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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Методическая разработка на тему "A good place to spend your time" (6 класс)

Методическая разработка на тему "A good place to spend your time" (6 класс)

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« A good place to spend your time »

Сыныбы: 6

Пән мұғалімі: Бушеева Саулеш Орынбасарқызы

2015 - 2016 оқу жылы


Karabau secondary school


Busheeva Saulesh





The theme

Unit 9. Describing places and directions.

Srep 1. A good place to spend your time

The main aims

  • to introduce and to practice new words on the theme “A good place to spend your time”

  • to extend pupils’ speaking, thinking, writing skills through giving instructions to create an atmosphere of self and mutual respect and social interaction through group and pair works

  • to bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other.

Expected results

At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

  • use new words in speech

  • to give their own opinion about a good place to spend on their holidays

The main ideas of the lesson

  • Present Perfect

Adjectives described places


Interactive board, presentation, flipcharts, sheets, markers, smiles

Procedure of the lesson

Stages of the



45 minutes

Actions of the



Org. moment

Greeting and dividing into groups

3 minutes

Teacher greets the pupils, get aquainted with them, introduces with the type of the lesson. Teacher invites pupils to stand in a circle and make a compliment to each other.

And gives pupils pictures cut by some pieces , they are divided into 3 groups according to the gathered pictures.

City”, “Beach”, “Castle”.

Pupils greet the teacher, introduce themselves.

Pupils stand in a circle, make a compliment to each other, for example “ You are beautiful as the sun”

Then they are given pieces of pictures, they must find other pieces and make a picture and gather a group.

Establishing rules of the group

Introducing with the criteries of the evaluation

3 minutes

Teacher invites pupils to make a rule of the group which makes them to feel self organized and attentive and says pupils to write them on the blackboard. For example: Be attentive! Be active!

Try to establish rules of the group with the help of the teacher

Warm up

2 minutes

Teacher asks pupils to find the odd words in the interactive board.

Ex 1,p 160

Pupils read the chains of words and find the odd ones.

Work with the lexical material

Making up word combination, sentence

7 minutes

Teacher shows places to spend time on the blackboard , asks pupils to say what it is. Then asks pupils to listen and repeat after him new lexical words,

The next task is ex 3a,b. She asks pupils to give word formation and then sentences according to the pictures.

Pupils are given pictures of places to spend and say what it is.

Listen and repeat new lexical materials.

According to the ex 3 a, b pupils make word combination and full sentences.

Group work

12 minutes

Teacher gives each group pictures of beautiful places of Kazakhstan, markers, flipchart. Explains them to make a poster about that place using nouns, verbs, adjectives,sentences.


Pupils work in groups, using flipchart, picture and markers they must to make a project work about the beautiful place of Kazakhstan.

Relaxation minute

2 minutes

Repeats the actions of the children in the video together with pupils

repeat the actions of the children in the video

Pair work

Interview with the journalist

6 minutes

Introduces peoples with the journalist. Asks pupils to answer some questions. And to ask the journalist to tell about an interview.

Ex 5.p 162

Journalist goes round the class and interviews pupils. Then tells about her/his interview .


Consolidation of the lesson

5 minutes

Asks pupils to come to the blackboard , read the transcriptions and according to it write the words on the interactive board. Ex 8, p 163

Pupils read the transcriptions and according to it write the words on the interactive board.

Reflection, Giving feedback and assessment

3 minutes

Asks pupils if they liked the lesson, to write the reflection on the stickers and put it on the basket.


Then counts the smiles which pupils take and give summative evaluation and comments marks.

Tell to the teacher if they liked the lesson and describe it writing reflections on the stickers.

Listen to the marks they’ve got for the lesson

Giving home task

2 minute

Ex 1-2 p 28

As a whole

45 minutes

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