same time he created a haircut "Bob" (thick, smooth hair with straight bangs heavy volume on the eye) for the British actress Joanna Lumley, who played some Pyurdi in the series "The New Avengers". In the UK version of "Bob" and called - Purdey cut («Pyurdi Haircut"). It is this hairstyle and John Fried opened all the doors in the hairdressing business. His clients included Paul McCartney and Princess Diana. But a special popularity came to the barber after he launched his own line of hair care products, which eventually grew into a few lines, still bringing John profit from the sale of about $ 60 million a year. Among the well-known clients salons John Frieda appear Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Hillary Clinton.


Michael Barnes

The famous stylist Michael Barnes was born in the UK, the home of many famous hairdressers. He began his career in hairdressing salon industry in 1972 in the cabin of his father Ricci Burns in London. His abilities were quickly appreciated, he soon became a member of the creative team led by Renbow Trevor Sorbie, with whom he traveled in Europe and Japan, where it woke up and all the Eastern obsession, which had a huge impact on his life and work. To date, the British master, whose clients actress Keira Knightley and model Lily Cole is one of the most respected British hairdressers. He is known for its world show, seminars and avant-garde hairdresser's creativity. It is called one of the most important in the world of hairdressing.


Guido Palau

Creative director of the brand of professional cosmetics for hair care Redken, Guido Palau each season creates images for more than 30 fashion shows, to his credit more than 150 fashion shows for 15 years working in the fashion industry. It was he who came up tails on display backcomb Prada (spring-summer 2010) and attach overhead strands under the loose hair on the show Roberto Cavalli (autumn-winter 2010/2011). Boldest hairstylist modernity was born in the UK and began his professional career at Vidal Sassoon. His signature style was born in the days of grunge 90s, and since then he has not only creates unique images, but also creates new trends, such as Guido reintroduced into fashion braids, which defiled model shows Alexander Wang and Miu Miu. Find works of Guido Palau can be in virtually any most popular glossy publication or advertising of the major brands.


Lee Stafford

Personal hairdresser and stylist many British celebrity and a true master of shocking was born in 1966 in Essex (Essex). From an early age polled everybody kitchen scissors. Behind him, there is no known study in school, he began by saying that he worked in the salon of his mother. Its main feature - the unique style of creating hairstyles that appreciated in many hairdressing competitions: Men's British Hairdresser of the Year (1997-1998), Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year 2001 - "The barber, has the greatest impact in 2001», Best British Hairdresser of 2004 and others. Participated in the reality show "Star scissors" where did from beginning masters star industry. Established its international educational website for hairdressers www.myhairdressers.com. Its cosmetics Lee Stafford ranks third in sales in the UK. Has six own salon, and a huge number of stores in twenty-eight countries around the world working on the cosmetic brand Lee Stafford. His hands create daily and evening laying elite of show business: Naomi Campbell, Jodie Kidd, Avril Lavigne, Dido.


Ted Gibson

Born in Texas in a military family, Ted Gibson moved from one exotic location to another, lived in Germany, Hawaii and Japan and everywhere learned something new. Stylist for the past 10 years is responsible for the beauty of luxurious curls, Angelina Jolie and other stars, including Anne also Hetuey, Renee Zellweger, Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene, Demi Moore, Claire Danes, Petra Nemcova, Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba, fashion houses Chanel and Prada, Dolce & Gabbana. His collection of hairstyles published in publications such as Vogue, Harper`s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone and Allure, and its interior Flatiron is incredibly popular among celebrities. Has its own line of products. Expert in the show What Not to Wear. Also appeared on the Oprah show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Insider, Good Morning America, Movie and a Makeover, Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight.


Allen Edwards

Edward Allen planned to be a musician, but after graduating from school, suddenly interested in the beauty industry. Famous for having created the famous hairstyles for actresses Farrah Fawcett, Donna Mills, Anne Bancroft, Diane Keaton and Raquel Welch. The barber was one of the first artists who participated in television shows and performing cutting and styling to scale Hair-show. Founded his own network of showrooms in 1986, along with Elaine Hill and was at the forefront of British hairdressing art for over 20 years. Recently edition of Salon Magazine named Allen Edwards is one among the 50 most influential hairdressers in history, along with industry leaders such as Vidal Sassoon, José Eber and Sally Hershberger. Allen Edwards and his creative team have numerous awards and conduct educational seminars in the US, Korea, Australia, Thailand, India, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the UK and Dublin. Working hairstyles for photo shoots in magazines Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle and backstage London Fashion Week, and also participate in the show Central Saint Martins and Alternative Hair Show.

In 2008, the stylist has written the book «Shear Force: Memoirs of an image-maker", talks about the beauty industry in Beverly Hills. Has its own line of products Shear Force and a network of salons Shear Force salons, which are visited by celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis, Rakel Welch, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.


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