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Методическая разработка к викторине " Знаешь ли ты США?"

  • Иностранные языки

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Тестовые задания по США

Разработала учитель МБОУ «Куянковская СОШ» имени Гайнана Курмаша

Шарифьянова Рауза Газизяновна


Пояснительная записка

Данная методическая разработка включает в себя 40 тестовых заданий по теме «США», которые сгруппированы по следующим темам:

  • «История и география США»;

  • «Культура и литература США»;

  • «Правительство США»;

  • «Спорт и праздники».

Тестовые задания представлены в форме выбора одного правильного ответа. Материал охватывает страноведческую информацию о США:

  • географическое положение;

  • политическую систему;

  • культуру и литературу;

  • праздники и спорт.

Методическая рекомендация предназначена для самостоятельной работы и определения уровня знаний по теме «США».

What do you know about the USA?

Part I

History and Geography of the USA

  1. Who discovered America?

  • a. John Kennedy

  • b. Christopher Columbus

  • c. Jimmy Carter

2. Who was the first president of the USA?

  • a. Franklin Roosevelt

  • b. Abraham Lincoln

  • c. John Washington

3. What is the federal capital of the USA?

  • a. New York

  • b. Chicago

  • c. Washington (DC)

4. What river is the capital of the USA situated on?

  • a. the Potomac

  • b. the Hudson

  • c. the Mississippi

5. How many stars and stripes are there on the US flag?

  • a. 45 and 12

  • b. 50 and 13

  • c. 55 and 15

6. Where do American Presidents live?

  • a. the Capital

  • b. the Lincoln Memorial

  • c. the White House

7. What is America’s symbol of freedom?

  • a. the Empire State Building

  • b. the Bald Eagle

  • c. the Statue of Liberty

8. What part of the North American continent is the USA situated in?

  • a. northern

  • b. central

  • c. southern

9. What is the largest American state?

  • a. Alaska

  • b. Texas

  • c. Florida

10. What is the largest city in the USA?

  • a. Boston

  • b. New York

  • c. Chicago

Part II

Culture and Literature of the USA

  1. Who created ‘’The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’’?

  • a. Alexander Bell

  • b. Walt Disney

  • c. Mark Twain

  1. Whose portraits are printed on American dollars?

  • a. American Presidents

  • b. American actors

  • c. American pop stars

  1. Who built the first car?

  • a. Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • b. Bill Clinton

  • c. Henry Ford

  1. Who wrote the story “The Old Man and the Sea”?

  • a. Charlie Chaplin

  • b. Ernest Hemingway

  • c. O’Henry

  1. What food is popular among Americans?

  • a. pizza

  • b. fast food

  • c. porridge

6. What place is the centre of the American film industry?

  • a. Yellow Stone Park

  • b. Las Vegas

  • c. Hollywood

  1. What prize are the best musicians and composers awarded every year in the USA?

  • a. the Grammy

  • b. the Oscars

  • c. the Gramophone

  1. What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors and actresses each year in the USA?

  • a. the Nike

  • b. the Oscars

  • c. the Santa Maria

9. What monument in Washington D.C. is nicknamed “The pencil”?

  • a. Washington Monument

  • b. the White House

  • c. the Capitol

  1. Columbia Pictures”, “20’Th Century Fox”, “Warner Brothers” are

  • a. the major US sport companies

  • b. the major US film companies

  • c. the major US music companies

Part III

Government of the USA

  1. What kind of state is the USA?

  • a. federal republic

  • b. a monarchy

  • c. a parliamentary monarchy

  1. Who is the head of the government in the USA?

  • a. the Prime Minister

  • b. the President

  • c. the State Secretary

  1. What is the nickname of the US government?

  • a. Uncle Sam

  • b. Sister Mary

  • c. Brother John

4. What is the flag of the USA called?

  • a. “Stars and stripes”

  • b. “Stars and rings”

  • c. “Stars and squares”

5. What is the tallest building in Washington DC?

  • the Pentagon

  • the White House

  • the Capitol

6.What is Congress?

  • a. the American Party

  • b. the American Parliament

  • c. the American Court

7. What currency is used in the USA?

  • a. pounds

  • b. franks

  • c. American dollars

  1. What are two main political parties in the USA?

  • a. the Democratic Party and the Republican Party

  • b. the Labor Party and the Communist Party

  • c. the Social Party and the Conservative Party

  1. How long is the US President term?

  • a. 2 years

  • b. 4 years

  • c. 6 years

10. What was Abraham Lincoln?

  • a. the Prime Minister

  • b. the President

  • c. a doctor

Part IV

Sport and holidays

  1. What holiday in the USA is celebrated on July, 4?

  • a. Easter

  • b. Independence Day

  • c. New Year’s Day

  1. What is the event in the USA in the month of November, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday?

  • a. Halloween

  • b. Christmas

  • c. Election Day

  1. What is the national sport in the USA?

  • a. baseball

  • b. golf

  • c. tennis

  1. What food is traditionally connected with Thanksgiving Day?

  • a. chocolate eggs

  • b. roast turkey and pumpkin pie

  • c. fish and chips

  1. On what day will you see many jacks-o’- lanterns?

  • a. Halloween

  • b. Memorial Day

  • c. Easter

  1. Which of the US presidents was a Hollywood actor?

  • a. Ronald Regan

  • b. Bill Clinton

  • c. George Bush

  1. Are there any differences between American football and soccer?

  • a. No, there aren’t

  • b. They are the same

  • c. Yes, there are

  1. Christmas is an important time for:

  • a. giving presents

  • b. watching TV

  • c. playing baseball

  1. What is the most common leisure activity among American families?

  • a. car travel

  • b. bus travel

  • c. bicycle travel

  1. Where do the New – Yorkers usually meet New Years Day?

  • a. on Time Square

  • b. on Broadway

  • c. on the 5th Avenue

Keys to the questions:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV









































Список литературы:

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