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Методическая разработка к уроку "Формальная и неформальная речь"

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Foul language is illness of the nation

Our ancestors said:”A knife behind a belt is not so terrible as the end of one`s tongue.”

Mate lexicon conducts its history since pre-christian times and is splinters of ancient curses.

After christening of Russia inclination to mate became as mortal sin.

Orthodoxy fought with abusive language contending that if someone used foul language he wouldn`t inherit the Heaven`s Kingdom. It was considered that abusive word offends firstly – Mother of God, secondly – native mother of the person and finally – mother-ground.

There was a concept that the abusive words are punished by natural accidents misfortunes and illness.

During the reign of tsars the disguised official with guards went on streets and catch those who talked abusing words and punished them on people`s eyes.

Today mate is spoken by pupils, students, young men, adults and even women. Mate reaches from TV screens. The standard of speech degrades.

Foul language corrupts souls, especially those who is involuntary listener, including children.

As any bad habit , mate gets into a life and activity of the person. And does him dependent. The person can not communicate without verbal garbage any more, without linking-word.

Recently scientists-biologist have proved that mate assists every possible illness and fast ageing. Probably not in vain at Slavs it was forbidden to quarrel with a women and to abuse children. It was supposed inadmissible to scold an animal at pasture , to have mate words at home near an icon and a furnace and on a grain field.

However for many our contemporaries obscene expressions have became usual reaction to pleasure or anger and anymore don`t seem ugly.

Scientists have carried out researches on seeds of some plants. During several weeks regularly 3 or 4 times a week a tape-recorder was reading extra rough phrases nearby. As a result the majority of seeds dead and survived became mutating. Return experiment has also been lead : scientists prayed the seeds killed with radiation and then the killed seeds became alive.

Further scientists have started to check words influence to water. Above one talked mate words, above another – prayed. Then watered plants with such water. These seeds above which abused didn`t sprout or grew mouldy and above which prayed grew better and quicker.

It`s terrible to imagine if thoughts and words can do so with water what can they create with a person.

By means of words we communicate, we pass thoughts , feelings, experiences . But nowadays it occurs by means of mate! Now everyone swears: children and adults .

The real epidemic.!!

Availability of abusive words in speech is considered a sign of courage and force and in fact it`s thought s sign of spiritual weakness. Speech of a person infected by disease of foul language is poor and testifies about spiritual backwardness.

Someone can say that foul language is not conscious abuse for them, they pronounce dirty words mechanically without penetrating in sense. But any word brings in itself the information which effected our consciousness , forms and changes it.

The pronounced or heard word has an effect on us comparable to an easy brain concussion. And creative words treat and improve an essence of a person.

In conclusion I`d like to say it is your choice what words would you use in our speech. And I hope you make it right.

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