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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Методическая разработка к неделе английского языка на тему :"Грамматический штурм "Что? Где? Когда?" (7 класс)
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Методическая разработка к неделе английского языка на тему :"Грамматический штурм "Что? Где? Когда?" (7 класс)


К неделе английского языка.

Сценарий конкурса «Грамматический штурм -

«Что? Где? Когда?»

«What? Where? When

Цели: а) обобщение материала по теме « Времена английского глагола»

( Present Simple – настоящее неопределенное время;

Present Continuous – настоящее длительное время;

Present Perfect – настоящее совершенное время;

Past Simple – прошедшее неопределенное время;

Past Continuous – прошедшее длительное время;

Past Perfect – прошедшее совершенное время;

Future Simple – будущее длительное время;

Future Continuous – будущее длительное время;

Future Perfect – будущее совершенное время );

б) закрепление грамматических навыков;

в) тренировка монологической и диалогической речи.

Оборудование: мяч, грамматические задания на карточках;

картинка дракона с 4 головами.

Ход мероприятия.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you.

We’ll play the games and do different tasks and find out who knows

the English grammar very well. (Класс делится на 4 команды).

Конкурс 1.

Teacher: Our topic is the tenses of the verb in the English language. The first task

for you is to read the sentences and name the tense. You will have 3

minutes to do the task. (Члены различных команд по очереди читают

и называют время предложений).

Задание I на карточках.

Read the sentences and name the tense.

Card № 1. 1. I have never been to Great Britain.

2. We play tennis every day.

3. My uncle built his house two years ago.

4. She will go to the doctor tomorrow.

5. John and his friends are going to the library.

6. We were playing chess the whole evening.

7. We hadn’t cleaned the room before mother came.

8. At this time tomorrow I will be doing my homework.

9. The birds will have flown away before winter comes.

Card № 2. 1. Usually Mary doesn’t make mistakes in her dictation.

2. Don’t worry we shall have finished the work by Friday.

3. When I came home, mother had already cooked dinner.

4. They are looking at the beautiful swans.

5. He spent his childhood in a big family.

6. How long have you been in Paris?

7. They will not go to the Zoo tomorrow.

8. It was raining all night.

9. What will you be doing at 8 o’clock tomorrow

Card № 3. 1. It rained for the whole day yesterday.

2. Sometimes he goes to the library after classes.

3. By the end of the month everyone will have read this book.

4. I was washing up when the phone rang.

5. Tom had returned from the cinema by five o’clock.

6. Will you come to my place next Sunday?

7. She has just blown out the candle.

8. Is he speaking German?

9. When I come home tomorrow, my family will be having supper.

Card № 4. 1. How many pages will you have read by five o’clock tomorrow?

2. My father always has coffee in the morning.

3. What words came into English from other languages?

4. Has Helen written the letter yet?

5. He will be writing a composition the whole evening tomorrow.

6. While I was reading John was playing the guitar.

7. Father had already gone to work when I woke up.

8. He will help his mother tomorrow.

9. Why are you buying this funny hat?


Card № 1. 1. Present Perfect Card № 2. 1. Present Indefinite

2. Present Indefinite 2. Future Perfect

3. Past Indefinite 3. Past Perfect

4. Future Indefinite 4. Present Continuous

5. Present Continuous 5. Past Indefinite

6. Past Continuous 6. Present Perfect

7. Past Perfect 7. Future Indefinite

8. Future Continuous 8. Past Continuous

9. Future Perfect 9. Future Continuous

Card № 3 1. Past Indefinite Card № 4. 1. Future Perfect

2. Present Indefinite 2. Present Indefinite

3. Future Perfect 3. Past Indefinite

4. Past Continuous 4. Present Perfect

5. Past Perfect 5. Future Continuous

6. Future Indefinite 6. Past Continuous

7. Present Perfect 7. Past Perfect

8. Present Continuous 8. Future Indefinite

9. Future Continuous 9. Present Continuous

Конкурс 2.

Teacher: Now you can see the sentences and you’ll have to complete them, using

The words : do/does/ did; have/has/had; was/were; shall/will and etc.

(Учащиеся по очереди читают предложения и на листке бумаги записывают варианты ответов. Учитель проверяет данное задание по ключам.)

Задание II

Complete the sentences using the words : do, does, did; have, has, had; was, were; shall, will… etc.

Card № 1. 1. …you like to play hockey? Yes, I … .

2. … your father clean his room three days ago? No, he … not.

3. … she gone to school yet? Yes, she …

4. They … cleaned their room when I came.

5. … you in the park yesterday? No, I …not.

6. Helen …not have breakfast at 5 o’clock.

7. … Nick … finished this work before you leave?

8. What … you be doing at about 9 o’clock tonight? Probably I … be

watching television.

9. …you got close friends?

Card № 2. 1. …she like coffee? Yes, she …

2. …he have finished his work by the end of the week? No, he …not.

3. How long … you been learning English?

4. Russia … the largest country in the world.

5. … you wear a uniform at your school?

6. My father played the piano when he … younger.

7. Her parents … engineers. What … you?

8. … she go shopping yesterday? Yes, she …

9. We … a grammar class yesterday. … we write a test tomorrow?

Card № 3. 1. …you run a race yesterday? Yes, we …

2. There … many different animals in the Zoo.

3. It … be difficult for you to get up tomorrow if you … not go to bed

at once.

4. What … you prepared for today?

5. … your sister go to school every day? Yes, she…

6. … not worry we … … finished the work by Friday.

7. … she left when you came home?

8. He … not at the cinema yesterday. He … already seen this film.

9. When … Ann arrive at the country house?

Card № 4. 1.“… not lie to me, Tom,” said Aunt Polly. I … already tired of your lies”

2. They … write a test tomorrow.

3. What … you going to do? I … not know.

4. Dan asked: “… you play chess with your father yesterday?”

5. We …not go to school on Sunday.

6. … your mother always take a bus to get to work? Yes, she …

7. My friend … a sister. Her name … Ann.

8. … they at the Zoo last week? No, they …not.

9. He … finished it by three o’clock.


Card № 1. 1. Do,do Card № 2. 1. Does, does

2. did, did 2. Will, will

3. has, has 3. Have

4. had 4. Is

5. were, was 5. Do

6. does 6. Was

7. will, have 7. Are, are

8. will, shall 8. Did, did

9. have 9. Had, shall

Card № 3. 1. did, did Card № 4. 1. do, have

2. were 2. Will

3. will, do 3. Are, do

4. have 4. Did

5. does, does 5. Shall

6. do, shall, have 6. Does, does

7. had 7. Has, is

8. was, has 8. Were, were

9. did 9. Had

Конкурс 3

Teacher: So, you know the Present Indefinite Tense, the Present Perfect Tense, the Past Indefinite Tense and other tenses. The next task for you is to answer my questions using these tenses.

(Члены команд по очереди отвечают на вопросы учителя. Ученики должны давать полные ответы.)

Задание III.

  1. How many lessons do you have every day?

  2. You had five lessons yesterday, didn’t you?

  3. When did you go to the shop on Tuesday?

  4. What are we doing now, at the lesson?

  5. Will you go to school tomorrow?

  6. How old were you last year?

  7. Have you ever tasted any tropical fruit?

  8. Do you like to read books?

  9. Did you have dinner at two o’clock or at three o’clock yesterday?


  1. We have six lessons every day.

  2. Yes, we did. (No, we didn’t). We had five (six) lessons yesterday.

  3. I went to the shop at 7 o’clock on Tuesday.

  4. We are answering the questions.

  5. Yes, I shall. I’ll go to school tomorrow.

  6. I was … last year.

  7. Yes, I have. (No, I haven’t). I have tasted a lot of tropical fruit. (I haven’t tasted any tropical fruit).

  8. Yes, I do. (No, I don’t.) I like to read books. (I don’t like to read books).

  9. I had dinner at 3 ( 2) o’clock yesterday.

Конкурс 4

Учитель вывешивает на доску картинку с изображением дракона с четырьмя головами. На каждой голове дракона написано специальное вопросительное слово на английском языке:


Учитель напоминает ученикам порядок слов специального вопроса в английском языке. Каждая группа команды способом жеребьевки получает карточку с предложениями. Учащиеся должны задать специальные вопросы и записать их на карточку.

Задание IV.

Card № 1. I went to the park with my brother yesterday.

Card 2. He has been to Africa with his sister this year.

Card 3. She works with her mother in the garden every day.

Card 4. They will have taken exams at school by this time next year.


Card № 1.

  1. Who went to the park with my brother yesterday?

  2. What did I do yesterday?

  3. Where did I go with my brother yesterday?

  4. With whom did I go to the park yesterday?

  5. When did I go to the park with my brother?

Card № 2. 1. Who has been to Africa with his sister this year?

2. What has he done this year?

3. Where has he been with his sister this year?

4. With whom has he been to Africa this year?

5. When has he been to Africa with his sister?

Card № 3. 1. Who works with her mother in the garden every day

2. What does she do every day?

3. Where does she work with her mother every day?

4. With whom does she work in the garden every day?

5. When does she work with her mother in the garden?

Card № 4. 1. Who will have taken exams at school by this time

next year?

2. What will they have taken at school by this time

next year?

3. Where will they have taken exams by this time

next year?

4. With whom will they have taken exams at school by

this time next year?

  1. When will they have taken exams at school?

Конкурс 5.

Задание V.

Учащиеся достают по очереди карточку, на которой написан неправильный глагол, называют три его формы и переводят на русский язык.

Например: to wind- wound- wound (заводить)

to light-lit-lit ( lighted, lighted) – (светить, зажигать) и т.д.

Teacher: Our lesson is over. Did you like our lesson today? It’s time to

say good-bye.

Good-bye, my dear friends!

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