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Методическая разработка "Как писать эссе. ЕГЭ по английскому языку"

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Introduction: stating the problem, use generalization and highlight two opposing opinions on the problem. Finish with “Let’s consider both opinions (opinions)”

Reading has always been an integral part of education. Some people are worried that very few people read fiction nowadays.  However, others claim that adolescents should read only textbooks and serious articles instead. Let’s consider both views.

2nd paragraph: your personal opinion on the problem (it has to coincide with one of the two opinions above) and 3 arguments to support it. Don’t forget to use opinion phrases like I’m sure, I think, I believe, etc. and linkers to introduce every argument.

I think that it is crucial to read fiction, especially when it comes to teenagers. Firstly, fiction develops adolescents' imagination and therefore helps them become more creative. Besides, teenagers learn from fictions about global problems and their possible consequences. Above all, reading fiction helps us forget about everyday problems and make people happier.

3rd paragraph: the opposite opinion (of the two in the introduction) is given with 2 arguments to support it. Start with However, some people think(believe) that… Don’t forget about the linkers to introduce the arguments.

However, some people disagree with this. They strongly believe that reading fiction is just a waste of time as it prevents teenagers from studying and preparing for their exams. Moreover, it can be even dangerous if reading fiction becomes an addiction.

4th paragraph: 2 counterarguments to the opposing opinion are given. Start with As for me, I am against this point of view… Don’t forget to use the linkers to introduce your counterarguments.

As for me, I am against this point of view. Actually, it is very important for teenagers to relax when revising for exams. Otherwise, they just will not be able to pass them. In this case reading fiction is not a bad solution. Furthermore, according to statistics, it is a very rare case when someone becomes addicted to reading.

5th paragraph: make a conclusion, express your personal opinion again. Don’t forget the linkers.

Start with In conclusion, I would like to say that….

In conclusion, I would like to say that reading fiction is quite beneficial for adolescents. However, adults should not deprive themselves of it either. 

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