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Методическая разработка по английскому языку на тему "Sport"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

I. Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.

  • The match was a draw, with both sides scoring three goals.

  • The spectators clapped and cheered when Williams came onto the court.

  • The referee/ref blew the whistle and the game began.

  • Football, cricket and rugby are played on a pitch/field.

  • Basketball, volleyball and tennis are played on a court.

  • Only six of the competitors will get through to the final.

  • Athletics includes events such as the 100 m, the pole vault and the long jump.

  • Gymnastics includes events such as the beam, and activities such as vaulting.

  • I think betting on horse races and boxing matches is a complete waste of money.

  • She won a million pounds on the football pools!

  1. There aren't any finals today, so there won't be many________ in the stadium.

  2. The______has to be completely impartial; he can’t favour either team, or it’s not fair.

  3. Professional goalkeepers can kick the ball from one end of the_______to the other.

  4. There's no point on him; he's lost the last three fights!

5. We used to do at school in the summer term; I was quite a good sprinter.

6. In tennis, the is wider for doubles matches than it is for singles.

7. My dad does the every week, but I prefer the lottery.

8. Are in Olympic events allowed to be professional athletes?

9. I love watching ; it’s incredible how they keep their balance on such narrow pieces of equipment.

10. What happens if its a ? Do they have a rematch?

II. Read and answer

You are going to read some information about some sports centres.

For questions 1-15, choose from the sports centres (A-F). Some of the centres may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which sports centre or sports centres

mainly provides activities for young people?



offers special diets for its diners?


arranges particular activities for pensioners?


do you have to join before you can use its facilities?



advertises that it particularly welcomes disabled people?



has plans to expand the range of sports it currently offers?


would appeal to people who like animals?



serves food?



offers a financial saving to large groups of visitors?



emphasizes that its activities are not dangerous?


Manor House Sports Centre

Manor House Sports Centre is committed to its policy of Sport for All. To that end, you can be assured of a warm welcome and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere whatever your shape, size or age. You haven't taken part in any sporting activities for more years than you care to remember? Don't let that put you off. Here at Manor House we believe it's never too late to start. Whether you're interested in joining a team, getting fit, professional training or just having a relaxing swim in the pool, Manor House is the place for you. No membership fee. Reasonable entrance fees. Discounts for OAPs, students, the disabled and the unemployed.

Stanton Bridge Sports and Leisure Centre

Stanton Bridge is a purpose-built luxury sports complex in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside. Opened in 1999, we now boast a membership of over 1,000 satisfied people. Your yearly membership fee covers the use of all our facilities for you and your family, whenever you wish. A 9-hole golf course, heated Olympic swimming pool, fitness centre, indoor badminton, squash and tennis courts, 5-a-side football and all-weather hockey pitch are just some of the many facilities we offer. There's also a 5-star restaurant, cafe and bar. Membership details on request.

Bay Hill

Organising a school outdoor sports holiday for your pupils? Bay Hill has the solution you're looking for. Situated in the unspoilt beauty of the Lake District, Bay Hill specializes in providing action-packed outdoor adventure holidays for teenagers. We offer it all: full accommodation and catering, horse riding, canoeing, sailing, rock climbing and hill walking, plus team games and swimming in our fully-equipped leisure centre. Our highly trained and experienced instructors ensure absolute safety. Free meals and accommodation for teachers when travelling with parties of 10 or more pupils.

The Millennium Centre

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: The Millennium Centre is the number one sports and activities provider in the South East for the mentally and physically disabled.

Tuesdays, Thursdays: Health, fitness and fun for the over-65s.

Saturdays, Sundays: Family Fun (children under 4 free).

Coach parties welcome (discounts for parties booking more than 1 week in advance). Full wheelchair access.

Dalton Sport

Dalton Sport is a member-run sports and social club in Plymouth. Regular events and get-togethers, plus fishing trips on our own fishing boat, Dalton Sport II. Tennis lessons available. We're currently raising funds to build our own heated swimming pool. Come along and join us! Cheap monthly membership fee.


Recharge your batteries at Evergreen. 1-and 2-week activity holidays at our countryside sports club and hotel. Whether you want to relax in the sauna, take up a martial art or go pony trekking through the Brecon Beacons, Evergreen can accommodate. Vegetarians and vegans catered for. Colour brochure and price list on request. Sorry, no children under the age of 14. Only limited wheelchair access.

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