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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Методическая разработка на английском языке на тему "Участие в конференции"
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  • Иностранные языки

Методическая разработка на английском языке на тему "Участие в конференции"


Conference Procedures

Task I. Read the dialogue.

Robert: I'm going to Logan on Monday. There's a conference on. It's called WebTeacherTraining.
Alice: What is the schedule like?

Robert: As soon as I arrive, the keynote speech begins.
Alice: ... and after that?

Robert: When the keynote ends, we'll have two hours to check out the booths.
Alice: Are you making a presentation?

Robert: No, I'm just attending this conference.

Alice: When are you coming back?

Robert: I'm flying back on Thursday.
Alice: Have a good trip!

Task II. Give definitions to the following words and word combinations and make up a short conversation using them.

  • Keynote speech

  • Check out the booths

  • To attend the conference

Task III. Answer the following questions:

  1. Why do people attend conferences and other similar events?

  2. Have you ever attended conferences? When and where? If not, why?

Task IY. Read text 1.


about IATEFL forthcoming event

IATEFL’s Annual International Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Brighton Centre, UK.

Bridgton is a vibrant city. Cosmopolitan, compact, lively, historic and free-spirited, it’s a city like no other.

The Brighton conference and exhibition will bring together English Language teachers from around the world to discuss, reflect on and develop their ideas. The conference programme will offer many opportunities for professional contact and development. It involves a four-day programme of over 400 talks, poster presentations, workshops, panel discussions and symposiums. It also gives delegates a chance to meet teaching theorists and writers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of ELT (English Language teaching), as well as enabling them to see the latest ELT publications and services in the resource exhibition.

IATEFL – International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Task Y. Answer the following questions:

  1. Is there any important difference between the information given in the text above and information given in our pre-conference letters? How would you explain it?

  2. What is the main goal of participating in the IATEFL annual conference according to General Information? What is in the center of attention in national pre-conference letters?

Task YI. Give definitions to the following words and word combinations and make up sentences using them.

  • Panel discussion

  • Resource exhibition examination

Task YII. Match the words and their definitions

a meeting at which experts have discussions about a particular subject


a large official meeting, usually lasting for a few days, at which people with the same work or interests come together to discuss their views


a period of discussion and practical work on a particular subject, in which a group pf people share their knowledge and experience

Panel discussion

a meeting at which everyone is equal and has the same rights

Round-table discussion

a group of specialists who give their advice about sth.

Task VIII. Read text 2 about different forms of conference events and procedures.

Paper with Respondent. In this type of presentation, a speaker gives a thirty-minute paper. A respondent then gives a fifteen-minute response to the paper. The speaker subsequently gives a fifteen-minute reply to the response. 

Panel Presentation. Panel sessions include 3-4 speakers, each of whom talks for 15-20 minutes. Panels may also have a discussant who comments on the papers/presentations individually and as a group. 

Roundtable. A roundtable features five or more speakers, each of whom talks for 5-10 minutes. 

Workshop. These sessions can vary in length from 90 minutes to one full day. Workshop presenters give short statements before involving the audience in some type of activity. 

Poster/Poster Talk/Poster Presentation/Poster Discussion. All of these involve a visual presentation of ideas. Some presenters choose to display a 3- to 8-page paper that explains their project; others may post their hypothesis and an outline of their findings. The most eye-catching posters exhibit charts, graphs, photographs, or artwork. 

Posters can be displayed for the length of the conference or for a single day. 

Poster talks give the audience a chance to question the poster creator at a specified time. 

Poster presentations feature 4-6 posters on a single theme displayed at a specific time. Each poster creator gives a short talk on his or her project. 

Poster discussions also include 4-6 posters on a single theme displayed at a specific time. Conference-goers circulate around the room, questioning and collecting handouts from presenters. This type of presentation can also be called an interactive exhibit.

Task IX. Answer the following questions:

  1. What conference types of presentation mentioned in the text have you never heard about before?

  2. Which one seems to be of special interest to you? Why?

  3. What pluses and minuses do you see in poster talks, presentations, discussions? Contrast and compare.

Task X. Discuss the following topics:

  1. Many postgraduate students are sure that the main goal of participating in the conference is to get a publication. Some postgrad holders do not agree saying that it is much more important for them to present the results of their research in this or that way. Which opinion do you share? Give your own reasons to prove your idea.

  2. Many people say that most conferences have one and the same repeatedly dull scenario. Some people don’t agree and say that scenarios may vary but their implementation is often worse than proclaimed objectives. Which option would you choose and why? Give your reasons.

Task XI. Work in pairs. Choose 2 most important factors from the box below that ensure in your opinion the success of a conference. Prove your idea.

  • Distinguished scholars

  • Many participants

  • Exciting conference programme

  • Comfortable meeting space

  • Proper scheduling

  • Key messages conveyed at the event

  • VIPs

  • Food and beverage

  • Technical equipment

Task XII. Read text 3 about a Pre-Con.

The pre-con meeting allows the meeting or event planner an opportunity to review all final logistics for a given program with the supplier management team who are involved in the program. During the pre-con, it is appropriate for the event planner to highlight some of the key objectives of the event, including important information about the organization hosting the event, key messages being conveyed at the event, and important VIPs.

Pre-Con is an excellent time to review the resume. An event resume is also known as the event specifications. It includes all relevant information about a program or an event, including details about the program itself. These items may include some or all of the following: dates, times, contacts, attendee profiles, emergency contacts, food and beverage, transportation, shipping information, billing, audio/visual, and other special needs.

Each department manager will review his or her understanding of the event, including relevant details and their typical operating procedures. They will also review their understanding of the event contract and information previously shared on the banquet event orders.

This is the ideal time to make any last minute changes.

Task XIII. Imagine that you plan a seminar. In groups of three or four choose an event planner and schedule the event. Each group presents its schedule (PowerPoint). Mind the following:

  • Common understanding of the event (key objectives of the event, including important information about the organization hosting the event, key messages being conveyed at the event, and VIPs).

  • Relevant details (dates, times, contacts, attendee profiles, emergency contacts, food and beverage, transportation, shipping information, billing, audio/visual, and other special needs).

  • Typical operating procedures (all logistics)

Task XIY.

  • Read the text about the 9th International Conference on Comparative Education and Teacher Training (http://bces.conference.tripod.com/id44.html)

  • Write pre-conference information by analogy with the previous text (objectives, call for papers, thematic sections) for the conference: Teacher Education: Transformation Processes in Belarus

The 9th International Conference on Comparative Education and Teacher Training organized by the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 5 - 9 July 2011.

The conference objectives are:

1)       to examine different approaches to the role of Comparative Education as a science, research methodology, and academic discipline;

2)       to develop linkages with colleagues who work in various teacher training programs at universities, colleges, and institutes around the world;

3)       to outline prospects for the development of education policy and school reforms at the institutional, regional, national and international level;

4)       to discuss new practices in higher education, lifelong learning and social inclusion;

5)       to present new considerations in the history of education.


Participants are invited to submit papers.

Notes on full paper submission

-          Papers’ length should be up to 2600 words.

-          Papers should consist of text only: name(s) of author(s); title; abstract; main text; references.

-          No tables, graphs, figures or pictures are accepted.

-          Papers accepted for publication will be included in the Conference book, Vol. 9, 2011, that will be published before the beginning of the conference.

-          Each participant receives a free copy of the book.

-          The deadline for submitting full texts of papers is 10 March 2011.

-          Full papers should be written in one of the following languages: English (preferable), French, German, Russian, or Bulgarian.

-          Papers submitted in French, German, Russian or Bulgarian should have an abstract in English.

Paper presentations (both oral and PowerPoint) should be in English. All presentations and discussions are in English.

The conference rooms have computers and digital projectors for PowerPoint presentations.


1. Comparative Education as a University Discipline

 2. Pre-service and In-service Teacher Training

 3. Education Policy, Reforms, and School Leadership

 4. Higher Education, Lifelong Learning and Social Inclusion

(including Continuing Adult, Vocational, Technical, Distance, Inclusive

Education, Work-based and Professional Learning)

 5. History of Education: Rethinking the Past

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