Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыМетодическая разработка по теме "Входная диагностическая работа по английскому языку (5 класс)"

Методическая разработка по теме "Входная диагностическая работа по английскому языку (5 класс)"

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Входной контроль по английскому языку в 5 классе.


1.Напишите слова в алфавитном порядке.

Lil, Nye, Glo, Lyle, Inga, Lish, Nina, Gil.


2.Напиши в две строчки буквы и звуки.

g, [s], [ai], [a:], m, t, [t], e, h, [n], p, [b], d, k, [d], z, c, [h], [w], j, f,





3.Прослушайте текст дважды и отметьте буквой T информацию, соответствующую тексту, и буквой F –не соответствующую тексту.

Hello, my name is Helen Brown. Only yesterday I was nine and today I’m ten because today is my birthday. And I’m glad that today is Sunday and not Monday or Friday because on Sundays I don’t go to school. But my school friends are coming to my birthday party. It’s 1 o’clock now and my birthday party begins at 2 o’clock. But my friend Kate will come at 3. She and her parents went to see Kate’s grandmother. I already got my present from my parents. It wasn’t a dress like last year or a CD player like the one they gave my brother for his birthday. It’s a bicycle. I like to ride my bicycle. I also like to read. I know that my school friends will give me books with some of my favourite stories. I like books better than videos or music.


1.                       The girl’s name is Mary Brown

2.                       She is nine

3.                       Se doesn’t like to go to school.

4.                       Her birthday party begins at 2 o’clock 

5.                       Her friends didn’t come to her birthday party, because they were at school.

6.                       Her  parents’  present  was  a CD player

7.                       Helen likes to ride her bicycle.

8.                       She likes books better than videos or music.


4.Прочитайте текст и заполните таблицу. Прочитай текст вслух учителю.

John has got four cousins: a girl and three boys. Their names are: Jane, Fred, Nick and Tom. The girl is 10. Jane is a pupil of the 5th form. She is from London. Nick is from London, too. He isn’t a student. He is too little. Fred and Tom are of the same age. They are the pupils of the same form.


























Тест №1 по теме «Мои школьные дни»


1. Напиши пропущенные буквы, чтобы получились слова.

1. _ _ ack _ oar _       2. _ e _        3. _ r _ _ er       4. s _ _ _ _ l   b _ _        5. _ u _ e _


2. Дополните предложения нужным словом.

Room         class          name           Science           pen               new              pencil              Tuesdays         subject         years

1. My … is Sue.   2. What’s your favourite … ?   3. History … is on Mondays.   4. My PE class is on … and Thursdays.   5. David is … to the school.  6. The … case is blue.    7. Bob is 18 … old.   8. Is the Art lesson in … C?   9. The … is on the desk.   10. The … class is in Room A.

3. Вставь нужное слово.

1. It’s an / a eraser.  2. John am / is not new to the school.  3. This is an / a atlas. 4. Mark am / is my best friend.  5. It’s an / a notebook.  6. Fiona is / are in Class 2 C.  7. This is an / a ruler.  8. Bill and Tim is / are in the same class.  9. You are / am in Grade 6.  10. I are / am in secondary school.

4. Подбери к каждой фразе верный ответ.

1. Hello. My name’s Mark.  2. Nice to meet you, David. 3. Where is the History lesson?  4. How old are you?  5. How do you spell your name?  6. Let’s go to the lesson together.

A. It’s in Room E.     B. OK, great!      C. Hi, my name’s David.       D. It’s D-A-V-I-D.       E. Nice to meet you, too.         

F. I’m twelve.   

5. Прослушай текст и ответь на вопросы.

1. When is the History lesson?      A  Monday         B  Wednesday         C  Friday

2. What’s in the pencil case?         A  eraser             B  ruler                     C  pen

3. How old is John?                       A  14                   B  4                          C 40

4. What school is Sam at?             A  Green             B  Merton                 C  Hill

5.  Where is the Art  lesson?         A  Room A         B  Room D                C  Room F  












Тест № 2 по теме «Все обо мне»


1. Прослушай запись и выбери правильный вариант ответа.

1. Where is Mark from?                           A   Canada            B   the USA             C   the UK

2. What collection has Tim got?              A  postcards          B   CDs                    C   stamps

3. How old is Emma’s mom?                  A  32                     B  31                         C 30

4. What language can Sally speak?         A  French              B   Spanish               C  Italian

5. Who is Scott’s favourite character?     A  Asterix             B  Batman                C  Spiderman   

2. Напиши пропущенные буквы, чтобы получились слова.

1. c _ _             2. b _ _ _ _ _ _            3. g _ _ _ _ _                  4. t _ _ _ _ _ _ _                5.  g _ _ _ _ _

3. Напиши национальности.

1. France - …          2. the UK - …               3. Japan - …                 4. the USA - …                    5. Australia - …

4. Напиши числа словами.

1.  22                   2. 68                        3.  21                4.  100                     5.  13                   6. 70                  7. 50

5. Выбери нужный вариант.

1. I has / have got a skateboard.  2. Natasha have / has got a cap.  3. Peter has / have got gloves.  4. They has / have got pens and pencils.  5. We has / have got basketballs.  6. Amy has got a new bikes / bike.  7. Tim has got a pair of trainer / trainers.  8. We have got red watches / watch.  9. Jim has got brown glove / gloves.  10. She has got a guitars / guitar11. Emma has got three dolls / doll.

6. Подбери к каждой фразе верный ответ.

1. How old are you?  2. What colour is your bike?  3. Where is Sue from?  4. What is Tim’s nationality?  5. What has Jane got in her school bag?  6. Who is your best friend?

A  He’s Australian.  B  She’s from Canada.  C  A notebook and pens.  D  It’s Wendy.  E  I’m fourteen.  F  It’s red.









Тест №3 по теме «Мой дом. Моя страна»


1. Прослушай запись и выбери правильный вариант ответа.

1. Katie’s bedroom is on the                 A  second floor                          B  first floor                      C  third floor

2. Katie’s got a desk next to                 A  the window                            B  her bed                         C  her wardrobe

3. Bob has got                           A  three posters on the walls        B  a computer on his desk         C  trainers under his bed

4. Katie’s bedroom is next to          A  her sister’s bedroom           B  her brother’s bedroom         C  the bathroom

5. Bob has the same room as                 A  his brother                             B  his sister                      C  no one

2. Дополни предложение нужным словом.

bedroom         block           books          cooker          first          garage          lamp        mirror         sink         wardrobe

1. There is a … in the kitchen.  2. I have got a bookcase in my … .  3. His living room is on the … floor.  4. Amy has got a … in her bathroom.  5. I read my … in the bedroom.  6. Joy lives in a … of flats.  7. Dad’s car is in the … . 8. Mike has got a … on his desk.  9. Ann’s clothes are in the … . 10. Mum washes dishes in the … .

3. Выбери нужный предлог.

1. Dave’s trainers are … the bed.                A  in                  B  under         C  on

2. The armchair is … the fireplace.             A  next to          B  behind       C  on

3. Wendy has got a painting … the wall.   A on                   B  in                C  in front of

4. There’s a computer … the desk.             A  next to          B  in front of    C  on

5. My bed is … the window.                       A  behind          B  in                C  under

6. The desk is … the bed.                            A  next to          B  on                C  under




4. Дополни предложения оборотами: There is a…    There isn’t a…   There are…    There aren’t any…

1. … chairs in the living room.  2. … lamp in the room.  3. … books on the table. 4. … mirror on the wall.  5. … sofa in the living room. 6. … window behind the sofa.  7. … wardrobe in the living room.  8. … paintings on the wall.  9. … a bookcase in the room. 10. … a table in the room.

5. К каждому вопросу подбери подходящий ответ.

1. Where is the kitchen?  2. Have you got a bookcase?  3. Have you got paintings in the room? 4. What floor is it on?  5. Is there a coffee table in your living room?

A  Yes, there are five on the wall.  B  Yes, it’s in front of the sofa.  C  It’s next to the dining room.  D It’s on the first floor.  E  Yes, and it has got many books.



















Тест № 4 по теме «Семейные узы»

1. Послушай запись и дополни.

Name: Alisa Green     Age: 1) …      Appearance: tall and thin with long, red hair and 2) … eyes.        Family: one brother and 3) …  sister(s).         Hobbies: 4) … playing the piano and singing.             She can: speak 5) … and Russian.


2. Подчеркни правильное слово:

1. Mary is a baby. She is big / small. 2. My sister has got long / big hair. 3. Paul is naughty and noisy / quiet. 4. Dad is tall with good / fair hair. 5. My teacher has got a kind / small nose. 6. Wendy is short and thin / tall. 7. Patty has got old / black hair. 8. Ann’s room is tall / big. 9. Grandpa is plump with a kind / tall face. 10. Joy is a good student. She is very  noisy / clever.


3. Дополни предложение нужным местоимением.

1. That is my sister. Look at … . 2. Are they here? Can you give … this book. 3. That is Jack. It’s … guitar. 4. Patty is nice. … eyes are big and blue. 5. Who is that girl? What is … name? 6. John and I have got the same room. Itsroom. 7. I am here. Look at … !


4. Задай вопросы и дай краткие ответы.


5. Соедини вопросы с ответами.

1. Who is she?        2. How old are they?          3. Where is his house?         4. Whose car  is this?         5. Where are they from?

 A) It’s Jack’s.             B) My best friend.               C) The USA.             D) In London.           E) They are twelve and fourteen.


6. Составь предложения в повелительном наклонении.

1. open the window. (x)  2. be  quiet. (v) 3. close the door. (x) 4. take my bags (v) 5. come here. (x)










Тест № 5 по теме «Животные со всего света»

1. Послушай запись и выбери правильный ответ.

1. What animal likes to sit in water?              A  bear              B giraffe         C lion

2. Which animal eats leaves from trees?        A  rhino            B deer              C giraffe

3. Which animal lives alone?                          A elephant       B rhino            C monkey 

4. Which animal doesn’t Ann like?                A bear               B giraffe         C tiger

5. Which animal doesn’t drink water?            A rabbit            B dog              C koala


2. Допиши пропущенное слово.

elephants         leopard          lion                 legs          sharp           fur           wing

1. Indian … have small ears.  2. I like my dog’s white … .  3. A … can run fast and has spots.  4. The … is the king of the jungle. 5. My parrot can’t fly. He’s got a broken … .   6. Giraffes are very tall with long, thin … .   7. Koalas have got … claws for climbing.


3. Выпиши «лишнее» слово.

1. neck – cobra – paws – fur   2. peacock – duck – hen – tortoise   3. penguin – sheep – cow – deer   4. rabbit – dog – parrot – crocodile   5. leg – insect – beak – tail   6. goldfish – tiger – lion – leopard


4. Выбери подходящую форму глагола.

1. Sandy’s cat eat / eats fish.  2. People hunts / hunt wild animals.  3. Bears sleep / sleeps all winter.  4. Leopards run / runs very fast.  5. A tortoise eat / eats leaves.  6. A hen lay / lays eggs.


5. Расставь слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения.

1. sea / swim / the / penguins / in   2. tiger / Bengal / lives / India / in / the  3. stripes / black / tigers / have  4. honey / bees / make  5. fast / leopards / very / run  6. go / zoo / I / to / every / the / Saturday


6. Подбери подходящий ответ на вопрос.

1. What do elephants eat?  2. What colour is a penguin?  3. When do cats sleep?  4. What is your dog’s name?  5. Do you like snakes?

A  It’s black and white.       B  It’s Roy.         C  No, I don’t.         D  Fruit and grass.     

E  During the day.






Тест за первое полугодие

1. Выберите вариант соответствующий русскому переводу:

1. Мамин зонтик:

a) mothers umbrella b) mother’s umbrella c) mothers’ umbrella

2. Книги родителей:     

a) parent’s books b) parents books c) parents’ books

3) Фотоаппарат брата:

a) brothers’ camera b) brother’s camera c) brothers camera

4) Машина друга:

a) my friends car b) my friends’ car c) my friend’s car

5) Хомяк Майка:

a) Mikes’ hamster b) Mike’s hamster c) Mikes hamster

2. Переведите предложения на русский язык:

1) Pat’s tortoise

2) the boys’ parrot

3) my sister’s friend

4) parents’ car

5) my father’s uncle

3. Ответьте на вопросы:

1)  Have you got any brothers and sisters?

2)  What is your brother’s  (sister’s) name?

3) How old is he (she)?

4) How many cousins have you got?

5) How old are they?

4. Составьте предложения из данных слов:

1) a, I, goldfish, have.

2) He, two, has got, bananas.

3) uncle, My, has, a, bicycle.



5. Прочитай текст вслух и устно ответь учителю на вопросы.


A lot of animals live in the world. Some animals live on farms: cows, pigs, ducks, horses. Other animals live in houses. They are called pets: dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, hamsters. Some animals live in zoos and safari parks: bears, lions, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles, hares. A lot of animals live in London Zoo. Zoo keepers feed them.


world – мир  some –некоторые 
farm –
ферма  other –другие 
are called –
называются  zoo – зоопарк 
a lot of –
много  zoo keeper – хранитель 
turtle –
черепаха  parrot - попугай

Answer the questions:

1. What animals live on farms? 
2. What animals live in houses? 
3. What animals live in Zoos and safari parks? 
4. Who feeds animals in Zoos?

6.Прослушайте текст и письменно ответьте на вопросы.

I like playing sports

I’m Marat. I’m ten. I like sports and games. I can play tennis and football. I can’t ride a horse and swim. But I’d like to swim. I enjoy walking and cycling in my spare time. My friend enjoys roller blading (skating) and playing hockey.


I’d like –я бы хотел enjoy – наслаждаться, получать удовольствие

Answer the questions:

1. What sports can Marat play? 
2. Who can’t ride a horse? 
3. Who would like to swim? 
4. What does Marat enjoy in his spare time? 
5. What does Marat’s friend enjoy in his spare time?

Тест № 6 по теме «Учимся, работаем, отдыхаем»

1. Послушай запись и выбери правильный ответ.

1. What time does Fiona usually get up?                       A 7:00               B 10:00         C 7:30

2. What does Fred’s dad do?  He is a …                        A waiter            B baker              C postman

3. What does Jane usually do in the evenings?              A play on computer       B have a cup of tea            C watch a DVD 

4. What does Mike usually do at weekends?                 A meet with friends               B write an-email        C write a letter

5. What does Kate never do in the morning?                 A have a cup of tea            B have a cup of coffee        C have breakfast


2. Соедини слова, чтобы получились словосочетания. Напиши перевод.

                read                          eat                         deliver                      repair                          plant                         make

         a car                       a phone call                     lunch                  flowers          a book                         a letter


3. Допиши пропущенное слово.

   coffee           friends                bed               e-mail              shopping              dinner         lunch          breakfast

1.     On Sundays we usually have … at ten o’clock in the morning.  2. Sara  never eats … at seven o’clock in the evening. 3. What time do the children go to …?  4. Are you writing an … to John?  5. Helen does the … with her mum. 6. I want to have a cup of … .  7. It’s 1:30. Do you want to have …? 8. Vera is playing with her … in the garden.


4. Дополни пропуски нужной формой глагола to be: am, is, are.

1. Jane and Philip … talking to grandpa. 2. What .. you doing there? 3. I … going to the park; … you coming with me? 4. … Luke working on the computer? 5. Mum … cooking dinner and I … helping her.


5. Раскрой скобки, ставя глагол в Present Continuous.

1. Mat and Fred … (do) a crossword. 2. Why … you (cry)? 3. She … (not go) shopping today. She … (visit) friend. 4. Tina’s computer … (not work). 5. Mr White …(repair) his car.

6. Подбери подходящий ответ на вопрос.

1. Have you got the time, please?   2. Is your father a pilot?   3. What does Henry do?   4. What are you doing?  5. Are you doing your homework?    6. Are Susan and Ann teachers?

A He’s a postman.  B I’m writing a letter. C No, they aren’t.  D Yes, he is.   E Sure. It’s quarter to eight.   F Yes, I do Math.


Тест № 7 по теме «При любой погоде»

1. Послушай запись и выбери правильный ответ.

1. Sally doesn’t like              A short skirts.                     B  long-sleeved shirts.          C  black clothes.

2. Sally is a size                     A  eight.                             B  ten.                                   C  twelve.      

3. Sally has got                     A  £ 5.                                 B   £ 15.                                C  £ 20.

4. Andy likes                        A  a blue shirt.                    B  some jeans.                       C  a wool sweater.

5. The shop assistant  is       A  helping a customer.       B  in front of the coats.          C  behind Sally and Andy.


2. Дополните пропущенные буквы в словах.

1. Spring months: M _ r _ h,  A _ _ i _ , M _ y.     2.  Winter months: D _ c _ _ b _ r,  J _ n _ a _  _,  F _ br _ a _ y.


3. Составьте словосочетания, напишите перевод.

                                             pick                 play                go              rake                     watch    

 TV                flowers                      in the snow                         swimming                      leaves     


4. Подчеркните правильную форму глагола.

1. Fiona makes / is making a snowman  at the moment.  2. Helen and Tom are watching / watch TV now.  3. What time do you usually do / are you usually doing your homework?  4. On Sundays we usually stay / are staying at home. 5. Tim doesn’t watch / isn’t watching TV now. 6. Dan doesn’t like / isn’t liking my new flat.


5. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глаголы в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. The sun … (shine) now. 2. John … (not / listen) to music now. 3. Daniel … (go) to school every day. 4. I … (wait) for Nina at the moment. 5. Nathan … (not / play) always the piano. 6. ...you …(cry) now?


6. Выпишите «лишнее» слово.

1. cold – snow – rain – hot                        2. June – August – April – July              

 3. tie – blouse – skirt – high heels           4. boots – trainers – shoes – umbrella







Тест № 8 по теме «Праздники»

1. Choose the correct verb form.

1. Mrs Cratchit set / was setting the table when two smaller Cratchits came/ were coming.

2. Peter ___(look) after the potatoes when Martha _______ (come).

3. All evening the Cratchits sat / were sitting together and ate / were eating the holiday dinner.

4. While Belinda ______ (change) the plates ____(go) to bring the pudding.

2. Choose the correct word.

December is one of the hottest 0 months / days of the year. But the Australians have a great time. People (1) choose/ open presents for their relatives and friends: toy kangaroos and koala bears in Santa hats. Some go to the beach on (2) Easter/ Christmas day. They swim, play volleyball or sit around with the family and friends. Santa Claus often wears a swimming costume or funny red (3)shorts / stockings. Many Australians have (4) national / traditional Christmas dinner. It is usually turkey and Christmas (5) present / pudding. Hundreds of people gather together on Christmas (6) Eve / event. They sit on the ground, (7) light / hang fireworks and sing Christmas songs together.

3. Combine the words.

1. Colour a. greeting cards

2. exchange b. eggs

3. hang c. presents

4. send d. stockings

5. sing e. songs












Тест № 9 по теме «Хобби и досуг»


I.        Listening

1.Вы услышите высказывания о хобби. Определите, о каком хобби идет речь.

A- Dancing        B- Music          C-Travelling           D- Music

2. Послушай текст и напиши “true”, если ты согласен с утверждением, и “false” если ты не согласен.

1.     Mary`s parents were at the baseball game with Mike.

2.     Mary was frightened because she was alone.

3.     Lucy came to see Mary.

4.     Mary wanted to invite Tom and Jane to the concert.

5.     Mary`s dog and cat were outdoors.

(Text for Listening

Mary stayed at home last evening. Her brother Mike went to see a baseball game. Her parents weren`t at home. They were at the theatre. Nobody stayed at with Mary and she was very frightened.   She decided to call her friends and invite them to come. Unfortunately, they weren`t at home. Her friend Lucy was at the library and her friends Tom and Jane were at a concert. Mary was very upset. Even her dog and cat were in the street playing with the neighbors` dogs and cats. Poor Mary)


II.     Reading

Прочитайте текст и определите, какие из утверждений соответствуют прочитанному тексту (True), не соответствуют (False):

          So, Helen left for the mountains she loved so much and Kate stayed at home in London. Kate`s mother saw that her daughter was lonely. She bought her a beautiful collection of stamps and coins. The coins were in silver boxes and the stamps were in a large album. But Kate didn`t think much of her collections. Collecting things was not her hobby at all.

Then Kate`s mother decided to take her to the theatre. Kate was not a theatregoer but she liked theatre very much. From the seats which were in the stalls she could see the stage very well. She could see the actors on the stage and the scenery which was fantastic. She liked the performance very much and said she would like to take part in it. Whenever Kate`s mother could she always bought tickets for this or that famous play.

But usually Kate stayed at home. She read a lot. And yet Kate was very weak and it was difficult for her to walk. Life in the city didn`t do her any good.



Какие из утверждений соответствуют прочитанному тексту (True), не соответствуют (False):

1. Kate left for the mountains she loved so much.

2. Kate`s mother bought her daughter a beautiful collection of stamps and coins.

3. Kate cared for  her collections of stamps and coins.

4. Kate`s mother decided to take her to the theatre.

5. But usually Kate stayed at home and watched TV.

Закончите следующие предложения:

1.     Kate`s mother saw that ____________________.

2.     Kate was not a theatregoer but __________________.

3.     Life in the city _______________.


III. Grammar

Выберите правильный вариант:

1.     When ___ you born?

a) do     b) did     c) were

2. What does this word ___?

     a) means     b) mean     c) meant

3. My head is full ___ fantastic ideas.

     a) at     b) of     c) with

4. My sister likes green apples. I ___ like them.

     a) also     b) too     c) either

5. He never ___ lies.

     a) say     b) tells     c) tell

6. The TV programme wasn`t very good. There are ___ cartoons in it.

     a) little     b) a little     c) few

7. Let`s meet ___ a quarter past 9.

     a) at     b) in     c) on

8. He ___ never ___ on the stage.

     a) have performed     b) has not performed     c) has performed

9. Jim has got ___ juice than Mary.

     a) little     b) less     c) fewer

10. I don`t care ____ soap operas.

     a) for     b)with     c) at

IV.  Заполни пропуски подходящим по смыслу словам из рамки.

fond         collection           hobby           thematic         stamps     cinemagoer


            theme      reading         cartoons         proud             collecting



    Dear Kate,

Thank you for your letter. I was happy to hear from you.

     I am going to tell you about my 1-----------. I like 2---------- different things: coins, badges, CDs, toys and other things. But most of all I am3 ---------- of collecting 4---------. I have got a big5 ------- of stamps. My collection is 6 -----------. The7 -------------- of my collection is animals. I have got stamps from different countries and I am 8-------- of it.  My mother`s hobby is 9--------. She likes reading novels. My brother is fond of  watching  films and10 -------. He is a 11--------.

   What is your hobby? Do you like collecting stamps?

  Write back soon!

















Тест № 10 по теме «Путешествия»



The tiger and the fox.

One day a fox met a tiger in the forest. The tiger rushed at the fox ready to tear him to pieces. But the fox was not afraid. He said to the tiger: ”Don,t think you are the strongest animal in the forest. It is true that I am smaller than you, but people are less afraid of you than they are of me. I can prove it to you right now. Come with me to the road where the people pass by. I shall walk in front of you and you will see that they run away as soon as they see me. After that you can tear me to pieces.

The tiger agreed and they went to the road.

Not long afterwards a group of travelers came along the road. As soon as they saw the tiger walking behind the fox they ran away terrified

“Do you believe me now?” asked the fox. The silly tiger was so frightened that he didn’t reply. He ran back into the forest. He really believed that the fox was a terrible and dangerous animal.

Задания к тексту:

1)Персонажи текста: 1)a cat and a fox 2) a frog and a tiger   3)a fox and a tiger.  

2)Ответьте на вопросы: 1)Who met tiger in the forest?                         2) Who was stronger: the fox or the tiger?                                           3)Where did they go?    

3)Вставьте в предложения пропущенные слова :1)One day……..….met …….…in the forest. 2)Come with me to the………..…where the people pass by. 3)……….… really believed that the fox was a terrible and dangerous animal.  


II. Аудирование.

The capital of the United Kingdom is London. Over eight million people live in London. It is one of the largest cities in Europe. It stands on the Thames river. Millions of tourists visit this city every year.

They like going sightseeing. Everybody would like to see the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul`s Cathedral, the National Gallery, Trafalgar square, the British Museums, the Tower and others. The Tower is an old castle. Now it is a museum. Trafalgar Square is the geographical centre of London. The famous clock of London is Big Ben. In England they call Big Ben the big clock on the tower. It is the biggest clock bell in Britain. They call Big Ben  after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was a big man. First it was a joke. But now we know the clock by that name . London is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.


Выполните задания к тексту:

1) Установите соответствие между словом и переводом

1) Tourist                музей

2) сlock                   турист

3)museum                часы    

4)tower                    центр

5)centre                   башня




2) Выберите правильное окончание предложения:

Big Ben is…………..

1) a square

2) a palace

3) a bridge

4) a bell

3) Какое слово лишнее:

1) House of Parliament

2) Westminster Abbey

3) St. Paul`s Cathedral

4) National Gallery

5) Trafalgar square

6) British Museums

7) Big Ben

8) Sir Benjamin Hall


4) Отметьте неверно написанное слово:

1) Britan Museums

2) Big Ben

3) London

4) House of Parliament

5) National Gallery


                III. Письмо

        Пригласи друга посетить Лондон. Вставь необходимые слова.

        Dear friend.

How are you? My name is ……………… I am ……………. I want you to visit  (the capital of the UK) …………………….It is a very ………………………………city. There are a lot of ……………………..    The most interesting are …………………………………………………………………………………….. We’ll go to the park together and see ravens.

Write me soon!

Best wishes,














Итоговый тест по темам 5 класса

               1. Поставьте правильные формы в пропуски: do/does/dont /doesnt

a).……..I need my book?

b). …… a lion eat leaves?

c) .……. Helen take the bus?

d) She ………..like to sing.

2. Вычеркните лишнее слово из логического ряда:

a) Maths, Science, Thursday, Physical Education, Technology

b) sharpener, notebook,  pencil case, umbrella, ruler

c) bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, furniture

d) budgie, tortoise, cat, goat, guinea pig

3. Соотнесите страну и национальность:

the UK


the USA

















4. Образуйте множественное число существительных:










5. Выберите правильное местоимение:

a) This is my brother. Look at …..(he/him)

b) Susan is my best friend. I can tell …..all my secrets. (she/her)

c) ….. grandpa is very funny.(my/me)


6. Выберите правильную временную форму:

a) Lara always ….at 7 oclock. (get up, gets up, got up)

b) Look! He ….a car. (repairs, repair, is repairing)

c) Dolphins ….with one eye open. (sleeps/sleep/is sleeping)

d) I often …..for a walk. (go/goes/am going)

e) Bill ….TV every evening. (watch/watches/is watching)

f) What …..she doing? (does/is/ can)

g) Dennis can sing but he…..draw. (isn’t/can’t/ can)

h) There’s a sofa in my room but there …..any chairs. (isn’t/aren’t/ are)

i) How often … they swim? (have/do/are)

j) Linn usually ….up at 7 o’ clock. (wakes/wake/ woke)


7. Образуйте время Present Continious

a) He …………..a newspaper now. (read)

b) They ……………….flowers in the garden.(plant)

c) I ……………..to music at the moment. (listen)






8. Reading «Emus».  Answer the  questions.

Emus are very large birds. They live in Australia. They are very tall. They can’t fly but they can run very fast. They live for nearly 30 years. They eat leaves, fruit and insects and they drink a lot of water. They also like sitting in the mud.

a) Where do emus live?

b) How many years do they live?

c) What do they eat and drink?

d) What do they like?


9. You are on holiday. Write a postcard  to your friend . Include:

·        the place you are in;

·        how you like it

·        what the weather is like

·        what you are doing

Dear Mary,

How are you? I am having a great time here in _____________________________


See you soon!




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